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Help Victims Of Genocide In Sudan

Let’s get serious for a momeThe money we are raising is going directly towards relief in Sudan, where an estimated 300,000 people have been killed and 2 million people displaced in one of the worst genocides since Rwanda in 1994.

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Quick Hits: Prince Charles And The Bloody Media

First Britney complains about the media, and now we’ve got the ever cranky Prince Charles doing the same. Mumbling under his breath at a photocall with sons William and Harry, the heir to the throne was caught on the assembled microphones saying: “I hate doing this.” Confronted by a phalanx of reporters and photographers, he…

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Liz Smith: The End of An Era?

Has Newsday banished Liz Smith from their pages?

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Gawker, Defamer, Page Six And A Socialite’s Life

It seems like someone is sending us the same emails.Well, I ran into the trio again on Friday night at TheIvy where they had dinner with Sally Field…. Anyway, I know that theyare for sure going to the Star Wars III premiere inMay, however, I do not know what they have in storenext. I know…

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Brite Bar vs. 42Below Vodka

> Hello Fuckface,> > > if you are suggesting that we are anti gay then> speak to my fuckin hand you fool. At least of four> of the people on our team are gay and one of our> best accounts in NYC in Lucky Chengs. PERHAPS YOU> AER A REDNECK HOMOPHOBE WHO WANTS TO FEEL…

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Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Shack Up

This is according to a British tabloid, so think what you want to think.According to The Sun, Brad and Ange shared a hotel suite during a recent weekend trip and booked in as a married couple – renaming themselves Bryce and Jasmine for the trip. Of course, it could all be part of a publicity…

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Nibbly Things: Charlie Trotter’s Fois Grais

Superchef Charlie Trotter is in a little hot water over the Fois Grais controversy.

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Terri Schiavo Is Dead

In about two to three days it will be safe to watch CNN again.Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged woman whose final years tethered to a feeding tube sparked a bitter feud over her fate that divided a family and a nation, died Thursday, her husband’s attorney said. Schiavo, 41, died quietly in a Pinellas Park…

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Page Six vs. The NY Daily News

This is getting a bit old. Scratch ‘n’ Match winners aren’t the only ones getting stiffed by the Daily Snooze. In the Lowdown column yesterday, the circulation-challenged tab ran a People magazine photo of Kaballah kook Madonna in a nun’s habit and hubby Guy Ritchie clad as the ailing pope. Not only was the picture…

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Michael Jackson’s Original Accuser

OK. Wow. Nice. Mmm. Way to go Michael!

What He Looks Like Now [WOW Report] …

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First Cousins Can’t Deny Love, Get Married

And to think I only thought this happened in the south.

First cousins who were denied a marriage license by a Pennsylvania judge earlier this month were wed in a civil ceremony in Maryland, the couple said Monday. Tonight Show host Jay Leno and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh both commented about the story…

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Some Spears’ Sisterly Lovin’

Ah, isn’t that special. Interesting open-mouth approach by Jaimie Lynn. …

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Quick Hits: Britney Spears Letter To The False Tabloids

Britney Spears has no shame. How dare she call tabloids false. She must not read blogs. Or at least I think that’s what she meant to do in her latest open letter.

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Colin Farrell’s Expanded Waistline

After the jump, Colin discovers sand.Riveting.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze

Not nearly as exciting as Mischa Barton and Brandon Davis.

Update: Yes Prinze, not Prince. Although it did take 5 hours for anyone to notice the mistake. …

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CBS News Reported Terri Schiavo Died – Two Days Ago

CBS News erroneously reported that Terri Schiavo died. On March 28, 2005. The report was pulled off the CBS website with no retraction or apology.

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Britney Spears Shops At Babystyle

She must be pregnant. But, she shops at Babystyle?

[photos via clasos] …

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Nibbly Things: Naomi Campbell Attacks Assistant With Blackberry

She has allegedly attacked another one of her assistants — beating her with a BlackBerry and slapping her across the face…. [Page Six]A totally unconfirmed rumor about the former Bennifer. It seems that Jennifer wanted to get it on with Ben, however, Ben was concerned about the fact that Jennifer may ____ on him…. [The…

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Arnold’s Drooping Pec’s Are Back In the News

Typically Defamer is pretty up to date on this type of thing. Not to toot the horn, but let’s let our minds drift back to February 1, 2005.

How The Mighty Pecs Have Fallen [Defamer]

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It’s Rough Being A Model Who Poses For Domestic Abuse Posters

Boo hoo hoo. Has this poster prevented the men from getting any work? I’m sure it’s part of their portfolio.Four male models who appeared in an ad campaign against domestic violence are suing New York City, saying the posters stayed up beyond the agreed time, leading people to think they really were wife beaters.

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