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Happy New Year!

Everyone party like your Tara Reid! See you in 2005.


Miu …

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Advertisers Keep The Bubbly Flowing

New Year’s wishes to the following Advertiser’s for their undying support:

The Laundry Spa – The place to go in NYC if you want your laundry pampered.
Project D.U. – One fantastic blog reader, and some fantastic blogs.
Free Coffee Makers – you deserve a fresh cup. -…

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39-year-old Lecturer Was Arrested As Suspect of Beckham Nativity Massacre

You didn’t think they’d arrest Cliff Richard or Elton John did you?

[via The Sun] …

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Tom Cruise Get’s Bejewelled

Tom Cruise has been awarded the ?Freedom Medal of Valor? by the Church of Scientology. WTF? The following are a list of Tom’s accomplishments if furthering the evil doings of the Church of Scientology.

Tom Cruise?s ?mission accomplishments? as follows:

?Spearheading LRH [L. Ron Hubbard] Purification tech into the heart of…

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Nibbly Things: Ashlee Simpson Astounds World With Burping Talent and More

Ashlee Simpson Can Burp The Alphabet
Her favorite letter is G, and her worst letter is S. She’s probalby just lip synching it anyway. [The Sun]
The Cosair – 2004 In Review
Grab a glass of wine, hunker down, and peruse the writings of my blog husband. [The Corsair]
The Trials and Tribulations of Melanie

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Miu von Furstenberg’s 2004 B.S. Awards

Star Jones – Wake up! You married a gay man.2. Al Reynolds – Wake up, you married may want to check out who made the list last year.

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Nibbly Things: Elvis Water For Sale and More

Get Your Elvis Drinking WaterThe few tablespoons came from a plastic cup Presley sipped at a concert in North Carolina in 1977 – which was kept by fan Wade Jones, who was then 13. – For sale on Ebay.

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Serena Williams & Brett Ratner


(photo via kikapress] …

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Early Evening Snack: RIP Jerry Orbach and More

Law & Order’s Jerry Orbach DiesI miss my Lenny already.

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Madonna Does Versace Again

Click for full size version.

Doesn’t her face kind of look like an Olsen twin’s in this photo?

(Thanks to Elise for the photo.) …

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Beautiful People Are Affected By Tsunamis

I’m with Gawker on this one, I’m happy that the woman survived (he’s missing), but I really don’t think that this was an appropriate photo in light of the massive devastation that occurred. …

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Tsunami Relief

As the death toll rises to 60,000 dead, much relief is need monitarily to aid those in need. Thanks to Arjan for creating the board with lots of links of where you can help.

Please check out this link for many resources, otherwise you may place a donation at the International Federation

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Nibbly Things: Mary-Kate Olsen’s Toilet Treatment and More

Mary-Kate Olsen Gets Preferential Toilet Treatment
Bungalow 8 let’s Mary-Kate jump to the front of the bathroom line (for a little snortin’ and a pukin’ – maybe)? [Page Six]
Jet Li Survives Tsunami
He saved his daughter and himself. [E Online]
Lindsay Lohan and The Totally Unsubstantiated Playboy Rumor
She’d pose if it weren’t for…

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Wednesday’s Are Now Paris Hilton Free

I swear.

But not Kevin Federline free. …

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Paris Hilton: The Conspiracy Theory

Stephen Hawking is releasing a new non-fiction book titled Paris Hilton: A Waste of Molecules. According to Mr. Hawkings research, Paris Hilton has been born and bred just to further the Hilton Hotel name. Mr. Hawking is quoted as saying, “I mean who hasn’t joked, ‘Have you slept in the Hilton?'” Through Mr.

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Nicole Kidman & Kids Taking in a Laker’s Game

It looks like someone needs a powder.

(Thanks to Cheri for the photo.) …

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Snow White Loses 3 Dwarves Over Cost-Cutting

This goes to show you that people will protest over anything.Snow White had to make do with just four dwarves rather than the usual seven due to cost-cutting at a theater in the eastern German town of Stendal, the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reported. The Altmark Stendal theater said it could afford only six actors…

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Nate Berkus Survives Tsunami

Mmmm. Nate Berkus, vacationing with male friend.The Oprah Winfrey Show’s resident interior designer Nate Berkus was among the survivors of this weekend’s devastating tidal waves in Asia, which killed more than 22,000 people. “All of a sudden the roof was ripped off the cottage and my friend and I were taken out to sea,” Berkus…

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Paris Hilton Lives Through Christmas Holiday Just To Spite Lloyd Grove

While not much happened regarding Paris Hilton over the Christmas holiday, I’m at least happy to report that not much happened regarding Paris Hilton over the Christmas holiday. Which is a little more than Lloyd Grove can give you. …

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Nibbly Things: Liza Gets Smacked and More

Liza Smacks Head When Falling Out of Bed
No she wasn’t having sex when she fell out of bed, apparently she was just sleeping. [E Online]
Much To Learn From the Wisdom of Kate Bosworth
“It’s amazing. Because if you, like, have everybody taking ten minutes a day and really focusing on, like, positivity and…

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