Archives: November, 2004

Colin Farrell's Man on Man Movie Kiss Manual
Paris Hilton Dyes
Mischa Barton: The Stick Figure In Motion
Bill Maher
Snow White Fired For Posing Nude
Nibbly Things: Paris Does Colin and More
Usher and Naomi Campbell: B-Ball Watchin'
Madonna And Family
Nibbly Things: Shelly Long OD's? and More
Nicky Hilton Examines Her Toes
NEWS FLASH! Julia Roberts Gives Birth To Hazel and Phinnaeus
Mary-Kate Olsen Thanksgiving Pilgrimage
Advertiser Air Kisses
Bandwith Issue Solved
Happy Thanksgiving!
Victoria Beckham Not Quitting Music Business
Boy Charged With Abducting Exotic Dancer
Wal-Mart Heiress Paige Laurie's A Cheater
Paris Hilton: Hustler Model, Bad Grammarian
Call Mariah Carey "Mimi"
Nibbly Things: A Head-Butting Naomi Campbell and More
Mrs. Federline Must Pee
Mrs. Federline's Purse
Previously On A Socialite's Life
New Items At A Socialite's Life: The Boutique
NEWS FLASH! Barneys Sold To Jones Group
Coffee Makes Mary-Kate Olsen Very Happy
Nibbly Things: Bonnie Fuller 60 Minutes Are Up and More
Advertiser Shout Out
Lindsay Lohan Throws Fit
Nipple Alert! Mandy Moore
Nibbly Things: Jaleel White Is Fierce and More
Blind Items: Who's Shopping At Walmart?
Mischa Barton Researching For Role?
Jared Leto Loves Text Messaging
Nibbly Things: Tom Cruise Threatens To Sue Again and More
Man Arrested In Leaf Rage Incident
The Strange Tale of Gloria Trevi: The Mexican Madonna
Nibbly Things: The Vibe Awards Go Ghetto and More
The Art of Nipple Tassle Twirling
Celebrity Sighting: Paris Hilton Shopping At Bergdorf Goodman's
Anna Nicole Smith Does Great "Drunk Girl" Impression On AMA's
Nibbly Things: Amanda Hesser - Hostess and More
Apparently "Dick" Cheney Is Named That For a Reason
Just Added To The Blogroll
New Yorker: Kitty Carlisle Hart
Ol' Dirty Bastard Dead At 35
Previously On A Socialite's Life
Advertiser Kisses
Nibbly Things: Cameron And Justin Sued and More
NEWS FLASH! Lindsay Lohan And Wilmer Valderrama Break Up
Voter Hacking And Such
A Socialite's Life: The Boutique
Ask Amanda Hesser
Nibbly Things: George Michael Won't Be Out
M Night Shyamalan Spotted
Is Tyra Banks Any Better Than Caroline Rhea?
Liza Minnelli Extends Reign of Terror
Yasser Arafat Dead
Martha Stewart's Roomate
Nibbly Things: It's Going To Be Star Reynolds and More
Madonna Speaks
Women Allege Boss Spanked Them for Errors
Nibbly Things: NIcky Meister No More and More
Eva Longoria
Nibbly Things: Tara Reid Doesn't Want To Be "The Drunk Girl" and More
Mariah Carey's Poor
Star Jones' Wedding Chapel
The Election: Tying Up Loose Ends
Previously On A Socialite's Life
Mischa, Mischa, Mischa
Giving the Advertisers Some Lovin'
NEWS FLASH! Reason For John Kerry's Loss Of Florida Uncovered!
Tara Reid's Boob
Mark Lisanti Is Defamer
Nibbly Things: Eminem Chooses His Words Not Very Carefully and More
Naked Man Climbs On To Moving Jet
The Ashlee Simpson iPod
The Election Aftermath
Mrs. Federline Pregnancy Rumors
Nibbly Things: The Brits on Bush and More
George W. Bush Wins Presidency
No Winner Yet
Nibbly Things: Voter Turnout Is High and More
Citibank "Ads"
Bonnie Fuller Still Hated!
Nibbly Things: Networks Bracing For Election and More
Happy One Year Blogiversary Ron!
Vote Tomorrow!