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Blind Items: A Woman Seducing A Gay Man?

Sex, sex, sex. It’s all about sex.

Which New York City fashion photographer – not known for his interest in women – is the bizarre subject of gossip as being a possible third man in the allegedly troubled marriage of that international pop superstar? Laughs one insider: “If anyone could seduce a gay man,…

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Blog Dish: Matthew McConaughey’s Memory Lapse

Matthew McConaughey may have selective memory syndrome. [LA.comfidential]Actress Rachel Weisz makes sexy for Burberry. [Just Jared]Jessica Simpson before and after she slept with Adam Levine. [Egotastic]Two days later, the luckless pedestrian noticed a burning, chafing sensation where Tommy Lee’s lips had touched his cheek. [The Corsair]Johnny Deep and Angelina Jolie are set to star in…

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Christina Aguilera In Rolling Stone

While the nipple-ring bearing singer isn’t blonde in this photoshoot for Rolling Stone, her former peroxide ways are coming back to haunt her.

Peroxide packs a powerful punch, and “worst bottle blonde” honors for celebs went to Anna Nicole Smith and Hulk Hogan. Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera rounded out the top…

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Winona Ryder and Robert Trujillo

Winona Ryder has always had a soft spot for rock stars, and it looks as if she loves playing the part as well. The hook up was due to Metallica regrouping for her new film The Darwin Awards, co-starring Joseph Fiennes and Wilmer Valderrama.

The cast members from the movie watched Metallica’s hour long…

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Jessica Simpson Is Confused

Oh, the poor dear. Shopping is hard. Apparently, it’s just as hard to let go of her soon to be ex-husband.

Jessica told Nick she wanted out. Now she won’t leave him alone. “Jessica has been calling him at least once a day,” the source says. “She’s the one that wanted the…

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Tom Cruise Puts Sex Life On Hold

If you don’t remember, Tom Cruise co-starred with Brooke Shields in Endless Love. Right now it’s anything but endless love with Tom Cruise’s fiance Katie Holmes. Apparently he’s stopped having sex with Katie, because he thinks it’s icky feels it may harm the baby.

“An insider” tells In Touch Weekly that Tom…

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Nibbly Things: Pamela Anderson Hooks Up With Kanye West

Pamela Anderson and Kanye West. WTF? [Gatecrasher]Author James Frey will not be writing a book about his “fall from grace.” Probably because no one would believe what he had to say. [AP]How do Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt like to fly? “They bought eight seats for the four of them in first class to block…

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Tara Reid Confuses Dog WIth Homeless Person

She does realize that dogs don’t typically eat money, doesn’t she?

More photos of Tara Reid after the jump.

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This Sienna Miller And Hayden Christensen Thing Is Just Weird

Ah, aren’t they cute? They are wearing each others clothes. Hayden, you’re not Kevin Federline, pull up your pants.

The ‘Star Wars’ hunk has been comforting the 24-year-old actress after she split from Jude Law – again.
Sienna and Hayden have become close while filming new movie ‘Factory Girl’ together and…

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Lindsay Lohan Injures Herself At Byran Adams’ Mansion

We are hoping that this story will make it into a future version of her diary, which hopefully won’t be stolen like her previous one just was.

Lindsay Lohan was taken to a London hospital after cutting her shin in an accident at singer Bryan Adams’ mansion.

The actress/singer needed 10…

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The Ellen Barkin And Ron Perelman Divorce Gets Interesting

Things are getting mighty interesting in the divorce of Ellen Barkin and Ron Perelman. He’s hired armed security for his home so he doesn’t run into Ms. Barkin. What is up with couples who still live together during divorce proceedings? It doesn’t work.
In a bombshell move, Perelman has reportedly hired a 24-hour-a-day armed security…

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Weekly Roundup: Celebrity Couple Mish Mash

It’s good to seeing Janet Jackson getting back to her fighting weight.

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Caption It! #112 Contest

Here we are again, at the end of another week, and you have another chance to win a prize from our sponsor LeTigre. The person who emails the most clever and/or funny Caption It! response will win a LeTigre polo!

So, here’s what you need to do… put on your thinking caps…

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Kate Beckinsale Is Scared

Of birthday parties, that is. Kate Beckinsale fears her daughter’s upcoming birthday party may be a disaster, because it may not live up to Hollywood standards.

The Underworld actress’ daughter Lily turns seven next Tuesday and the British sex symbol is worried she won’t be able to organise an extravagant party to…

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Janet Jackson’s Looking Slimmer

As Janet Jackson’s first video shoot for her new album gets closer and closer, Miss Jackson is shedding the pounds.

The singer was spotted leaving an acupuncture clinic in LA on Wednesday with special pins in her ears. The 39-year-old All For You star dressed down in cap, shades and baggy sports gear…

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Quick Hits: Aaron Spelling Is A Dirty Old Man

Famed producer Aaron Spelling has been hit with a lawsuit, claiming he repeatedly placed his hand on the “groin and genital area” of the former nurse who cared for him. Eww. [TMZ]Kate Moss sought out help from the police, following a high speed chase in Paris involving the paparazzi. We’re sure she found something to…

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Mariah Carey Will Perform At The Grammy’s

Mariah Carey, who is nominated for eight Grammy’s this year, is set to perform with Hezekiah Walker & Love Fellowship Choir. Also performing on the show will be Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay. Mariah will be the one showing off her cleavage. …

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Barry Manilow Walks

Barry Manilow (R) walks in the West Village with an unidentified man on January 26, 2006 in New York City.

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Blog Dish: Salma Hayek Likes Her Curves

The UK’s Celebrity Big Brother is pure genius.

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A Million Little Advertisers

We love our sponsors for sheltering us from bad luck on this Friday the 13th.

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