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Goodbye 2005! It's Been A Great Year!
Caption It! #109 Contest
Alexandre Despatie
Quick Hits: 'Prison Break' Meets 'Prison, Yo'
Honey, Would You Like Wine With That Cellphone?
Chad Michael Murray, All Dolled Up
Maybe Eva Longoria Isn't Such A Bitch After All
Advertiser Bubbly
Kevin Federline Checks Out His Balance
Nibbly Things: Is Angelina Jolie With Child?
The Beckham's Become Fashion Clueless
Mischa Barton Spotted In Aspen
Guess Who Was At Mansion Nightclub
Men Arrrested In Jennifer Lopez Non-Sex Tape Video Theft
Mariah Carey Thinks She's Twelve
The New York Post Remembers 2005
Lilo Brancato Jr. Says He's Sorry
Quick Hits: Naomi Watts Is Busy
If You're A Celebrity, Aspen Is The Place To Be
The Daily News Subjects Us To Ali Lohan
Kate Beckinsale Is Smoking
Kevin Federline's Message To His Fans
Page Six Is Just Asking
Nibbly Things: Britney Spears Wants To Spawn Again
Sienna Miller Realizes She Needs To Shut Up
Cindy Crawford's Son Has Attitude
Jessica Simpson Buys New Love Nest
Patrick Swayze Set To Take On The Hip-Hop World
Paris Hilton Digs For Gold
Lindsay Lohan Loves The Knicks
Kimberly Stewart Loves Caroling
Kate Moss Does Aspen
Quick Hits: Amanda Bynes Parks In The Wrong Spot
Jennifer Garner Post Violet
Saying Marry Christmas With Urine
Eva Longoria Loves Being A Homebody
Celebrities Love The New York Knicks
Chloe Sevigny Pushes Diamonds
Mickey Rourke Loves The Homeless
Nibbly Things: The Anna Nicole Smith - George W. Bush Connection
Victoria Silvstedt Unleashes Her Talent In Italy
Reporters Ruined Russell Crowe's Christmas
The Hilton's With BF's At The Beach
The Olsen Twins, Together Again
Rumor Mill: A Nip/Tuck Romance?
Caption It! #108 Contest Winner!
Quick Hits: Save Kathy Griffin!
Miu von Furstenberg's 2005 B. S. Awards
Deaf Does Not Become Her
The Bareback Mountain They Didn't Want You To See
Stavros Niarchos Cuts His Hair
Richard Simmons Lets It Hang
Ricky Martin Frolics On The Beach
Nibbly Things: Nicole Kidman Spends Holiday With Keith Urban
Say Hello To Osama bin Laden's Niece
Brad Renfro In Handcuffs
Eva Longoria and The 'F' Word
The Blind Leading The Blind
Caption It! #108 Contest
Happy Holidays!
Quick Hits: Jessica Simpson To Be A Bond Girl?
Shopping Bores Cameron Diaz
Jennifer Aniston Quote Of The Day
Top Ten A Socialite Life Searches Of 2005
Great News For Scarlett Johansson Fans
Say Hello To The Much Improved Johnny Damon
Get Ready To Be Inspired
My Favorite 'Being Bobby Brown' Christmas Moment
Mariah Carey Has Run In With Cotton Candy Vendor
New Evidence Of Angelina Jolie Pregnancy
Nibbly Things: Kate Moss Video Under Police Custody
Advertiser Rescue Mission
There Is Nothing Sadder Than A Dejected Jessica Simpson
Despite Paris' Hatred For Nicole, She Doesn't Want Her To Waste Away
Anne Hathaway Loves Santa
Why Is Michael Bolton Smiling?
Sienna Miller Plays Dress Up
Quick Hits: Scarlett Johansson Graces The Romans With Her Cleavage
Since You All Love The Gay Rumors
The Top Ten Most Read Posts Of 2005
Jessica Simpson Tries To Hide Her Fat Lips
Paris Hilton - Hero
The Elton John Wedding Album
Nibbly Things: Ryan Seacrest Wooed By E!
Eva Longoria In The Morning
Kenny Chesney Is Once Again A Single Man
Lil' Kim Speaks To Us From Behind Prison Walls
Heidi Klum Digs Seal's Ass
Lauren Holly
If You're Still Looking, A Couple Gift Ideas
Britain Advises Not To Give Pets As Christmas Presents
Quick Hits: A Close Encounter With Katie Holmes
The Top Ten Signs You're A Gay Cowboy
Project Andrae Gonzalo
Corrections: Phone Kate Moss Is Promoting Is Not Powered By Cocaine
Michelle Rodriguez Is A Tad Wacko
The Hilton's Wish You A Merry Christmas
Jake Gyllenhaal On His Butt
Mary-Kate Olsen And Coffee
Nibbly Things: Sleep With Nick Lachey, Get Free Entrance To Pacha
Elton John's Bachelor Party
Ah Yes, The MTA Strike
The Stars Come Out For The Radio Music Awards
Carmen Electra Gets In The Christmas Spirit
Mark Ruffalo Still Breast Feeds
Sarah Jessica Parker Disses Victoria Beckham
Quick Hits: Carson Kressley Shirtless!
