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Star Jones’ – Baby’s Got Back

Brad And Jen Are Still PalsHollywood’s golden couple now are golden friends. That’s nice. [Page Six]Lizzie Grubman, The Godmother of Hip-HopShe believed.

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Mischa Barton & Brandon Davis Do Messy Chic

It just amazes me how skinny she is.

(thanks to Liz for the photo) …

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Aaron Carter Smokes A Bowl

Lindsay would be proud. …

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When A Hacking Is Not a Hacking

Fred Durst has come out and said it: he doesn’t use a Sidekick, he is NOT a T-Mobile customer, and his cellphone was not hacked. That three minute sex clip? He claims that it was grabbed off of his hard drive by someone who was fixing his PC. [via Engadget]
So he’s basically just an…

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Ann Coulter On Gays And “That Old Arab Helen Thomas”

Someone needs to shut the bitch up.
The heretofore-unknown Jeff Gannon of the heretofore-unknown “Talon News” service was caught red-handed asking friendly questions at a White House press briefing. Now the media is hot on the trail of a gay escort service that Gannon may have run some years ago. Are we supposed to like…

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Kevin Federline in Louisiana

Yep, stoned again.

[via] …

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What’s Inside The Oscar Goodie Bag

All of stuff that celebrities don’t need.

Presenters at tonight’s Academy Awards will each get a choice gift basket worth several thousand dollars, including a $4,000 shopping spree from Aussie beauty company Jurlique; suites for two at the luxe Bellagio in Las Vegas; a spa getaway at the Bellagio; and dinner for two at…

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…And The Winner Is

A flurry of awards were given out over the weekend. We had The Razzies, Independent Spirit Awards, and the Oscars.

Halle Berry and George W. Bush both won Razzies for their acting, while Catwoman won worst film of the year.

Hoisting her Academy Award in one hand and newly won Razzie in the…

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Afternoon Snack: Hunter S. Thompson’s Suicide Gets Ugly and More

Fred Durst’s Teenie Weenie …come on girls, you know the move. you go to wrap your hand around a guys…

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Advertiser Key Party

I’d like to personally thank all of this week’s advertisers.

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The Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan Jessica Simpson Email

This item was sent in from a reader who has done his homework! Thanks Matt.

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Give The Olsen Twins Equal Time

Okay here’s Ashley.Kind of trying too hard. But not utterly awful.

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Fred Durst Sex Tape Sees The Light Of Day

Fred’s Penis says, hello world! Not too impressive. [via Drunken Stepfather and Celebrity Scum]Why can’t we get a Jude Law sex tape?

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What Has Happened To Our Little Mary-Kate Olsen

Part of the new, adult Ashley Olsen.[via Olsen Twins News, thanks GB]Update: Oops. It is Mary-Kate and Not Ashley.

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Blind Man Who Bit Guide Dog Charged

Can we say disturbed.

A blind man who allegedly bit his guide dog has been charged with animal cruelty.

David Todd is accused of sinking his teeth into the animal’s head in a busy street, Scottish police said Thursday.

A police spokesman said: “Any attack on a defenseless animal, particularly one…

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Keanu Reeves And Whitney Houston’s Stomach Troubles

You can check out Defamer for the photo of Keanu Reeves puking. I didn’t think that would be something you wanted to see prior to your morning coffee.

Luckily Keanu and Whitney didn’t puke together. Although both were using some sort of transportation when the puking occured. Mmmm.
The Grammy-winning diva was hospitalized in…

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Nibbly Things: Martha Stewart Gets Cooking Bitch and More

Martha Stewart Hires A Chef
She has hired Pierre Schaedelin, the once and future chef at Le Cirque, to cook for her during her period of house arrest to follow her release next month. – I guess the foods not that good in prison. [Page Six]
Jamie Foxx Is Everywhere
My blog husband isn’t too…

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I Present To You – Felicity Huffman

I’m utterly speechless.

[Courtesy of Daily Celeb] …

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Christian Slater Splits From Psycho Wife

Well, the love has finally run out for Christian and his glass throwing wife, Ryan Haddon. The couple separated last month after Ryan Haddon Slater reportedly had difficulty adjusting to life in London, where Slater was starring in a West End adaptation of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Hopefully his next wife,…

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Thompson’s Ashes May Be Shot From Cannon

I guess his friend would like to keep the “Gonzo” part of Hunter alive. I’d just hate to be downwind.
Hunter S. Thompson, the “gonzo journalist” with a penchant for drugs, guns and flame-thrower prose, might have one more salvo in store for everyone: Friends and relatives want to blast his ashes out of a…

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