Archives: June, 2005

Caption It! #24
Quick Hits: The All-New Martha Stewart Catchphrase
When A Beehive Won't Attack
Shooting Up During A Police Chase - Why Not?
Author Terri McMIllian Set To Divorce Gay Husband
Nice Rock
Does Tom Cruise Like To Play With Matchboxes?
The Gays And Bobby Brown Are Coming
Nibbly Things: Jennifer Tilly Wins Ladies Night
Ashlee Simpson Tweaks It
Quick Hits: Celebrities Celebrate Diamonds And Disease
Caption It! #23
Psychiatrists Are Pissed At Tom Cruise
Mischa Barton And Brandon Davis Go To The Beach
Peeping Tom Was A Peed On Tom
Avril Lavigne Engaged To Sum One
The Paris Hilton Bump
Nibbly Things: Colin Farrell Favored To Be Next Celebrity Arrested
Emaciated Lindsay Lohan Collapses
Paula Abdul And Corey Clark: Together Forever
Caption It! #22
Lindsay Lohan: The Power Of The Understatement
Caption It! #21
Quick Hits: Gossipist Ben Widdicombe Felled By Appendix
Katie Holmes' Family Not Happy About Tom
Brad Pitt Favors Maddox
Princess Diana Had Fling With JFK Jr.
Pregnant Or Not Pregnant?
Justin & Cameron Diaz In Hawaii
Mother Abandons Baby When Caught For Stealing
Musical Blind Item
Let's All Help Drew
Tom Cruise: His Intelligence Knows No Bounds
Nibbly Things: Lara Flynn Boyle Tries To Keep It Down
Beckham Dons A Speedo
Happy GLBT Pride Boys And Girls!
Caption It! #20
Quick Hits: Paris Latsis Puts Out
Grandfather Kills Leopard By Ripping Tongue Out
An Advertiser Thank You
Meet The Interns
Lindsay Lohan Reads And Won't Get Naked
Did Colin Farrell Get It On With A Drag Queen
Man Struck By Lightening While Holding Metal Cross At Funeral
Hayden Christensen Kisses A Girl
Nibbly Things: Not Everyone Wants To Watch A Hilton
The Pamela Anderson Nip Slip
Hermes And A Socialite's Life Give Oprah A Big Fat Apology
Play Nice People
Caption It! #19
Pizza Shop Robber Turns Out To Be An Idiot
Nibbly Things: Mel Gibson's Stalker Does Time
A Matching Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams
The Maid Of The Celebrities Is A Thief!
Quick Hits: Did The Snapple Lady Drown?
Oprah's Pissed
Tom Cruise Won't Sue Squirters
Anderson Cooper And Mommy
When Drunks Fall Asleep
Jennifer Aniston And Vince Vaughn
Caption It! #18
Nibbly Things: Charlotte Church, Binge Drinker
The Beckhams Enjoy St. Tropez
Who's Wearing These Jeans?
Kimora Lee Simmons' Fan Blogs
Madrid Welcomes Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes
Kirstie Alley Gets In On The Squirting
Cameron Diaz Punched In Face By Model
No Fix In Sight
Katie Holmes And The Missing 16 Days
Nibbly Things: Katie Holmes And Michael Caine Engaged
Caption It! #17
Browser Issues
Oasis Singer Noel Gallagher Calls Eminem An Idiot
Man Dies After Eating Murdered Wife's Flesh
Lindsay Lohan Loves Some Mystic Tan
Billy Bob Thorton On Angelina Jolie
Scratching With Jessica Simpson
Tom Cruise Not Enjoying The Water Sports
Quick Hits: Patty Hearst And Katie Holmes Should Talk
Miss America 2005 Is . . .
Caption It! #16
I Spy
Jennifer Aniston Never Said Brad Cheated
Britney, Kevin, Jessica, Nick
Mary-Kate Olsen Gets Wasted
Tom Cruise Squirted In Face With Fake Microphone
Nibbly Things: Anderson Cooper Cradles Doughnut But Doesn't Eat It
Vince Vaughn And Mariah Carey Merge
Leonardo DiCaprio Injured In Bottle Attack
Lindsay Lohan Gets Crazy On Leno
Which Actor Needs To Straighten Up His Image?
Which Actor Needs To Straighten Up His Image?
Have Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Married?
Katie Holmes. The $5 Million Dollar Woman?
Adjust Your Browsers
Caption It! #15
Quick Hits: Let The Brooke Shields - Tom Cruise Feud End
Scarlett Johansson And The Tom Cruise List
Nibbly Things: Mary-Kate Olsen Drops It Like It's Hot
Pin The Tail On the Advertiser
Mariah Carey Has Standards
Katie Holmes' Engagement Ring
Lindsay Lohan Rehearsing For 'Cousin It' Role
Is Jacko Turning To Kabbalah?
Katie Holmes Is Engaged To Tom Cruise
Caption It! #14
Would You Like Some Feces With Your Pizza
Black Guys Love Lindsay Lohan
Rosie Misses Aaron Brown
Remembering Lindsay Lohan
Caption It! #13
Kimberly Stewart Is One Class Act
A Spicy Paris Hilton Is Coming To The Midwest
Tom Cruise Wants To Make Posh Spice A Star
Indian Woman Must Marry Her Rapist
Nibbly Things: Ernie And Bert Are Leaving Sesame Street
Linsday Lohan Will Smoke Anything
Once Again With The Feeds
Brad Pitt Cheated!