Say Hello To Flasher Santa
The Two Sides Of Jordan
The World Says Goodbye To Richard Pryor
Kelly Monaco Tries To Pull A Brittany Murphy
That Britney Spears Is Such A Kidder
Jennifer Aniston Gives Us Another Bomb
Nibbly Things: Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey Are OK
Christina Aguilera Celebrates
Christina Ricci Forgets About The Flash
A Very Hilton Christmas
Tom Cruise Is Honored Again
Gang Of Santa's Terrorize New Zeland
Caption It! #107 Contest Winner!
Giselle Bundchen Sings!
Quick Hits: The 'Dark Crusaders' And Dave Chappelle
In Case Of Emergency, Please Use Your Personal Floatation Device
Brad Pitt's Mom Prefers Jennifer Aniston Over Angelina Jolie
Luke Wilson's Serious Package
Dessarae Bradford Is Back
Courtney Love's Thin Again
Scott Storch Saddens Me
Uma Thurman's Unfortunate Ball Placement
Nibbly Things: Brad Pitt Purchases Wedding Ring
Jessica Simpson Files For Divorce
Peter Braunstein: Ebay Shopper
A Plethora Of Blind Items
The Tragic Results Of What Fame Can Do To You
Caption It! #107 Contest
At Least Their Friendship Survived
NEWS FLASH! Alleged Halloween Rapist Peter Braunstein Has Been Captured
A Very Miu Christmas
Quick Hits: Scarlett Johansson Tires Of The Action
The Katie Holmes Birthday Celebration!
BREAKING: Kevin Costner Has A Hairstlyist
Advertisers Are Yummy
Adam Brody Walks The Dog
Lindsay Lohan To Front Chanel Ad Campaign
The Pitt Family Christmas Card Circa 2018
Paris Hilton Thinks LAX Sucks
NEWS FLASH! Ashlee Simpson Is Hospitalized
Exiting A Limo Has Proven To Be Difficult
Katie Holmes Goes Shopping
Nibbly Things: Is Renee Zellweger Back With Kenny Chesney?
Having A Pipe Problem? It's Probably Due To The Naked Man In Your Basement
Foxy Brown Addresses Her Hearing Loss
Victoria Beckham's Older Haggard Clone
Mariah Carey Makes The Wrong Hairstyle Choice
Who's The Tackiest Of Them All?
Evangeline Lily Pumps Gas
Worm Excrement Can Be Profitable
Quick Hits: Britney, Britney, Britney
Victoria Beckham Looking Extra Scary
Crazy Man Enraptured By Nancy Grace
Tidbits From The Rumor Mill
'That's Mouthwash, I Can't Drink That!'
Lindsay Lohan Dines With Kate Moss
Even Heidi Klum Is A Camel Toe Sufferer
Jamie Bell Doesn't Understand Gay Rumors
Nibbly Things: The Fur Flies Off Of Anna Wintour
Can Kevin Federline Be Any Trashier?
Kimberly Stewart Wears Her Pain
Tom Cruise Under 'Fire' Again
Wishful Thinking
Liza's Still Alive And Kicking
A Knife Wielding Santa Doesn't Exactly Exude Christmas Cheer
Look, It's George Clooney
Quick Hits: We're Number One!
When T-Shirt Slogan's Are More Intelligent Than The Wearer
Sienna Miller's Father Threatens To Kill Jude Law
Boy George Is The Next 'Celebrity Big Brother' Houseguest
Remember When Magazine Covers Used To Be Cool?
Keep The Gays Away From Usher
Nibbly Things: Pamela Anderson Won't Be Pole Dancing On NBC
Princess Diana Wanted George Michael's Sex
And The Golden Globe Nominees Are
On Angelina Jolie's 'Water Bed' Lips
The Two Faces Of Jude Law And Sienna Miller
Gael Garcia Bernal Redeems Himself
Paris Hilton Sucks As A Pet Owner
Quick Hits: What's Up With Katie Holmes' Bump?
The Pussycat Dolls Prize Pack!
Elizabeth Hurley's Easy Going
Superman's Enormous Package
The Queen Of The Scale
Is Your Dog Laughing?
Nibbly Things: The Critics Love Gay Cowboys
Jessica Simpson Puts Her Best Lip Forward
Jennifer Lopez Is A Bit Scary In The Morning
Colin Farrell's A Druggy
Christina Aguilera Is Still Happily Married
Victoria Beckham's Jeans
Paris And Nicky Hilton Go To Japan
Caption It! #106 Contest Winner!
