Archives: November, 2005

Kate Moss Dons A Mop
So Madonna, How Do You Think You'll Do At Directing?
Quick Hits: Magazine Covers Of The Future
How About Some Macaroni And Cheese With Bleach
Toni Braxton - Mariah Carey Cat-fight
Robbie Williams In Russian GQ Orgy
The British Always Understate Things
Nicole Kidman Gets Cozy With Keith Urban
Technical Difficulties
NIbbly Things: Pete Doherty Rehab Quickie
Sienna Miller Attacks Paparazzi. Again.
The Independent Spirt Award Nominations Are Revealed
Jessica Simpson's First Holiday Without Nick Lachey
Paula Abdul Quote Of The Day
The Teri Hatcher/Nicolette Sheridan Kiss
Lindsay Lohan's Still Snapping At The Paparazzi
Quick Hits: You Take The Good, You Take The Bad
Ronald MacDonald Steals From Wendy's
Cristiano Ronaldo From Behind
No Wonder Peter Brady's In Love With A Model
Once Again, Kate Moss Is Topless
Oprah Winfrey Photo Of The Day
Nibbly Things: An Unhappy Thanksgiving In The Pitt Household
50 Cent To Launch Sex Toy Line
Jessica Simpson Puts On Her "I'm All Alone Face"
Tom Cruise Allows Himself To Be Hugged By A Man In Public
Tara Reid Dresses Like She's Twelve
Lindsay Lohan Dual Paparazzi Personality
Who's Behind That Louis Vuitton Bag?
Quick Hits: The British Royal Marines Get Naked
Caption It! #104 Contest Winner!
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Go To Japan
Tom And Katie Go To China
Mariah Carey Is An Embarrassment To Herself
Clever Kate Moss Headline Of The Day
Santa Existed For Paris Hilton Until She Was Seventeen
Lindsay Lohan's A Corona Girl
Nibbly Things: Anna Nicole Smith Had An Unhappy Honeymoon
Jennifer Garner's Still Fetching Starbucks
Unfortunate Nina Griscom Photo
Janet Jackson Is Back In Sweats
Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey Spend Thanksgiving Together
Kimberly Stewart And Talan Torriero's Fake Engagement Called Off
Caption It! #104 Contest
Happy Thanksgiving!
The Many Faces Of Jared Leto
Quick Hits: Tom Cruise Buys Katie Holmes A Sonogram Machine
'King Kong' Was Good To Adrien Brody
The World's Ugliest Dog Is Dead
Advertister Stuffing
The Most Ridicul-Ass Jeans In The World
Diane Diamond Needs To Get A Life
Creepy Criminal Quote Of The Day
Nibbly Things: GQ Actually Makes 50 Cent Look Effeminate
Inappropriate Presidential Placement
The Return Of The White Sunglass Guy
Finally, It's Sean Preston Federline
Charlize Theron Hits The Beach
Quick Hits: Who Doesn't Love A Bouncing Topless Kate Moss
Woman Saved From Cremation By Crying
Um, No
The Christina Aguilera Wedding Photos
Mischa Barton Gets Her Hair Done
Ricky Martin Enjoys Spanking In The Tub
The Beckham's Doing What They Do Best
Nibbly Things: Is Christina Aguilera A Size Queen?
A Plea To Jessica Simpson
Jake Gyllenhaal Quote Of The Day
Which 70's Actress Is Staging A Comeback?
Matthew McConaughey Is A Man Of Many Hats
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Go House Hunting
Jessica Alba Has A Cellphone Buddy
Kelly Osbourne Pissed At Stavros Niarchos
Caption It! #103 Contest Winner!
Quick Hits: Clay Aiken Has Boy Trouble
A Quote From Paris Hilton
Britney And Kevin Continue To Amuse Us
Looks Like It's Still Pure Bliss
The Rumor Mill Motherload
Lindsay Lohan Wears Chanel
Taylor Cole Quote Of The Day
Nibbly Things: Peter Braunstein Is Still On The Loose
You Can't Keep Kate Moss Away From The Bar
A Blind Item Frenzy
The Jolie-Pitt Family Take A Trip
Christina Aguilera Gets Married
Courtney Love's An Outpatient
Caption It! #103 Contest
A Week In Socialite's Life: Serena Williams Not So Subtle Crotch-Grab
Elizabeth Hurley Is Topless Once Again
Billy Joel's Quote Of The Day
Quick Hits: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Trip To Rio
Jennifer Aniston Gets Hugged
The Alexis Stewart That We Never Knew
Remember When Kiefer Sutherland Was Wasted In That Gay Bar?
Behind The Scenes At 'The Tyra Banks Show'
Advertiser Surprise Engagement
Naomi Campbell's Got An Itch
Will This Be The Weekend Christina Aguilera Gets Married?
