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Further Evidence Of Paris Hilton’s Ass Cheek Goiter

I’m sure that it could easily be removed with a little surgery.

Paris Hilton’s ass cheek goiter [cityrag] …

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Vince Vaughn Excercises, Err Walks

Vince Vaughn has apparently found new love, in the short man above. He looks so proud. Below, Vince checks out his gut to see if it’s dwindled any during his walk through the park. …

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Quick Hits: Naomi Campbell Has Principles

Naomi Campbell a Diva? No. She just wanted Damon Dash, to reschedule a party because it started unfashionably early. They refused, so she didn’t show. Naomi’s version, “The party wasn’t in her diary.” [3am Girls]If you want to see Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron talk about Jesus, this is the link for you. [Google Video]Gabrielle

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Kevin Federline Blows Through Britney’s Cash

No wonder Britney didn’t want to sell those photos of Sean Preston. Kevin would have just blown through that $3 million. …

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Caption It! #100 Contest Winner!

Congratulations to James W. for the winning Caption It! You win a LeTigre polo!

“It’s skit night in the 7th circle of hell, and newly arrived hotness Bobby Brown (o.d. October, 2005), in full Angel-drag leads the crowd in a raucous chorus of ‘wave your remaining limbs in the air’, while on…

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Sarah Jessica Parker Injured In Horrific Manolo Blahnik Incident

Always treat Manolo Blahniks with respect, and they will treat you with respect.

“I ran down the block a few weeks ago in these heels, just like I did for seven years, and woke up in the middle of the night in agony. “And it turns out that I’d torn the tendons…

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Things Cristiano Ronaldo Should Not Wear

While I love the man, capri jeans should never be worn by anyone, especially a male. I’m also hoping that the little bag that he’s carrying is for a female companion. …

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Kenny Chesney Quote Of The Day

“What was that old song: ‘We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout,'” Chesney replied.

(Source: News24) …

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Brad Pitt Likes Being The Daddy

Little Maddox sure seems to like having his photo taken, and seems quite comfortable with Brad. …

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Nibbly Things: Beyonce Baby Questions

Is Beyonce pregnant or not? Next. [Gatecrasher]Chalk up Val Kilmer among those who are not fans of Paris Hilton. [IOL]Donald Trump thinks that “The New York Times is going to hell.” Let’s all jump on the dump Judith Miller bandwagon. [Page Six]Johnny Depp sent Kate Moss a mirror. Not for what your thinking. [IDontLikeYouInThatWay]Apparently Nicollette

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Fendi Brings The World Together

What else except a Fendi could bring Ashley Olsen, Karl Lagerfeld and Amanda Lapore together. …

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Tyra Banks As Paris Hilton

Actually, I think she looks more like Coryn in the photo than Paris. Check out Paris and Nicky Hilton’s Halloween costumes after the jump.

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The Patron And Krispy Kreme Diet

Find out which sisters are embracing the newest diet that’s sweeping L.A., after the jump.

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Who Is The Aging Pop Star Still Whips It Out?

It’s Monday morning, and prime time for couple of blind items from Ben Widdicome’s Gatecrasher.

Which aging front man for a (recently returned) ’80s pop band still unzips his trousers at photo shoots in an effort to impress the female assistants with his endowment?Which Canadian Dolce & Gabbana model was turfed out of Bungalow…

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Caption It! #100 Contest

A Socialite’s Life has reached a milestone of sorts. This post marks the 100th Caption It!, and so our friends at LeTigre are sponsoring a contest for us!

This contest will be done a bit differently than the others. The person that emails the cleverest Caption It! response will be win…

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Keanu Reeves Or Drifter?

I’m not so sure.

(Image Courtesy of Splash News) …

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Suzanne Somers

Mmm. Eggplant leather. Not my first choice for a 59-year-old woman. …

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Kimberly Stewart’s Fashion Sense Sucks

The girl has no taste or fashion sense whatsoever. …

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Solange Knowles Did Not Bleach Her Baby

It’s tough being the mom of a celebrity, especially when the press is saying bad and untrue things about your daughters. Beyonce Knowles mother Tina Knowles, is upset with the gossip mongers who spread a malicious story about her not so famous Knowles daughter, Solange.

Tina insisted the investigation be kept under wraps because…

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Viggo Mortenson

I’ve always loved Viggo Mortenson. And that voice – I just love that voice. I’m not sure how I feel about the clean-shaven Viggo? My favorite Viggo photo is after the jump.

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