Caption It! #12
Woman Has 350 Animals In Home
Celebrities And Their Sexuality
Disney World Not So Fun For The Kiddies After All
Tom Cruise Is Really In Love With Katie Holmes
FOX To Debut 'Skating With Celebrities'
Bobby Trendy Returns To Television
Caption It! #11
Nibbly Things: Jenny From the Rock
It's All In the Veneers
Feed Me
Caption It! #10
Madonna Is Ashamed Of Her Sexual Past
The Gays Welcomed Paris And Tinkerbell To Parade
Feeble Attempts At Shielding Paparazz
Nicole Kidman To Quit Acting
Nibbly Things: The Lost Adam Brody Commercial
Paris Hilton Set To Retire In Two Years
What Will Michael Jackson Do Now?
Caption It! #9
Michael Jackson Verdict - Innocent !!!!!
Michael Jackson Jury To Deliver Verdict
Caption It! #8
Lesbians And Homosexuals
Katie Holmes 'Digs' Scientology
The Jennifer Aniston Revenge Baby
Nibbly Things: Martha Stewart To Tell Prison Stories
Good Charlotte's Joel Madden Carries Hilary's Purse
Tom Cruise At The Tokyo Airport
The Blind Item Guessing Game
The Incredible Shrinking Carson Daly
Caption It! #7
Quick Hits: Kimora Lee Simmons To Become An Author
Are Tom Cruise's Lawyers Back In Action?
Still No Jackson Verdict
Beware Of Bob Saget
More Evidence Of A Shrinking Lindsay Lohan
The Breast Exam You Don't Want
Dancing With The Advertisers
Marcia Cross Goes Undercover
Ben Affleck's Scrotum
Caption It! #6
Nibbly Things: Brad And Angelina Do Dinner With The Kids
A Slimmer Jack Osborne
Tom Cruise's Medical Forum
Caption It! #5
Rebecca Romain Frolicking On The Beach
The Rumor Mill
Welcome To The Bobby Brown Train Wreck
Naughty Helmut Newton Photos Found
Tom Cruise's Mission: Full Throttle Ahead
Lindsay Lohan Giving Up Partying To Stalk Brad Pitt
Nibbly Things: Dave Chappelle Returns?
Russell Crowe Blames Phone Toss On Jet Lag, Loneliness And Adrenalin
Unforseen Computer Issues
Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Still Making News
Nibbly Things: How Gay Is Jai?
My Evil Blogging Plan Has Been Exposed
Italian Court Reinstates Gay Man's Driving Privileges
Lindsay Lohan: "I'm just like Princess Di!"
Brad PItt And Angelina Jolie In W Magazine
Brad Pitt Wants Us To Focus On Poverty In Africa
The Apple Of Gwyneth's Eye
Caption It! #4
91-Year-Old Woman Fends Of Purse Snatcher
Nibbly Things: Jessica Alba Exposed
An MTV Movie Awards Encounter
Mother Hilton Needs To Grow Up
Hayden Christensen: May Not Be Gay, But . . .
Russell Crowe Freaks Out
Sudsy Blind Item
Caption It! #3
Jennifer Lopez And Mark Anthony Have Made The One Year Mark
Brooke Shields Has A Few Words For Tom Cruise
A Quickie Blind Item
Lindsay Lohan Text Messages 'American Idol's' Constantine Maroulis
Tara Reid Is A Skankbot?
Nibbly Things: Christopher Hitchens Defends Smoking
The Jessica Simpson / Bam Margera Controversy
Lindsay Lohan Does Elle
Olsen Fashion Sense Runs In The Family
Emimen's Gets Dirty With Life Size Muppets
The Return Of The Fly
Quick Hits: Kathy Hilton Loves Paris Latsis
Mischa Barton In Italy - With Brandon Davis?
It's Trump-a-licious
Advertiser Gropefest
Jack White Marries Model In a Canoe
Madonna Has The Most Stalkers
Friday Eye Candy
Seniors Evade Police On 1,400 Mile Journey
A Topless Kate Moss
Nibbly Things: Demi Moore Not Married To Ashton Kutcher
Tom Cruise Was Channeling 'Magnolia' Character
Britney Loves Pregnant Sex
Mary-Kate Olsen Gives The Finger
Brad Pitt Wants To Turn Back Time
Cristiano Ronaldo: The Package
Victoria And David Beckham Pierce 2-Year-Old Son's Ear
Madonna Panties Aren't For Sale
Paris And Paris Kissing By The Pool
Nibbly Things: Kevin Spacey Does Reality
Lindsay Lohan: The Crash That Was Heard Around The World
Caption It! #2
Paris Hilton's Future Father In-Law
Five Buddhist Monks Got Into Brawl With Other Monks
Katie Holmes Claims Her Love For Tom Cruise Is Real
Deep Throat
Christian Slater's Troubles Continue
Justin Timberlake Chases Waterfalls
A Blind Give Away
Nibbly Things: Jacko - The Kids Are Not My Own?
Did You Make Tom Cruise's List?