Nibbly Things: Victoria Gotti Goes Ballistic
Eva Longoria Gets All Slutty
Heidi Fleiss To Run Las Vegas Sex Resort For Women
Britney Wears Roadkill
The Living Dead
Kimberly Stewart's Love For Talan Torriero Will Last Forever
Kate Moss Endorses Coke
Pete Doherty Gives Us The Quote Of The Day
Kate Moss Steps Out In Barcelona
Quick Hits: Beware Of Joan Rivers
Woman Weds 15-Year-Old And Is Promptly Arrested
Victoria Beckham Shows Them Off
Whitney Houston Lives Here
Nibbly Things: Nicole Kidman Rumored To Be Engaged
If You Didn't Think Nicole Richie Was Skinny Before
Really, Which Cover Would You Purchase?
Reason 453 That We Hate 'Laguna Beach'
Jordan Wears Them Proudly
Chris Klein Quote Of The Day
Quick Hits: GQ Makes Jennifer Aniston's Year
Eddie Murphy And Johnny Gill Together Again
The Fur Wrap Is In
Reason 452 That We Hate 'Laguna Beach'
Woman Set To Marry Man Who's Charged With Her Attempted Murder And Kidnapping
Serena Williams Is A Vision In Mint Green
Nibbly Things: Sharon Stone Settles Plastic Surgery Lawsuit
Vince Vaughn Has Dumped Jennifer Aniston For . . .
Things We Never Really Needed To See
Grocery Shopping With Angelina And Brad
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree In The Federline Household
Quick Hits: Michael Jackson Uses The Women's Bathroom
Jude An Sienna Get Re-Engaged
Victoria Beckham's Sporting Plastic Tits
Ozzy Osbourne Quote Of The Day
Mischa Barton's A Vision In White
Please, Just Have The Baby Now!
Tara Reid Bans Photos Of Her 30th Birthday Bash
Nibbly Things: Vince Vaughn Improves His Trimming
The Inspiration For Kimora Lee Simmons New Look
Burberry Still Loves Kate Moss
Jake Gyllenhaal Still Kissing Snaggletooth
I Love The 80's
Katie Holmes Is A Soccer Mom
Kevin Federline Is A Homie
Caption It! #102 Contest Winner!
Gratuitous Cristiano Ronaldo Photo Of The Day
Nibbly Things: Bruce Willis Offers Bounty For Osama Capture
Heath Ledger's Baby Makes Appearance
Woman Robs While Chatting On Cell Phone
Jude Law's Not A Fan Of The Paparazzi
Celebrities In Tears
Jack Osbourne Turns Cosmo Centerfold Pinup Once Again
Quick Hits: Kenny Chesney Hurt By Gay Rumors
Quote Of The Day: Sharon Osbourne On Mother Theresa
The Vibe Awards Get One Thing Right
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: A Love Story
Once Again, Britney Doesn't Think Before Going Out In Public
It's All In The Blinds: NYC Edition
Caption It! #102 Contest
A Week In Socialite's Life: Jake Gyllenhaal Shakes His Thing
Eva Longoria Pumps Gas
Victoria Beckham On The Cover Of Presitge
Quick Hits: The 'Hung Up' Video Madonna Didn't Go With
Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Meet Elizabeth Taylor
Jesse Metcalfe Looks Stoned At The Stones
The Billy Bush's Oprah Winfrey Interview
Bill O'Reilly Okay With al-Qaida Taking Out San Francisco
Don't Feed The Advertisers
Cameron Diaz In Public Without Blanket Over Her Head
David Beckham Shops For Naughty Lingerie
Nibbly Things: Paris Hilton Lied
Sienna Miller Attacks Paparazzi
Coming To A Stocking Near You
Say Hello To Roberto Cavalli Vodka
Who's Stomach Is This?
What Big Screen Hearthrob Likes Toys?
Lindsay Lohan's Specs
Carmen Electra For The Men
Quick Hits: It's Time Nicole Richie Changed Her Phone Number
An Anatomy Of A Paris Hilton Crash
What Has Happened To Keanu Reeves?
Which Celebs Are Being Paparazzied?
Rumor Mill: Heidi Klum's An Up The Butt Girl, Plus Britney At Baby Gap
Who's Hiding Under That Blanket?
Eric Balfour. For The Ladies
We Hear Someone Named Judy Miller Has Quit The New York Times
Kathy Hilton's On Ebay!
Nibbly Things: Peter Braunstein Hearts Kate Moss
No Need To Super Size Enrique Iglesias
Helen Hunt In A Thong
Ricky Martin Can Still Shake His Bon Bon
Demi Moore Really Didn't Air Them Out
Drivers Beware
Prince Of Wales & Duchess Of Cornwall Visit San Francisco
Roberto Cavalli on Kate Moss
Quick Hits: Prince Charles Exposed!
