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Caption It! #120 Contest

The week is over, and you have another chance to win a polo shirt from our sponsor LeTigre. The person who emails the most clever and/or funny Caption It! response will win a LeTigre polo!

So, here’s what you need to do… put on your thinking caps and email your captions to…

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Cat Waves Down Passerby To Be Rescued

And then the cat attacked the Avon lady. Oops, different cat.

A cat stuck in a wall at a house under construction initiated his rescue when he caught the attention of a prospective buyer by meowing and waving his paw out a small hole.

The cat had gotten stuck behind the wall…

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Heather Locklear With Richie Sambora

They’re walking pretty close together there. The divorcing couple takes a walk before watching daughter Eva, 8, play in a softball game Sunday.

(Image via JJB) …

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Blog Dish: Girls

Kelly Brook poses in underwear. [Hollywood Tuna]Maggie Grace gets leggy. [Just Jared]Kirsten Dunst straddles plastic animals. [Hollywood Tuna]Natalie Portman graces Toronto with her presence. [Egotastic]Cooking with Whtiney Houston. [CityRag]Rachel Hunter’s divorce is almost final. [IDLYITW] …

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Brodie Holland

Just one more reason why soccer should be a much more popular sport in the United States. …

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Have a Socialite’s Night: To Do This Weekend!

New York:

Friday: After winning the Special Jury Prize and taking Sundance by storm, Brick opens in limited release this afternoon. You’ll certainly recognize Joseph Gordon-Levitt from 10 Things I Hate About You and Emilie de Ravin from Lost, but you’ll love how the film grabs you even more. [Link]

Saturday: The…

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Advertiser Drop And Roll

Fire safety is of the utmost importance at the offices of A Socialite’s Life, and our sponsors share the same fire safety views. Who knew vodka was so flammable? If you’d like to help us pump up our fire extinguisher fund, there is more info here.

Friends With Money (Sony Pictures Classics)

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Naomi Campbell’s Fists Of Fury

The bitch unleashes her fury again on an unsuspecting employee. Didn’t anyone learn from Russell Crowe’s mistakes?

Naomi Campbell has been arrested and charged with felony assault for allegedly attacking her housekeeper. A law enforcement official tells TMZ that the alleged victim is 41 year-old Anna Scolavino. Cameras caught Campbell leaving the…

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Nibbly Things: Leo Gets Around

Leonardo DiCaprio may be dating Lindsay Lohan, but he picked up a woman named Tamara this past weekend. [3am]Despite recent sightings of Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe appearing affectionate together, the couple will not be reconciling. Ah, shucks. [contactmusic]George Clooney’s Oscar swag bag has sold at charity auction for $45,100, a spokesman for the United…

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Jordan And Peter Andre

Poor Jordan. It’s as if she wakes up in the morning and says, “What would make me look the most slutty today?” Check out this visual history. Brace yourselves, it ain’t pretty.

Jordan & Peter – A Match Made In Hell [Gossip Jockey] …

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Joey Breaks Up A Marriage

Life after Friends has not been good to Matt LeBlanc. His sitcom has failed, and now his marriage has failed. Squish.

Hollywood actor Matt LeBlanc, who played the good-humored ladies’ man Joey on the smash hit television comedy “Friends,” filed for divorce on Thursday from his wife of three years, Melissa Sue.

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John Travolta Has A Little Thick Head

I’m talking about the head on his shoulders people. …

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Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo?

Nick Lachey is making the rounds. The latest rumor is that he’s gotten cozy with MTV’s Vanessa Minnillo. The couple were getting all hot and bothered at W Union Square’s Underbar. At least he’s keeping his women within the MTV family.

Seems like just yesterday that Nick Lachey was linked with Laguna Beach’s Kristin

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America’s Next Top Model: Posers

Previously – The kewpie doll hit the road, and hopefully the law offices of James P. Sokolov were contacted after Tyra began snapping models’ ankles.

Gina’s crying some more. Jade is mean to her, and it’s getting to her and insecurity insecurity insecurity and scene! Brooke doesn’t like her pictures and is…

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Quick Hits: Will Cindy Adams Ever Get Things Right?

Remember to catch Britney Spears on Will & Grace tonight. Cindy Adams is still fucking up. [Jossip]Heiress Casey Johnson is still crazy. [Page Six]Things are heating up between Jessica Simpson and costar Dane Cook on the New Mexico set of Employee of the Month. Ask anyone who witnessed the pair holding hands at the Albuquerque…

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Cable News Is My Boyfriend: Anderson Cooper’s Uniform

Our intern Allie Snyder is addicted to cable news, and this is the first of her weekly columns.
Anderson Cooper’s broadcast from Arizona last night marked the return of the rugged, yet fashionable military shirt that was ever so popular during Katrina coverage. I swear he buys these in bulk. [All Things

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Cristiano Ronaldo Exposed

Just a tad lower maybe? Ah, Cristiano. …

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Blog Dish: Oh Bjork!

Bjork has been bit by the wrong fashion bug. [Hollywood Rag]Handicapping the remaining American Idol contestants. [Pop Culture Junkies]Some alternative titles for K-Fed’s forthcoming album. [IDLYITW]Busta Rhymes hates faggots. I’m sure the feeling is mutual. [Towleroad]How about some tree porn? [CityRag]Shannon Elizabeth can dress like a bum and still look hot. [Hollywood Tuna]You’ve been warned…

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Tom Cruise’s Shows Yahoo! Some Skin

During Tom Cruise’s Yahoo! chair jumping exhibition, Tom showed the crowd that he’s a personal fan of the low-rise jean (or maybe he could just use a belt). Once again he’s expressing his metrosexuality through his clothing choices. …

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Jessica Simpson Wants To Actually Drop Kids Off At The Pool

Jessica Simpson is jonesing to be a mother. Lord. Is she in the right mind (does she have a mind), to adopt? I mean, she’s in the midst of a divorce. The upside to her yearning for the pitter patter of little feet is that she could finally use the phrase “drop the kids of…

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