Poppy Montgomery Pulls A Jennifer Aniston
Quick Hits: Scarlet Johansson's Celebrated Rack
Kevin Federline Still Has His Ferarri
Paris Latsis Has A New Idol
Oh Dear
Who's Thong Is On Display?
Dennis Rodman Revisits His Drag Fetish
Kimora Lee Simmons Gets Nippy
Kate Beckinsale Has A Post-Workout Treat
The Increasingly Ridiculous Divorce Of Kim Basinger And Alec Baldwin
Nibbly Things: Lillo Brancato Jr.'s Tragic Story
Kirsten Dunst As Marie Antoinette
Paris Hilton Gets Her Colon Cleaned
Lindsay Lohan Is Nick Cannon's Homegirl
Matt Damon Out And Proud
TomKat Indulge Their Passion For Adolescent Soccer Once Again
Caption It! #106 Contest
Mary-Kate Olsen Still Misses Stavros
Brought To You By Crack
Quick Hits: Rachel McAdams Won't Do Nude
Ashlee Simpson Anorexia Quote
Nicole Richie And Adam Goldstein
NEWS FLASH! Matt Damon Marries!
Advertiser Intervention
Jessica Simpson's Lips Make The Cover Of Star
It's A Very Paris Christmas
Sadie Frost Dates Another Scarf Wearing Actor
Nibbly Things: Cocaine Has Been Good To Kate Moss
Mark Cuban Quote Of The Day
Mariah 'Fluids' Assistant
One Year Ago Today
The All New Charlie's Angels Cast
Quick Hits: Mariah Carey Shows A Little Bra
A Criminal With Nice Teeth
Ashlee Simpson's Man
Paris Hilton Has A Hickey
When Clothing Lies
Eva Longoria Disses Jennifer Aniston
Kate Moss Survives The Cocaine Storm
Nibbly Things: Are Jennifer Aniston's Boobs Real?
Nicole Richie Kills The Love That Once Was
Britney Spears Finally Learned What The World Already New
It's That Package Wrapping Time Of The Year Again
Woman Mistook Block Of Cheese For Cocaine
Charlotte Church Channels The Dove Girls
Who The Fuck Are The Cheetah Girls?
Quick Hits: Jessica Simpson Betrayed By Assistant
The Weblog Awards
Tom Cruise Is The 'Coldest' Person In Hollywood
Star Jones Decides Not To Ride Al Reynolds This Time
Nibbly Things: Eminem Finds Love Again
Robbie Williams Is Not A "Secret Homosexual"
Kate Moss Loves Being Topless
Mary-Kate Olsen Loves Basketball
It's A Very Mariah Christmas
Jack Osbourne And Kimberly Stewart Are Engaged
Quick Hits: Rita Cosby Gets Trashy
Lindsay Lohan Hides From Paparazzi
Uma Thurman's Giant Finger
Spike Jonze Gives Us The GAP Commerical We've Always Wanted
Those Stockings Will Make Your Legs Look Fat
Maddox Jolie Likes The Eskimo Kisses
I Love Me Some Lady Bunny
Nibbly Things: Nicole Kidman May Be With Child. Or Not.
Jennifer Aniston's Boobs Are Not To Be Seen
Who's Lugging The Trunk?
Kevin Federline Doing What He Does Best
Merry Christmas From The Gotti's
Charo Quote Of The Day
What Has Become Of The Backstreet Boys?
Quick Hits: Michelle Rodriquez May Have Violated Her Parole
Jessica Simpson Gets Photoshopped
VH1 Big In '05 Awards
Caption It! #105 Contest Winner!
Dennis Rodman Dons A Wig
Anna Nicole Smith Is Being Sued
Cameron Diaz Keeps Justin Timberlake Happy With Food
Star Jones Rides Al Reynolds
Nibbly Things: Danielle Calo Did Not Break Up Jessica And Nick
Is Christina Aguilera To Become Maria Bratman?
Brad Pitt Is Adopting Angelina Jolie's Children
Bai Ling Is Lost In Translation
More TomKat Public Displays Of Affection
Keanu Reeves Takes A Nap
Caption It! #105 Contest
What Is Orlando Bloom Doing?
Ryan Phillippe Is The Hottest Dad
Jennifer Lopez Gets A Dog
Quick Hits: 50 Cent Wishes You A Happy Bat Mitzvah
The Women At GQ's Man Of The Year Event
It's Celebrity Drunk Driving Day!
Tara Could Use Your Support
Advertiser Birthing Center
Paris Hilton Is A Terrible Singer
Nibbly Things: Violet Affleck
Are Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Over?
Jessica Alba Wears A Really, Really Big Tie
Does Your Cow Have A Flatulence Problem?
Anna, Anna, Anna Nicole
Oprah Visits David Letterman