Archives: August, 2005

Caption It! #66
Watching Celebrities Eat
Rachel McAdams Has Had No Plastic Surgery
Pamela Anderson Quote Of The Day
Sandra Bullock Loves Her Man
Nibbly Things: Dubai Loves Michael Jackson
Kayne West Sues, Diddy Gets Sued, and The Game's Kicked Out
Coco Lee And Ice-T
Jamie Foxx Not Doing So Well
Angelina Jolie In Wedding Dress
Caption It! #65
Quick Hits: Gays Get No Respect On TV
Whitney And Bobby - The Musical
Jennifer Garner Digs Ben Affleck's Hands
Victoria Beckham's Unfortunate Choice
Cameron Diaz Turns On The Paparazzi
Father Sets Daughter Up In Hilarious Fake Bank Holdup
Who Knew That Tom Cruise Has Lived Before
Nibbly Things: Is Martha's Line "You Just Don't Fit In?"
Brad PItt With Zahara Jolie
Clay Aiken Wants Some Reality Star Attention
Charlotte Church Gets Randy
Jessica Simpson's Finger Gets Stuck
A Semi-Solo Singer With Herpes?
Katrina And The Waves
Caption It! #64
What Actress Is Cracking Eva Up?
Jennifer Lopez Digs Marc Anthony
Mariah Carey Chats Up Eddie Murphy
Mathew Modine Mix Up
Aaron Carter Tries To Be Cool
Chelsea Clinton is Single
Oprah Can't Stand The Heat
Dave Grohl Quote Of The Day
Nibbly Things: Suge Knight Shot In VIP Room At Shore Club
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others
Missing Music Producer Turns Up Naked And Confused
Courtney Love's Butt
Alf Star In Crack Den/Homosexual Scandal
A Gay News Anchor? No.
Three Cheers For Eva Longoria
Caption It! #63
Quick Hits: Usher's No Dreamgirl
We Will Miss You Bobby And Whitney
Zahara Jolie Is Not An Orphan
Was Orlando Bloom Jennifer Aniston's Trespasser?
A Lindsay Lohan And Ashlee Simpson Truce?
Advertiser Canoodling
Jennifer Anistion And Vince Vaughn Are Lovers
Nibbly Things: Cameron Diaz Is Cheap
Whose Ass Is Being Grabbed?
Britney Spears Diet
How About Some Urine With That Coffee?
Who Is Doing The Bodyguards?
Tom Cruise Dressed Up As Dorothy From The Wizard Of OZ
Caption It! #62
See, I Knew What I Was Talking About
Charlotte Church Quote Of The Day
Ciara's Unfortunate Split
Nuns And Condoms Don't Mix
2006 California Gubernatorial Candidates
Nibbly Things: Keanu Reeves And Diane Keaton Heat Things Up
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Are The Sexiest Stars
How Much Lower Can You Go?
Whose Ass?
Lying Bitch?
Caption It! #61
Brooke Burke Shows Off The Twins
Jesse Metcalfe's On A Date
How Bored Does One Have To Be?
Gwyneth Paltrow Quote Of The Day
Mick Jagger's Teeny Weeny And Huge Balls
Nibbly Things: Pat Robertson Goes Off Deep End
Kelly Monaco Shows Some Skin
Lindsay Lohan Channels Stevie Wonder
Starlets Embrace The Embryo Adoption Craze
Barbra Striesand Sings Bland Song For Troops
Canada Doesn't Shut Down For Brangelina
Tara Reid And Her Fake Boobs
Pamela Anderson Tackled At Dog Wedding By Ali G
Caption It! #60
Diana Ross
Sienna Miller Drowns Sorrows At Wax Shop
Have You Seen This Man?
Lindsay Lohan In Tears
Eva Longoria's New Man
Nibbly Things: Courtney Love Not Pregnant
Julia Roberts Looking Quite Matronly
Doomsday Arrives October 2, 2005
Have I Said Before That Tom Sizemore Is Sleazy?
