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Colin Farrell’s Man on Man Movie Kiss Manual

He apparently doesn’t like kissing boys, but Towleroad has a visual Colin step by step manual.

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Paris Hilton Dyes

She also must have been punched in the lips recently (the inflated lips). Doesn’t she look like a slutty Ashlee Simpson in the photo?

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Mischa Barton: The Stick Figure In Motion

Isn’t that sweet. Brandon Davis and Mischa strolling along with Starbucks and wrapping paper. Brandon looks as if he’s about to pull a Cameron Diaz on the photographer.

Thanks to Lily for the pic! …

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Bill Maher

My blog husband tackles the Bill Maher Sex Suit. It ain’t pretty.

As you can imagine, a Bill Maher sex suit is an ugly thing to behold. All that past-their-prime coitus being litigated. The image of a spread eagle (Eew) Maher commingling vast expanses of saggy flesh with that sleazy … [read the whole…

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Snow White Fired For Posing Nude

Snow White was living with seven men so come on, give the poor girl a break.A German singer who plays Snow White has lost her job at Dresden’s Christmas fair after posing for nude photos in a bathtub, Bild newspaper said on Monday.

Fair organizers fired Samira, 22, after photos appeared in Bild and…

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Nibbly Things: Paris Does Colin and More

Paris Hilton & Colin Farrell Fucked
It had to happen sooner or later. [Gatecrasher]
If You Piss Off Madonna, Buy Her Some Shoes
That’s how hubby Guy gets back in her good graces. [The Age]
Beyonce’s Mom Doesn’t Quite Get The Endorsement Deal Thing
Despite Beyonce’s contract with Hilfiger, Tina Knowles wants her daughter to…

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Usher and Naomi Campbell: B-Ball Watchin’

“Girl, just shut up and let me watch the game.” …

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Madonna And Family

It’s just another stroll in the park for the Ritchie family. It looks like Lourdes, who looks like she’s going to be amazingly beautiful, has noticed the paparazzi.

Thanks to Andrea for the photo! …

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Nibbly Things: Shelly Long OD’s? and More

Cheers Star Shelly Long, Allegedly OD’s in Suicide Attempt
Diane would never do something as hasty. [FOXNews]
Zsa Zsa Gabor Is Virtual Prisoner In Own Home
The wheelchair bound legend won’t refuses to be seen in her current state. [Page Six]
Nude Ozzy Osbourne Had Chance To Kill Thief
A nude Ozzy would have given…

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Nicky Hilton Examines Her Toes

She’s looking a little haggared isn’t she. I’m sure it’s due to the devestating divorce. …

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NEWS FLASH! Julia Roberts Gives Birth To Hazel and Phinnaeus

Julia Roberts and her husband, cinematographer Danny Moder. Roberts gave birth to twins Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus Walter Moder on Sunday morning at a Southern California hospital.

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Mary-Kate Olsen Thanksgiving Pilgrimage

Mary Kate heads home in another one of her “granola” outfits. What’s up with the blue nail polish?

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Advertiser Air Kisses

- Act for Love. the dating site for activists, leftists, news junkies — people with brains who actually care about the world.- Dusty Brand clothing. It’s retro- Ocho Vampiros: The Vampire Card Game – The perfect stocking stuffer.- Spend On Life – Get a free credit report.

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Bandwith Issue Solved

I’d like to blame it all on Tara Reid’s boob. However, due to a miscommunication with the wonderful people at Network Solutions, the site was down for while.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your turkey, everyone!If you’re looking for something to do over the holiday weekend, skip the awful mess of Alexander, and check out Bad Education.

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Victoria Beckham Not Quitting Music Business


“I know that I could never become the best singer in the world — I am conscious of that. However, everything to do with fashion comes naturally to me,” Beckham was reported as saying. But a spokeswoman for Beckham said the 30-year-old could return to music in the future. In January, her…

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Boy Charged With Abducting Exotic Dancer

His parents must be so proud. A 13-year-old boy was charged with abducting an exotic dancer when she showed up for an appointment at what turned out to be a vacant house with no electricity, police said Monday.

When the woman entered the house at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 16, she realized her client…

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Wal-Mart Heiress Paige Laurie’s A Cheater

On Friday night, ABC …

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Paris Hilton: Hustler Model, Bad Grammarian

While the T-shirt was a clever idea, the girl needs to learn proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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Call Mariah Carey “Mimi”

The singer now joins the list of divas who’ve taken an alternative moniker, such as Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) and Madonna (Esther). In fact, Carey’s new name will appear in the title her forthcoming album: “The Emancipation of Mimi.””Mimi is a very personal nickname only used by those closest to me… just one of those little…

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