Archives: September, 2005

Caption It! #87
When Celebrities Age
New York's Top Hooker Arrested
Advertiser Meadows Retreat
Nibbly Things: John Roberts, Anna Nicole Smith. Anna Nicole Smith, John Roberts.
Nicole Richie Gets Dinged
Tara Reid Brings Out The Guns For Arena Magazine
Story Time With Janice Dickinson
Sweetie, It's Just Hair
Charlize Theron Recieves Star On Walk Of Fame
Caption It! #86
Ashanti Launches Precious Jewel Fragrance
Lindsay Lohan Goes For The Mall Hair
Kate Moss In Rehab
Quick Hits: It's All Angelina Jolie's Fault
Who's Dating A Zebra?
Dozens Of People Have Been Fired For Outage
Who's Your Daddy?
Stop Violence Against Women
Nibbly Things: Star Jones - You're Fired!
Lindsay Lohan May Have A Flesh Eating Disease
House Filled WIth 100 Dead Cats
Tara Reid Quote Of The Day
Who's Got The Wide Load?
It's Lindsay Lohan Appreciation Day!
Kate Moss Doesn't Care About Second Career
It's A Girl For Jennifer Garner
Caption It! #85
Fabian Basabe: The Pepperdine Years
Shirley McClaine Quote Of The Day
Who Uses A Saline Laxitive?
Puppy Survives Swallowing 13-Inch Knife
Lindsay Lohan Gets Moist
Benjamin MacKenzie Gets Uggly
Nibbly Things: Anna Nicole Smith Goes To The Supreme Court
A Claymate Has Lost Their Mind
Who's Packing The Heat?
Ryan Phillippe Goes To The Airport
Kate Moss May Recover
Beckham's Want Sons Photo Erased From Yearbook
Caption It! #84
What Has Tiger Woods Done?
America's Next Top Model's Jayla
Doctors Learn That Dick Cheney Is Bloodless
Italians Tourists Offended By Porn
Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth Quote Of The Day
Tom Cruise To Speak On "The Modern Science of Mental Health"
Nibbly Things: Chad Michael Murray Confirms He's No Longer Into Bush
Door Number One, Or Door Number Two?
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie On Motorcycles
The Walking Dead
Caption It! #83
Quick Hits: Could America's Next Top Model Have A Penis?
Jennifer Aniston Dating 'Seventh Heaven' Actor
A Beefy Michael Jackson
Dakota Fanning Inducted Into Girl Scouts
George Clooney Cleans Up Well
Tara Reid Takes In NY Giants Game
Lindsay Lohan Quote Of The Day
New York Post Sums Up Kate Moss Mess
Nibbly Things: Paris Hilton Not Involved In Drug Scandal
Kimora Lee Simmons At Sears
Sienna Miller Attends Sister's Wedding
My How Time Flies
Celebrity Survives Jet Blue Emergency Landing
Nicole Richie Celebrates Brithday With 65 Parties
The Demise Of Paris Squared May Have Been Premature
BREAKING NEWS: Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Wed
Caption It! #82
Hurricane Rita
Advertiser Three-Ways
Doubly Ugly
Zach Braff & Mandy Moore
Carmen Kass Gives Tongue
Nibbly Things: Pity The Poor Lil' Kim
Paula Abdul Scores A Hottie
Meryl Streep On 'Devil Wears Prada' Set
Bruce Willis Crowning Miss Italia
Ryan Phillippe In Uniform
Kate Moss Speaks
Caption It! #81
Quick Hits: Scientology Tries To Save Kate Moss
Tara Reid, Drunk As She Should Be
Inside Britney Spears' Malibu Home
Nibbly Things: Stare-Off At The Roosevelt Hotel
Brad Pitt Takes Angelina And Kids To The Mall
Mischa Barton Wears Sixth Ugliest Outfit Ever
Miss Thailand Shocked She Has To Live In Thailand
Jodie Foster On The Red Carpet
When Will Kate Moss Enter Rehab?
Jude Law Agrees To Abide By "Six Commandments"
When A Bitch May Not Be Quite As Big Of A Bitch As Originally Thought
Caption It #80
Janice Dickinson Loves The Gays
Gratuitous Ricky Martin Photos
Nicole Richie's Still Skin And Bones
Nibbly Things: Sarah Jessica Parker - The $38 Million Dollar Woman
Thank You For Shopping At Rolex
Kenny Chesney Quote Of The Day
Tara Blowing Smoke
Would The Real Desperate Bitch Please Stand Up
Was It The Lesbian Three-Ways That Did Kate Moss In?
Caption It! #79
Katie Holmes In Wax
Frenchman Lived With Dead Mother To Collect Pension
Bruce Willis - Here Comes The Judge
Donatella Versace In Profile
Coke Loving Kate Moss Allegedly Enjoys Lesbian Three-Ways
Nibbly Things: Hugh Jackman's "Friend" John
Lil' Kim Enjoying Prison
Jennifer Aniston Is Ready To Get Laid
Eva Does The Emmys
Oh My Lord
First Federline Family Portrait
Caption It! #78
Eva Longoria And Jeremy Piven
A Big Pink Example Of Bad Taste
It's Hard To Shop When You're Nicole Kidman
Valentino Quote Of The Day
Celebrities Care About The World
Hollywood Relationship Round-Up
Nibbly Things: Kate Moss Is An Alleged Psycho
Lindsay Lohan's New Look
Mariah Carey Works The Streets
Who's Kissing Who?
Manhattan Litigator Dishes Celebrity Dirt
Just Plain Odd
Britney Takes Sean Preston Spears Federline Home
A Designer With A Gay Son? Oh My!
Caption It! #77
What's Up With Paris Latis' New Look?
