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Goodbye 2005! It’s Been A Great Year!

I just want to thank each and everyone of you for making A Socialite’s Life what it is today. Think of us as Star Magazine without having to pay for it. Or Entertainment Weekly, without all the confusing words.

Seriously, I’ve had a wonderful time bringing you A Socialite’s Life, almost every…

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Caption It! #109 Contest

It’s the end of another week, and once again, you have another chance to win a prize from LeTigre. The person who emails the most clever and or funny Caption It! response will be win a LeTigre polo!

So, here’s what you need to do… put on you thinking caps, and email…

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Alexandre Despatie

One last bulge for 2005. Enjoy! …

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Quick Hits: ‘Prison Break’ Meets ‘Prison, Yo’

How do you know when your show is a hit. When someone spoofs it. How about Prison, Yo. [Just Jared]Jossip runs down the top 10 highlights of New York in 2005. Where oh where did the Gastineau Girls land on the list? [Jossip]Natalie Portman is pretty, even as a bald woman. [Egotastic]Nothing is better than…

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Honey, Would You Like Wine With That Cellphone?

They tend to be a little dry just by themselves.

A Missouri man has been charged with forcing a cell phone down his ex-girlfriend’s throat last week. Police in Kansas City say Marlon Brando Gill has been charged with felony assault.

According to court documents, Melinda Abell told detectives that Gill grabbed her…

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Chad Michael Murray, All Dolled Up

Ah, what celebrities will put themselves through to see themselves in print. While the cigarette is suppose to butch up the pretty actor, the gelled up hair and white shoes without socks pretty much negate the butching up attempt. …

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Maybe Eva Longoria Isn’t Such A Bitch After All

Over maybe she’s just covering her tracks.

Eva Longoria plans to file charges against the Texan traffic cop who ticketed her boyfriend, San Antonio Spur Tony Parker, on Christmas Eve.

She claims the officer’s behavior was uncalled for when he pulled her and the hoopster over for impeding traffic.


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Advertiser Bubbly

Cheers to our Sponsors for keeping the Veuve Clicquot flowing all year long. If you’d like to help keep the champagne flowing, there is more information here.


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Kevin Federline Checks Out His Balance

Mmm. Is Britney tightening those purse strings? Someone better be a good boy, or that ATM card will go bye bye. He really seems to be studying those ATM receipts. Pay close attention to that decimal point Kevin. …

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Nibbly Things: Is Angelina Jolie With Child?

At least the father isn’t Billy Bob Thorton. Perez Hilton is saying it, and US Weekly is seconding that. [Perez Hilton]The Hilton’s have finally sold out. To themselves. Sort of. [NYDN]Christian Brando, the son of Marlon Brando, just can’t seem to get a break. He is being sued by his ex-wife and his stepdaughter, who…

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The Beckham’s Become Fashion Clueless

They wore these outfits to Nobu! Were they attending some sort of theme party? Otherwise, I just don’t get it. …

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Mischa Barton Spotted In Aspen

We have an ass shot of Seal and Heidi Klum. We’ve learned that Heidi does love Seal’s ass. Plus Mischa poses and shops in Aspen. Thanks for the photos!

If you happen to be vacationing in Aspen and come upon a celebrity, use that cameraphone, and snap a photo and send it

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Guess Who Was At Mansion Nightclub

Lindsay Lohan was at Mansion during the early morning hours on December 29, 2005 in Miami, Florida. As was . . .

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Men Arrrested In Jennifer Lopez Non-Sex Tape Video Theft

These have to be two of the stupidest criminal minds. Two men have been arrested for trying to sell Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s stolen wedding video back to the couple for $1 million. Why on earth would the couple choose to pay $1 million as opposed to going to the police? Especially when the…

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Mariah Carey Thinks She’s Twelve

Where do you think Mariah and her friends are? Aspen of course. …

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The New York Post Remembers 2005

What a year 2005 was. So many good memories, and the New York Post serves them up hot and steaming. We picked our five favorite moments from their 75…. Pat O’Brien’s voice mail messages: “You are so f—ing hot.”… “I wanna go f—ing crazy with you.”

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Lilo Brancato Jr. Says He’s Sorry

Well isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard. What a nice boy. Lilo Brancato Jr., who appeared in A Bronx Tale with Robert DeNiro, was charged with murder and other counts for his participation in the December 10 shooting of off-duty police officer Daniel Enchautegui.

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Quick Hits: Naomi Watts Is Busy

The photographer that crashed into Lindsay Lohan’s Mercedes last spring, has been cleared of any crime. So is Lindsay just a bad driver after all?

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If You’re A Celebrity, Aspen Is The Place To Be

It’s the one place you’re assured to have a celebrity sighting, other than a New York Knicks game.Jack Nicholson and Mischa Barton have been seen skiing the Aspen slopes, while Jodie Foster and Usher prefer shopping at Prada, which will host a fete for Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley tonight…. 365+ by the store’s fireplace to…

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The Daily News Subjects Us To Ali Lohan

It was supposedly only for five minutes, but it seemed like an eternity.Five minutes with . . .

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