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Jennifer Crisafulli Fired From The Apprentice And Real Job

Uber-bitch Jennifer Crisaulli gets fired twice. First by Donald Trump, for doing a shitty job at leading (and for not being able to shut up). Then the good folk at Douglas Elliman fired her over her ridiculous remarks that she made to Stacey R. [via Curbed]

Aren’t these people self-aware enough that they are…

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NIbbly Things: Paris Hilton And the N Word and More

Paris Hilton Allegedly Uses Racial Slur In Porn Tape
Not so sweet after all, huh? Plus, the porn tape features Nick Carter. Who really wants to see that? [Gawker]
Zeta Jones Alleged Stalker Pleads Not Guilty
Despite the graphic nature of Knight’s death threats, the defense maintains that she is harmless and is merely acting…

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A Michiko Koshino Creation

London Fashion Week Gone Mad

I don’t do globes. …

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Jamie Foxx Sex Pics

Jamie Foxx is the latest star to have his dirty deeds surface, after a Las Vegas construction worker discovered a box of 90 sexually explicit photos featuring the actor, that were found in the garbage outside Foxx’s Las Vegas home.

The photos allegedly feature the actor in sexual situations with an unidentified…

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Kottke’s Final Voters Information Guide

This is just wrong on soooo many levels, and must be stopped!

You can do something about it. If you haven’t registered to vote, please check out the Voters Information Guide for the 2004 US Election [kottke] …

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I’ve Got Martha Stewart’s Number

That is, Martha Stewart’s designated federal inmate number. Say hello to No. 55170-05. …

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NIbbly Things: Usher’s A Male Slut and More

Apparently, Usher WIll Sleep With Anyone
Say goodbye to Alicia Keyes, and say hello to rage-a-holic model Naomi Campbell. [NYP]
Kevin Federline Bought Britney’s Ring With a Loan
He’s on her payroll, so in a sense, she still will have bought the ring. [MSNBC]
Bill O’Reilly’s Views On The Daily Show Viewers
I resent being…

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Paris Hilton: The Hardest Working Socialite Ever

It’s been a while since has captured the spotlight, but it looks like she could have hit the motherload. Once again rumors are surfacing that there is another Paris Hilton sex tape lurking out there.

If that isn’t enough for Paris to deal with, she also had to flee the set of her…

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Mary Kate Olsen Goes To School

A typical day for NYU student, Mary-Kate Olsen. The bodyguards might try a little more subtlety next time. It might help avoid photos like these from being taken. [Olsen Twins Gallery via WOW] …

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Nibbly Things: Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Dumped and More

Gisele Bundchen Dumps Leo
And is comforted by Josh Hartnett. How sad is that. [ via The Corsair]
The Britney Pregnant Rumors Begin
Could this be the actual reason why she upped the date of the “wedding.” [Herald Sun]
Kate Spade Reunites With Andy
She’s five months pregnant. Those type of reunions never work…

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A Milkshake Gone Bad

A set of seriously troubled individuals.

Two brothers and a third man were unhappy with their milkshake from McDonalds. Most people given an offensive milkshake would ask for a replacement, complain to the manager, or make some other equally futile gesture. Barring that, they’d at least learn not to get milkshakes containing “nonfat milk…

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Mr. Chalmers Get’s His Political Post

“Please tell me this is not all you are doing with your life…. overated parties, bottle service, endless shoe stores and PAGE SIX smack talk. WAKE UP!! Your country needs you as a real mouth piece for change. What kind of country will your children or grand children be left with??” – words via Mr.

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Nibbly Things: Donald Trump Unleashes Scent On America & More

Estee Lauder To Launch DonaldTrump: The Fragrance
Well it seems like Estee Lauder will launch a fragrance for about anyone these days, so I’m waiting with baited breath for Federline: The Stench. [via Adrants]
Colin Farrell’s Fully Loaded
I’m not talking about his basket this time. He’s tending to show up quite wasted for his…

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Cynthia Nixon: Lesbian and the City

The news makes the cover of the Daily News.

Gawker had the scoop on this one. My beloved Miranda, the Sex and the City character whom I enjoyed the most (we shared the same sense of humor), is apparently a lesbian. She left her husband, for a woman, and they have been…

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Woman Killed By Crucifix

I have to think there was some karma involved in this one.

A 67-year-old woman was killed when a three-meter tall metal crucifix fell on her head in a small southern Italian town on Wednesday, police said.

The cross, which has been in the main square on Sant’Onofrio for decades, fell…

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Kevin Federline Likes To Roll His Own

We all knew that Kev was a stoner. This does also explain all the Cheetos, and junk food that Brit and Kev consume. This does actually explain quite a bit. They’re probably always too stoned to care about appearance, antics on balconies, wearing multiple hats, et-cetera.

(photo via ohnotheydidnt) …

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Britney Federline, Not Quite Yet

It turns out Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are still not legally married. She’s a trickster, that Brit. She at least has convinced Kev to sign a pre-nup, and they have signed a marriage license. They are going to file the actual paperwork shortly.
Spears was able to keep the wedding a surprise,…

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Browser Issues

I just received an email from a reader stating that she is having problems reading the site in the Safari Browser, in OS X version 10.3.4.

Is anyone else having any issues with the new layout or the site readability in any browser. If so, please let me know, so the kinks can…

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Nibbly Things: Is Britney Spears A Faker? and More

Did Britney Spears Fake Her Wedding
US Magazine sure seems to think so. [Stereogum]
Paris Hilton Gets Egged
Not sure if this is true or not. She had eight bodyguards at a book signing. [Bastardly]
Liberals Winning Election Means Men Will Marry & the Bible Will Be Banned!
That wacky GOP National Committee, sends out…

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