Celebrities Embrace Chastity
Hollywood Courtroom Watch: Renee Zellwegger Claims Fraud
BREAKING NEWS! Buy The Kate Moss UK Mirror Issue On Ebay
A Note On Commenting
Beyonce Wraps Her Lips Around Jay's C
Advertiser Kisses
Jude Law And Sienna Miller Holding Hands
Nibbly Things: David LaChapelle Apologizes To The Simpsons
Kate Moss Quote Of The Day
85-Year-Old Grandma Goes Skydiving
Fashion Week Ends With Fashion For Relief
Jessica Simpson's Got An Attitude
Liv Tyler Goes Biking
Federline Baby Round-Up
Caption It! #76
Claudia Schiffer Is Really Skinny
480-Pound Couch Dweller Dies
An Hour Of Eva Longoria
Big Brother 6's Jannelle Dressed Up As A Maid
Paris Hilton's Hacker Gets 11 Months
Nibbly Things: Ricky Martin Gives Good Face
Debra Messing Gives Us Some Nipple
Fugly. Three Times Over
It's Never Wise To Socialize With Hulk Hogan
George W. Bush Has To Go Potty
Preston Michael Spears Federline's First Meal
NEWS FLASH! Britney Spears Gives Birth
Caption It! #75
Ryan Phillippe Plays Daddy
Finger Amputation Improves Game Play?
Kelly Monaco Does Howard Stern
Victor Garber Loves Jen And Ben
Avril Lavigne Grows Tiresome
Nibbly Things: Tara Reid Robbed Of More Than Her Dignity
Michael Jackson's Hurricane Song
Tyra Banks
Britney Spears' Fantasy
Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel
Caption It! #74
Beckham's Voted Most Pointless Celebrities
Rachel Bilson Hangs Out With Regular Girls
Up Or Down
Drunk Drivers Tend To Be A Tad Unpredictable
Damn The Torpedoes
Bret Easton Ellis Thinks Katie Couric's A Bitch
Nibbly Things: Just Call JLo Mom
When I Touch My Self
Paris Hilton Did Not Perish In Diane von Furstenberg Mishap
Elijah Wood Is Very Very Straight
She Must Have Been Drunk
Martha Debuts, Bloggers Watch
Caption It! #73
Fashion Week Sourpuss
Jennifer Aniston At Oprah's
Liza Minnelli Quote Of The Day
Out Of A Politician's Mouth
Jake Gyllenhaal
What Blonde Is Lugging The Vuitton?
The Cover Of Vanity Fair That We Didn't Need
Nibbly Things: Lil' Kim's A Thief
Mariah Carey's Unfortunate Pose
Kanye West Quote Of The Day
Marc Jabobs Loves Lil' Kim
Jessica Simpson Boozed Up
A Starlet With A Hello Kitty Cocaine Wielding Purse?
Four Years
Caption It! #72
Dave Chappelle Returns
Advertiser Roll Call
Charlotte Church Loves Her Boobs
The Return Of Bobby Trendy
Madonna Knows How To Work It
Nibbly Things: Anna Wintour Injured At U.S. Open
She Could Pop At Any Moment
Porn Star Or Pop Star?
My Eyes!
Caption It! #71
Quick Hits: Dick Cheney Gets An Earfull
Paris Is Not Sexual, But She Enjoys Titillating
A Celebration Of Globes
The Bulge That Assaulted NYC
Colin Farrell Auctions Himself Off
Nibbly Things: Jessica And Ashlee Simpson - "They Are Everything That's Wrong With Music"
Are Jude Law And Sienna Miller Still On?
Hurricane Katrina: Images
I Just Don't Get It
Charlotte Church In Sequins
Reason Number 156 Not To Drunkenly Wander Into A Cemetary
Victoria Beckham Channels Scary Spice
Very Close To A Nip Slip
Angelina Jolie With A Fugee
Caption It! #70
Charlotte Church Gets Nasty
Hollywood And Katrina
Fun At The Beach With Lindsay Lohan
Mugging For The Camera
6-Year-Old Hurricane Hero
Nibbly Things: Kirsten Dunst Denies Affair With Orlando Bloom
Superman's Package
Bush To Aid Those Ravished By Real Estate Tax
The Federlines And Kabbalah
An Unfortunate Headline
Barbara Bush Quote Of The Day
Nicole Richie's 12 Cigarette Breaks
Caption It! #69
Is Mischa Barton Dating Kimberly Stewart's Ex?
The Surreal Meets Katrina
John Mayer With Fans
Beware Of The Knife-Wielding Lap Dancer
Michael Jackson To Butch Up
Val Kilmer And Robert Downey Jr. Share A Kiss
Bjork Does The Venice Film Festival
All That Is Katrina
Is Eddie Murphy Gay?
Nibbly Things: Hilary Duff Is Feeling A Bit Entitled
Queerty Debuts!
Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Wet
Paris And Nicky Get Clever
Jennifer Aniston Becomes Billboard
Ryan Seacrest In The Company Of Women
Who Is The Engaged Lesbian Pop Singer?
Rafael Nadal
Caption It! #68
Advertiser Wet T-Shirt Contest
Jossip, Gatecrasher, And Queerty
Paris Hilton Launches Paris Hilton
The World Music Awards
Nibbly Things: Britney Loves England
Eva Longoria And Mario Lopez
Mariah Can't Choose A Look
Nicole Richie is Still Starving
Caption It! #67
Michelle Rodriguez Takes The Plunge
Madonna's Test
The Anti-Rape Condom
A Gruesome Threesome
Nibbly Things: Victoria Beckham Has Sort Of Read Books
Britney Spears Photoshopped
The Katrina Round Up
Kelly Clarkson's A Fashion Don't
The Difference Between A Looter And A Finder
Martha Stewart Is Finally Free!