More of Lindsay Lohan's Drunken Night On The Town
Caption It! #59
Eva Longoria Loves The Brazilian Wax
Ricky Martin's New Younger, Gayer Look
Quick Hits: DC Comics Not Loving Gay Batman
Kelly Monaco
Angelina Jolie With The Kids
What Would Monday Morning Be Without Tara Reid Photos
Madonna Will Ride Again!
Natasha Lyonne: Remember Her?
Nibbly Things: Charlotte Church's Not So Innocent
Jude Law And Sienna Miller Are Kaput
Wondering About That TV Hosts' Sexuality?
Courtney Love In Rehab And Pregnant?
Kevin Federline Swings Both Ways
Caption It! #58
Ivana Trump
Christina Milan
Young Hollywood Parties At LAX Opening
Advertiser Jell-O Shots
David Beckham - Just Because
The Maddox Jolie Blog
Nibbly Things: Preston Federline?
Oops! A Typo
Sienna Miller And Jude Law Re-Love It Up
Tara Reid And Lindsay Lohan Drunk
A Shirtless Jared Leto Is A Good Thing
Caption It! #57
The Men Of The Da Vinci Code
Man Dies While Chasing Fish That Stole His Pole
How Long Does Madonna Have To Live?
Steven Cojocaru Needs A Kidney
Katie Couric's Version Of Fashion
Nibbly Things: Katie Holmes Defends Her Man
The Oh-So Glamourous Brigitte Nielsen
The World Weighs In On Jude Law's Penis
Caption It! #56
Lindsay Lohan Is A Vision In White
The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own
Burglar Calls Mom For Ride From Crime Scene
One's Belt Buckle Reveals All
Nibbly Things: Jennifer Connelly Shops Online During Sex
Ryan Phillippe's Clever T-Shirt
Fashion Spotlight: ingwa;melero
Hayden Christensen Poses With A Pair
Someone Is Inching Back Into The Closet
Britney Spears Gives Expert Fellatio
Caption It! #55
Quick Hits: Kevin Federline Wants Britney's Birth On TV
Sarah Jessica Parker Is Not Happy
NEWSFLASH! Madonna Injured In Accident
Couple Set To Get Married At McDonalds
Hilary Duff Channels Ashlee Simpson
Nibbly Things: Dan Abrams And Anderson Cooper Get Bitchy
Eminem Pisses Off Mariah Carey
Another Disturbing Joe Simpson Photo
Matthew McConaughey Bongo Video
The Return Of Winona Ryders Sticky Fingers?
Cindy Crawford Eats Well
Kevin Federliine Holds Cellphone With Penis
Caption It! #55
Christopher Walken For President
Quick Hits: Russell Crowe Pays For Phone Assault
From Jamie Lynn Spears' Diary
Is Katie Holmes Getting Cold Feet?
The Always Classy Michelle Rodriguez
Bad Fashion Rules Teen Choice Awards
Paris Hilton Trades Up Tinkerbell For Bambi
Pregnant Jennifer Garner Begs Child For Money
Who Is Hiding Behind That Freckled Arm?
Say Hello To Pizzaz!
Nibbly Things: No Evidence That Paula Abdul Did Corey Clark
Victoria Beckham Has Never Read A Book
Criminal Shot Twice In One Night
Ricky Martin Quote Of The Day
Who Needs To Remind Herself To Be Nice?
Tara Reid Celebrates A Socialite's Life 2nd Anniversary!
Caption It! #54
Jessica Simpson, The $28,571.43 Cover Girl
Quick Hits: Courtney Love, Not Quite Sober
Lindsay Lohan Confused As To How To Undress
Demi Moore Baby Talk
Is It Mischa Barton Or Jamie Lee Curtis?
Reese Witherspoon's Gas Pump Limbo
Donatella Versace
Nibbly Things: Matt LeBlanc's Sorry For Nude Lap Dance Incident
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie W Magazine Outakes
The Donald And Martha Trump
Who's Causing A Commotion?
