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Kate Beckinsale Is Smoking


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Kevin Federline’s Message To His Fans

“I love you all. The ones that Love and the ones that Hate. The ones that Fight and those who Bite.”I’m not really sure what that means, and somehow, I don’t think Kevin does either. It looks like Kevin’s debut track “PopoZao” won’t be having a New Year’s Eve release after all, he hasn’t been…

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Page Six Is Just Asking

When oral sex and President ClintonWhich long-married rock star defines cheating the same way Bill Clinton used to? The frisky frontman, who claims to be faithful, has only oral sex with his groupies . …. Which celebrity sisters drank so much at their holiday party that one of them ended up vomiting in the bathroom…

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Nibbly Things: Britney Spears Wants To Spawn Again

Get ready for The Janice Dickinson Project. Ms. Dickinson’s show is set to debut in the spring on Oxygen. It will either be high camp, or a complete train wreck. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Sienna Miller Realizes She Needs To Shut Up

Sienna you’re about a year too late. Sienna has finally learned that about being open with the press and needs to reel it in a bit. Good luck with that.

Sienna Miller says the biggest lesson she’s learned this year is “hold your cards close to your vest.”

“I’ve got a…

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Cindy Crawford’s Son Has Attitude

Isn’t he just adorable? It looks like Cindy was a little embarrassed by her son’s behavior. …

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Jessica Simpson Buys New Love Nest

Well, well, well. Jessica’s new home has a pool that she can drop her kids off at. Very convenient.

Less than two weeks after filing for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court on Dec. 16, Simpson has begun her new life – by purchasing a $3 million Beverly Hills home and moving…

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Patrick Swayze Set To Take On The Hip-Hop World

Who knew that She’s Like The Wind was a hip-hop lover’s classic. We are happy that the hip-hop community is embracing Patrick Swayze. You can have him.

After years of being indirectly involved with Hip-Hop music, actor/pop singer Patrick Swayze is finally experimenting with rap music. Swayze recently said he was experimenting with “rap…

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Paris Hilton Digs For Gold

And all she came up with was a little left over Mousaka, or perhaps crabs. …

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Lindsay Lohan Loves The Knicks

I guess celebrities really do love the Knicks. The girl actually looks like she is having some fun with her little brother. See Lindsay, sober can be fun! …

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Kimberly Stewart Loves Caroling

Imagine if these two freaks came up to your door singing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.” They’d scare your poor children half to death. Bags over their heads may be the answer.

Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly looks forward to her Christmas family tradition of going carol singing after lunch – because of…

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Kate Moss Does Aspen

As only Kate Moss would. With a cigarette and a Coke. …

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Quick Hits: Amanda Bynes Parks In The Wrong Spot

Amanda Bynes parks in the handicapped spots. [Egotastic]The Pussycat Dolls are empowering to women. Okay. [Hollywood Tuna]Who is Clay Aiken sleeping with? [Perez Hilton]Who was Ricky Martin frolicking on the beach with? It looks like it was his half-brother. Maybe. [Just Jared]Jossip runs down the celebrity scandals of 2005. [Jossip]Acutely illustrated here by Sean Young,…

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Jennifer Garner Post Violet

We are happy to see the couple out and about, although Jen is looking a tad down. Although, it does look that this photo is pre-Starbucks. I’m sure a jolt of java will perk her right up. …

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Saying Marry Christmas With Urine

Everyone has their own special way of spreading holiday cheer.

A Nebraska man has been arrested in central Iowa for allegedly delivering some unwanted Christmas gifts. Reno Tobler, 54, was arrested Thursday in Clive after police caught him lobbing urine bottles into backyards.

“We’ve got a Grinch that has been lobbing urine,”

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Eva Longoria Loves Being A Homebody

Yes, Eva is just a down-to-earth woman. Her relationship with NBA star Tony Parker has grounded her (a Mexican bike cop may say otherwise), and she’s happy to have settled down.

Tipped as a Bond girl and named as the world’s hottest woman by Maxim magazine, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria could have her…

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Celebrities Love The New York Knicks

A plethora of celebrities took in the Knicks game on Monday the 26th. It looks like that in order for them to enjoy a game of basketball, they all must sit together. Claire Danes was with boyfriend Billy Crudup, David Duchovny and his daughter, Bart Freundlich and Julianne Moore with their son. Although…

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Chloe Sevigny Pushes Diamonds

Watch Chloe Sevigny be mesmerized by Ritz Fine Jewelry, in a 6 1/2 minute film. Chloe stars in Carousel, in which Chloe takes on many different characters, to show that she’s more than the girl from Brown Bunny.

(View the film here.) …

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Mickey Rourke Loves The Homeless

At least while the paparazzi is watching. …

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Nibbly Things: The Anna Nicole Smith – George W. Bush Connection

Anna Nicole Smith gets in bed with George W. Bush. It was bound to happen. [People]New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s inauguration is looking like it will be a star studded event with Liza Minnelli, Barbara Walters and John Lithgow set to participate. Start spreading the news. [AP]Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have had their…

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