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Caption It! #44

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Janice Dickinson Has A Potty Mouth

It seems to be getting her into trouble again. Janice Dickinson’s foul mouth is apparently offending some of the members of her West Hollywood gym, Equinox.

One fed-up staffer at the Equinox sweat shop called us to complain that the self-proclaimed “world’s first supermodel” has been hurling abuse at her fellow…

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Quick Hits: Bonnie Fuller Takes A Cut

Poor Bonnie Fuller. She’s looking at a huge pay cut, due to the fact that Star Magazine isn’t performing as well as it should. It’s funny because it makes me happy. [Jossip]It’s time to vote in Gawker’s “Women of Conde Nast” competition. My votes going to Jillian Demling. [Gawker]The most celebrated actress of our time,…

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Johnny Knoxville In Brawl Over Kate Moss

We’ll get to that in a moment. Did you know that Johnny Knoxville’s real name is P.J. Clapp? P.J. Clapp.

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Given The Evidence, What’s The Appeal?

Who’s hanging to the left.Wilmer Valderrama. With some major cellphone support.

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Which R&B Singer Likes To Watch Himself?

Bad pun intended.

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Advertiser Makeovers

Lot’s of love to this week’s sponsors, who continue to heap loads of cash on us. So it’s off to Barneys New York to get our freak on. Want to keep us in head to toe in Alessandro Dell’Acqua?

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Kelly Preston’s Not For ‘The Drugging Of Kids’

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. The woman is still going on about how American loves to drug their children. I’ll concede one point, I think that, while there are some children who are medicated and shouldn’t be, to broadly brand certain drugs as evil is extremely narrow-minded. The whole thing comes off as if she’s…

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Nibbly Things: Did Demi Moore Have A Miscarriage?

If this is true, condolences to Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. If this is not true, and Demi was never pregnant – it’s lawsuit time. [National Enquirer]The “freshly fucked” look is huge this season.

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Meet The Intern: Jaimie

I live in smack dab in the middle of the United States…. Born and raised, I lead a pretty typical midwestern life…. Of course, he lives down the street with my brother and sister-in-law. My parents also live about 3 miles away and my in-laws (help me!!), live 4 blocks away…. I enjoy shopping, going…

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Yep, Tara Reid Was Drunk

I received an email from a very naive reader yesterday. She questioned the drunkenness of Tara Reid, and asked if just maybe her eyes were closed when the picture was being taken. Well, her eyes weren’t closed when her ass was up in the air. I wonder if Paris Hilton goes out with…

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Jared Leto Has Dumped Ashley Olsen

After just one week? This sounds more like a sex hook-up than a relationship. No word on how Ash is taking the news.

A source tells Star that the Hollywood heartbreaker has dropped Ashley Olsen, 19, just a week into their summer fling.”Jared enjoyed his brief time with Ashley, but…

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White Women Can’t Dance

Or at least Jessica Beil can’t dance. Here, Jessica is showing off her dancefloor skills to the TRL crowd. Hilarity ensues.

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Adam Brody Wants An Elephant

Don’t we all Adam. It’s just typically a space issue. And I don’t think my co-op board will go for that one.

‘The OC’ star Adam Brody is saving up – for an elephant. He said: “I haven’t made any big purchases yet but I’m saving up for an elephant. I…

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Mischa Barton’s Feeling The Wind In Her Cleavage

Ah yes, there’s nothing better than running on the beach with your breast flailing about. The exposure after the jump.

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The Backstreet Boys Are Back

Oh, just go away.

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Angelina Jolie Has Her Hands Full

There’s talk already of Angelina Jolie wanting to adopt a third baby. Well, unless her “live in boyfriend” is going to be helping out with some child lugging, she may want to hold of a bit.

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Caption It! #43

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The Doll With Weight Issues

This is either the most bizarre “toy,” or the most clever. I haven’t decided yet. There is a doll designed by Christina Bisland called the GO-DO. You are able to inject the doll with a liquid to change the doll’s body shape and size.

Today, even though they are larger than their counterparts…

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This Is Not Britney Spears’ Fragrance

If you haven’t seen the commercial for actor Alan Cumming’s fragrance Cumming. Cumming is sexy, smokey, manly, dark, creamy, earthy, really earthy. You must. Check out the ass shot after the jump.

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