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Team Lohan And The Lost Diary

Ah yes, the familiar Lavely & Singer letterhead. She’s being very preemptive on this one. If only she hadn’t let her diary slip out of her lotioned up hands.

So this Lindsay Lohan briefly lost her diary last week (that she could misplace such a thing doesn’t surprise us, but who knew…

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Naughty Pastor

Oh, Lord.

A pastor accused of selling the town’s oldest church pleaded guilty to embezzlement on Monday and agreed to 18 months in prison, court officials said. Randall Radic, 53, entered his plea as part of a deal in which prosecutors agreed to drop nine other charges.

Radic had preached at First Congregational…

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Jordan’s Slip

Oh dear. Classy as always.

More of Jordan’s nip slip and attempted recovery after the jump.

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Blog Dish: You May Know Your Son Is Gay When …

There is a breast aversion. You must check out the full photo. It’s hilarious. [Lady Bunny]Just in case you were wondering, Kirsten Dunst is not a stripper. [IDLYITW]Jada Pinkett Smith is a hard ass. [Open All Night]What jobs would celebrities have if they didn’t make it? [CityRag]A sneak peak at Spiderman 3. [Just Jared]Lindsay Lohan

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Jessica Alba Is The Ideal Girlfriend

What guy wouldn’t think Jessica Alba would be the perfect girlfriend? Although, this year, the guys didn’t think that Britney Spears would be ideal. She failed to make the list. It’s the Kfed association.

More guys want Jessica Alba for their girlfriend than any other woman, according to’s top 99…

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Marcos Baghdatis’ Improper Ball Placement

For a better view of the ball after the jump.

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Who’s Nominated For An Oscar?

It’s going to be a Brokeback year. Congratulations to all of the nominees, and condolences to those not nominated. We were really rooting for Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Tara Reid. Maybe next year.

For a list of the nominees, visit …

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Ashley Judd Quote Of The Day

It’s unconscionable to breed with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries. I know it’s a strong opinion a lot of people won’t agree with and that’s not to say some day I might not feel a different impulse.”

(Source: FemaleFirst) …

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Nibbly Things: The SAG Awards Brought Out Everyone

Due to some server problems, our SAG awards post didn’t post, so here are a few posts from other blogs. [Pop Culture Junkies, SAG Awards, The Envelope]Coretta Scott King has died. She suffered a stroke and heart attack last year. She will be missed. [AP]Britney Spears is the new face of Cheetos. [Gallery Of The

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Ben Affleck’s Special Milk

Muscle Milk. Te-he.

Ben Affleck’s Muscle Milk [Hollywood Rag] …

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Tom Cruise: Up The Razzie

Egads! Now that’s what I call a bad angle.

Not having seen a film that Tom Cruise has acted in since Magnolia (I wanted to hear him say the word cock), I have nothing to go by, but I’m sure he deserves this esteemed honor.

War of the Worlds star…

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Quick Hits: Will Anna Wintour Be Downgraded?

If Anna Wintour has to fly coach, the plane will implode. [Jossip]We hope Aaron Sorkin’s new NBC show starring Matthew Perry will feature lots of Sorkin’s hooker stories. [R&M]Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters shops for a few sex toys. [Two Martini Lunch]Real criminals are copying shows like CSI to help them get away with crimes.

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Caption It! #112 Contest Winner!

I must apologize about the day late posting of the winner. Due to server issues yesterday, this didn’t get posted as it should have been.

We have a winner! Congratulations to Mike S. for the winning the Caption It! contest! You win a LeTigre polo!

Dr. Robinson leaned in closely…

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Bijou Phillips Is Pissed At Lindsay Lohan

You do not want Bijou Phillips pissed off at you. Bijou is not happy with the rumors that Linsday Lohan is dating Sean Lennon.

Bijou, 25, who dated John Lennon’s son for four years, was overheard at L.A. hotspot Teddy’s on Jan. 16, shouting: “Lindsay Lohan, dating Sean? How could he!

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John Galliano Menswear: For The Everyday Man

Galliano loves the excess, and it was apparent in his women’s line as well.

The tone for last week was set by the Christian Dior show. “Red is the new Libertine, Platinum is the new Marie Antoinette,” declared John Galliano in his program for Dior. Dior shows are renowned for fantastical hair…

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Paris Hilton’s Shopping Spree

What on earth could she have bought at Victoria’s Secret? Stavros Niarchos must be in for a helluva bunch of wild nights. Is it time to bring out the video camera again.

More photos of Paris Hilton buying out Victoria’s Secret.

(Images via JJB)

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Quick Hits: Baby Jessica Ties The Knot

Jessica McClure, 19, exchanged vows yesterday with Daniel Morales, 32. 17 1/2 years after falling into that well, baby Jessica finally has found happiness. Although, I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent nuptuals – when she turns 25, McClure will come into a trust fund – reportedly worth in excess of…

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Joan Collins Quote Of The Day

“I can’t tell one actress from another nowadays. They have the same make-up, hair, practically the same clothes – the Botox Brigade.”

(Source: FemaleFirst] …

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The Ring Is Out Of The Bag

Why can’t jewelers keep their mouths shut. Alberto Repossi has confessed that Brad Pitt has commissioned him for “something special.”

Alberto Repossi, who designed late British royal Diana, Princess Of Wales’ engagement ring, has confessed Pitt has commissioned him to craft something special.

He tells In Touch magazine, “We’ve received an…

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