Archives: April, 2005

Random, Bizarre Celebrity Information
Advertiser Spelling Bee
When Tan Is Not Your Color
The Ann Coulter Sex Blog?
Nibbly Things: Katie Holmes To Remain A Virgin
Mama Houston Put Whitney Houston In Rehab
Miss Piggy No Longer A Blond
80-Year-Old Carries Woman Out Of Fire
The Corsair And Miu von Furstenberg Versus Larry Dobrow
Tom Cruise Kisses Katie Holmes In Public: Tom's Heterosexuality Confirmed
Teri Hatcher Uses Electronics
Houston Libraries Are Now Odor Free
Rosie's Back!
The End Of Paris Hilton
Take That Tabloid Rumors
Brad Pitt Visits Ethiopia
Tom Cruise Cast Scientology Spell Over Katie Holmes
Debbie Rowe Deals Blow To Jacko Prosecution
Nibbly Things: Eva Longoria Didn't Get Off Until She Was 26
Houston Libraries Are Now Odor Free
No Laughing On Reese Witherspoon Set
"Patriot Act" by Al B.
Who Says Steroids Are Bad?
A BB Gun Shouldn't Be Used During A Fraternity Hazing
Who's Your Daddy?
Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment
Woman Slain In "Honor Killing" Over Cellphone Photo
Nibbly Things: Lindsay Lohan Robbed!
Good Morning!
Lara Flynn Boyle Is Melting
Magazines That Aren't Needed
Haylie Duff Confirms Paris Hilton Tiff
Bennifer 2: They're Really In Love
Stay Calm, We Have Run Out Of French Fries
A Letter To Paris And Nicky Hilton
What Will The French Think Of Next?
Jude Law Is A Yummy Daddy
Nibbly Things: Debbie Rowe To Tesitify At Jacko Trial
Britney Scores!
A Perky Simon Cowell
The 'Entourage' Boys Are Troopers
Gwyneth Paltrow Carrying An Apple
DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein
When Does An Olsen Twin Not Look Like An Olsen Twin
Star Jones For Hire
Guess Who?
Brad Pitt Joins Angelina Jolie In Africa
The AP States The Obvious
Nibbly Things: Home Alone Star To Testify At Jacko Trial
Tara Reid In Wasted Nuzzle Session
Michelle Malkin Meets Ann Coulter
A Keanu Reeves Sighting & A Not-So-Blind Blind Item
Advertiser Holla
Remembering An Ann Coulter Encounter
Wendy's Finger Lady Arrested
Mary-Kate Olsen's Coffee Obsession
Nibbly Things: Heath Ledger To Be A Daddy
The Pope's Craiglist Posting
The Downside Of Masturbating Won't Feature Porn
Ryan Seacrest Get's Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Brad Pitt's Ass Is Tops
Marcia Cross Pinches Eva Longoria's Butt
Nibbly Things: The Many Faces Of Michael Jackson
Help Wanted! An intern and a web designer!
It's A Pope
Jennifer Lopez Girly Photos
A Reader's Inside Scoop On Paris And Nicky Hilton
Nick & Jessica In Christian Counseling
What Not To Claim On Your Tax Return
Put On Your Thinking Caps
Regular Masturbation Keeps Cybill Shepard Young
David Beckham & Posh Spice
Nibbly Things: Martha Stewart 24/7
After 272 Attempts, Korean Man Passes Driver's Test
Big Pussy Ruined Lisa Regina's Life
Britney Spears Throws A Football
Mariah Carey: Dogwalker
Lizzie Grubman: Liar Liar Pants On Fire
Paris Hilton Get's Desperate
Nibbly Things: Judith Regan vs. Porn Star
Meg Ryan: Free Falling
International Poop For Peace Day
Booze, Pornography, And Sex
Quick Hits: Janice Dickinson Exposed
Advertiser Sponge Bath
Can Anything Arouse A Sleeping Bush?
A Weathered Brad Pitt
When Is Ginger Lynn Allan Not Ginger Lynn Allan
When Is It Appropriate To Give CPR To A Chicken
It's A Girl For Britney
Nibbly Things: Lizzie Grubman Is A Backstabbing . . .
A Night On The Town With Anderson Cooper
Tara Reid & Jeese Metcalfe
Foxy Brown Is Claiming Her Innocence
Wendy's Finger In Chili Woman Not Suing
Jennifer Lopez Lies Down
Readers Mothering Advice To Britney Spears
Nibbly Things: Kevin Ferderline Is Dense
Twidle Your Thumbs
Michael Jackson Licked The Head Of His Accuser
Nibbly Things: The Terminator Burns His Children's Clothing
Mickey Rourke Disses Paris Hilton
Pot Smoking Grandma's Not Going To Jail
Joss Stone
A White Party Blind Item
Nibbly Things: Jacko Begged Mother To Sleep With Boy
Quick Hits: Cameron Diaz Is A Paparazzi Tease
Craiglist = Scam Artist
Have You Ever Wondered What A Slut Looks Like?
Jackson Case Witnesses Aren't Always Reliable
I'm James Dale So Fuck You
It's All In The Blinds
Meet The Duchess Of Cornwall
Nibbly Things: Nick Lachey's Got Porn
Perfecting The NYC Clubgoer's Look
Advertiser Mud Wrestling
A Tribute To Jennifer Lopez
The Pope's Bust Is May Offend Diners
Marcia Cross Has Finally Found Love
Prince Charles' Wedding To Be Star Studded
Nibbly Things: Paris Is Podcasting
Tommy Mottola Only Allowed Mariah To Hang At Gay Clubs
Bodyguard Saw Jackson Perform Oral Sex With Boy
The Stars Come Out For 'Reefer Madness'
The Blogger Wars
Paris And Paris Make Out
Nibbly Things: Jenna Bush With Her Ass In The Air
The Johnnie Cochran Jr.'s Funeral
The One With The Woman Who Breastfeeds A Tiger
It's Really All About The Fuckface
Quick Hits: Prince Rainier Has Died
Mischa Barton And The Gold Shoes
Say Hello To The New Pope
H&M Flatiron Building Advert Violates Codes
Jason Priestly
Wade Robson Was Jacko's Shower Boy
Quick Hits: Hunter S. Thompson's Ashes To Be Shot From Cannon
Chic Erections
Vivica A. Fox: 'The Starlet' Judge
98 Degrees Singer Running For Mayor Of Cincinnati
Michael Jackson's Weeping Witness
Teacher Brawls With Teacher In Class
Is Scientology Homophobic?
Paris Hilton: The Actress
Quick Hits: Big Pussy Beats Up Girlfriend In Public
Victoria Beckham's Nanny Quits
Britney's Fetus, 'Showdogs Mom's And Dad's,' Plus Rocky
The Tale Of Pat Buchanan And The Salad Dressing
Britney Spears Expanding Tummy
Is More Trouble Brewing For Whitney Houston?
Nibbly Things: I'd Like An Interview With Bob Marley
Michael Douglas Gets Stretched
An April Fools Day Clarification
Who's Tragic, Sad, And Pathetic?
BREAKING! Pope John Paul II Dies
A Replacement For The Pope
Justin Timberlake's Hose
Advertiser Makeovers
Britney Reading Star Magazine
Paris Hilton To Star In 'A Room With a View" Remake
Nibbly Things: Tyra's Boobs To Deflate
Hand Over Your Poop
Pamela Anderson's Bad Hair Day