Demi Moore Airs Them Out
BREAKING: Paris Hilton Not Injured In Auto Accident
Rod Stewart Quote Of The Day
Eddie Murphy & Johnny Gill - Together
Nibbly Things: Chris Klein Doesn't Blame Tom
Happy Belated Birthday Tara Reid
Ah, Kate Moss Is A Tad Confused
Jesus Juice Comes To Life
Smile Laura, Smile
Anna Nicole Smith, Still Vacant As Ever
Quick Hits: Angelina Jolie Tops Grossest Kiss Poll
Ryan Phillippe: Daddy Of The Day Number Two
Pete Doherty In Drag
Matthew McConaughey In A Robe
Tom And Katie Get Romantic
Hayden Christiensen's Bad Hair Day
Colin Farrell Kisses Maradona
Nibbly Things: Tom Cruise Actually Cares About His Career
Jake Gyllenhaal Takes Santa To A Whole New Level
Peter Brausnstein Is One Fucked Up Dude
Jude Law Loves Being A Dad
Colin Farrell Has Lunch With His Pops
A Performance Jared Leto May Have Come To Regret
Kate Moss Loses And Gains A Friend
Quick Hits: Boy George, Kabbalah Chameleon?
Britney Wears Her Thoughts On Her Chest
Serena Williams In Blue
Cisco Adler Loves Beer
Caption It! #101 Contest Winner!
George Clooney's Not A Happy Camper
David Beckham Grabs Himself
Lindsay Lohan Attempts To Pole Dance
Nibbly Things: Mariah Carey Pelts The Homeless
Look, It's Tara Reid!
A Bruised And Subpoenaed Paris Hilton
Natalie Cole's Moment Of Questionable Taste
Janet Jackson Or Oprah?
Caption It! #101 Contest
Carolyn Murphy's Brave Face
Quick Hits: Jessica Alba Is Ready For Her Nude Scene
Best Not To Surf A Tsunami
The Ongoing Tale Of Jude Law And Sienna Miller
Why I Don't Watch Laguna Beach
Barneys New York Welcomes Prince Charles And Camilla
Advertiser Confessions On A Dance Floor
Ashton Kutcher Has A Strange Beard
Who's Wearing 'It's My Party Shirt?'
Nibbly Things: How Ashlee Simpson Spent Her Drunk Night At McDonald's
Wesley Snipes Has A Little Problem
Madonna's 'Confessions On A Dance Floor'
Nicole Richie Opens Wide
I'd Like To Introduce You To My Cousin Earl
Janet Jackson Re-Joins The Big Girls Club
An Out Of It Actress And Jumped-Up Star
Jennifer Love Hewitt Should Tune Into Tyra Banks' Show
Man 1, Deer 0
Quick Hits: Who's That Peaking In Brad Pitt's Window
The Hilton Sisters In Maxium
Jessica Simpson Quote Of The Day
Barbara Walters Names Most Irrelevant, Err, Fascinating People
Tom & Katie Sing Scientology Duet
Rumor Mill: Queen Latifah And Laila Ali
Jennifer Garner's Killer Queen
Fabian Basabe: One Rich Bitch?
Kate Moss To Retreat To Cocaine-Free Deserted Farm
Nibbly Things: Natalie Portman's Yearbook Could Be Sort Of Yours
Freddie Prinze Steps In Dog Poop
Tyra Banks Discovers Obese People Are Discriminated Against
Kevin Federline: Musical Genius
Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Full Frontal
Paris Hilton And Stavros Niarchos Make Out By Pool
Jessica Simpson Therapist Woes
Lindsay Lohan Unfortunate New York Post Appearance
Colin Farrell. Back In The Day.
Quick Hits: A Superficial Guide To 2005 NYC Elections
Kenny Chesney On Losing Renee Zellweger
Heidi Klum Gracefully Gives The Finger
Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal's Ridiculous Photo Shoot
Is Sienna Miller Still Doing Jude?
Dancing With The Stars Of Scientology
Sandra Bullock Gets Busy On The Beach
Nibbly Things: Christian Slater Falls Off Roof (For Publicity?)
Kevin Federline Waits, And Waits
More Jolie Family Frolicking On The Beach
Mary-Kate Olsen Meets Bruce Weber
Paris Hilton Gives The World Hope
Just Look Natural Sienna
Lindsay Lohan: The High School Years
Speedo Sundays
Who's Got Crack?
Jennifer Aniston In November's Elle
Try To Look Innocent And Yet Slutty, Sienna
Nibbly Things: Sharon Osbourne Wants To Knock Madonna Out
Madonna Quote Of The Day
Sean Preston Federline Once More
Sandra Bullock Meets Kate Winslet
A Day At The Beach With Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
Kelly Osbourne Turns 21