Advertiser Heavy Petting
Caption It! #53
Embracing The Past
Nibbly Things: Kimora Lee Simmons Only Gets Probation
Caption It! #52
Rachel McAdams
Quick Hits: Daisy Wright Wants To Tell All
Kate Hudson Changes
Man Dies After Finishing 50-Hour Video Game
When Plastic Surgery Is Just Plain Wrong
I'll Call Seal "Daddy"
Nibbly Things: Christopher Reeve's Widow Has Cancer
White Men Running
Kate Beckinsale's Tata's
Adam Brody Searches For Elephant
Caption It! #51
The Many Faces Of Victoria Beckham
Woman Body Slams Child Playing Miniature Golf
Pamela Anderson Gets Roasted
Radar Magazine's New Cover Boy - Tom Cruise
Nibbly Things: Britney Spears Didn't Shoot Paparazzi
Cindy Crawford Pulls A Tara Reid
A Leading Man Leading A Double Life
Caption It! #50
The Ageless Cindy Crawford
Quick Hits: Sharon Stone Loves 'Lesbian Sports'
On Set With Angelina Jolie
19-Year-Old-Woman Sells Sex Favors To Elderly
Kanye West Loves Strippers And Porn
A Sienna Miller Photo Shoot
Someone's Being Shy
Husband Calls Kathy Hilton Mommy
Nibbly Things: Who Is Paris Latsis' Fashion Muse?
The Happiest Tara Reid Has Ever Been
A Church Of Scientology Celebration
Photographer Shot Outside Britney Spears Event
Americans Embrace Crap Over The Weekend
Caption It! #49
Quick Hits: Ashton Kutcher's Got The Power
Anna Nicole Smith Wants Some Colin Farrell
When Should A Rocker Stop Rocking
I Wonder Why These Never Caught On
Woman Posed As Princess, Sentenced To Mental Hospital
Eva Mendes
Martha Stewart's Pink Posse
Ryan Phillippe Performs Crunches
Mimi Rogers Is A Little Tom Cruise Sensitive
Help This Woman Now
Jessica Simpson Marriage Rumors Cleared Up With Proactiv
Joe Simpson = Don Johnson
Caption It! #48
Quick Hits: Michael Jackson's Not Quite OK
Paris Latsis's Junk
Father Throws Son's Puppy To Its Death
Jennifer Aniston In Vanity Fair
Who's Your Daddy? It's Brad Pitt!
Chappelle Show Is Over, Bitch!
Nibbly Things: Martha Stewart's Been Bad
Seann William Scott
Celebrity Baby Extravaganza
Mike Tyson's VIP Room Mash Up
Rageaholic Naomi Campbell Is At It Again
Britney Spears Exposed
Caption It! #47
Brad Pitt Gives Up Ciggs For Jolie
Like A Deer Caught In Headlights
Nudist To Be Buried With Clothes On
Sienna Miller And Jude Law Have Secret Meeting
Johnny Knoxville With Child
Saying Goodbye With An Anti-Heroin Implant
Nibbly Things: Lindsay Lohan's Not Dating Mitch Mortaza
The Women Still Love Bruce Willis
Jennifer Aniston's True Thoughts Revealed
Who's Behind The Towel?
Jessica Alba, Digging For Gold
Caption It! #46
When A Thief Is Still A Thief
Guess Who?
Nikki Beach: Quasi Celebrity Hang Out
The Government Wants Your Help
Mariah Shows Us Her Panties
Who's The Sponsor
The Never Ending Jessica Simpson Divorce Rumors
Nibbly Things: Fergie's Crotch Problem
Bruce Willis: Former Action Star
Lauren Bacall Deems Tom Cruise Vulgar
The South Beach Masseur Who Gives Happy Endings
Caption It! #45
Breaking News: Tara Reid Sober
Eva Longoria Eats
Say Hello To The New Sarah Rue
Katie Holmes Gets Nude
Nibbly Things: Condoleezza Rice Is The Most Powerful Woman In The World
Who Got A Makeover?
Usher Globes
Nicky Hilton: Drunk Of The Day
Not Your Ordinary Car Chase
Quote Of The Day
Charlize Theron Does The Pussycat Dolls
Cocaine And A Society Couple
David Beckham Plays Footsie