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Princess Diana

This is my favorite photo of Princess Diana. She looks so radiant and happy (but was apparently not). I can’t believe it’s been seven years since she was killed. Her death was one of those moments that is forever etched in your brain (like 9/11, the Challenger explosion, OJ in the white truck).

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Man Drives Home With Headless Friend And Goes To Bed

The moral of this story is don’t drive drunk people.

A Georgia man who drove home with a friend’s headless body after a truck accident then went to bed while the remains dangled out the window faces charges including vehicular homicide and drunk driving, police said on Monday.

John Hutcherson, covered in…

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Nibbly Things: Victoria Beckham Preggers, Britney’s a No-Show & More

> Skeletor Victoria Beckham Pregnant With Third Child
You see, they are in love. Or was it a big ploy for David not to leave her? [AP]
> No Britney At VMA’s
She may be a stupid woman, but she wasn’t going to get married on stage at the MTV VMA’s.

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They’re Here – The Republican’s Arrive In NYC

Unfortunately, I will not be able to escape the city this week, so I’m stuck here with my GOPdar going beserk. I’m proud of my fellow New Yorkers for taking to the streets, up to a week ahead of time, and voice their opinions. Kottke has some great photos from the march organized…

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The Hilton Sisters Round Up

As we all wait with anticipation for the forthcoming Paris Hitlon tome “Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose,” all 192 pages (she’s young, but come on 198 pages – the video story could have taken up at least 50), and news on Nicky’s forthcoming divorce, the girls keep making…

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Previously On A Socialite’s Life

It was a light posting week. More posting will be assured this coming week.

The Scream and Madonna are stolen from Norway museum.
– Chloe Sevingy explains blow job scene and Vincent Gallo jerks off.
– Aleksei Nemov was robbed of Olympic medal.
– John Kerry appears on The Daily Show.

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Nibbly Things: Tara Mentors Lindsay, Paris’ Tiara, Margarget Cho’s Skinny & More

> Tara Reid Mentors Lindsay Lohan
It’s all about how to pump up the boobs and get wasted. Ah, young Hollywood. [D-Nasty]
> Paris Hitlon’s Tiara Logo
How sad is this. It’s so amateurish. [TSG]
> How Did Margaret Cho Get So Skinny?
Anna Marie thinks massive drugs did the trick. [Wonkette]

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James St. James Receives A Call For Help

Young Tim’s in search of guidance on how to either become a model or an actor. Just look at his photograph; he’s emoting maybe one or two emotions right now. He’s the new Ben Affleck.

Rather than going the traditional route of distributing head shots and the like, to various agencies and…

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Nibbly Things: Tinkerbell at Grandma’s, Cindy Hits on Jenna & More

> Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell Wasn’t Lost, Just At Grandma’s
If this is true, why did it take days before the little pup was “found?” [NYP
> Tommy HIlfiger To Have Reality Show
Welcome to the most boring reality show ever. [NYP]
> Cindy Crawford Hit’s on Jenna Jameson
It seems like Rande…

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Pardon The Mess

If things look out of skew, it’s because of a CSS disaster. Hopefully things will be back to looking somewhat normal by the end of the day. …

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Britney Spears Has Paparazzo Stalker

If she knows this, then when is she constantly in public looking like this?
Today, 25-year-old paparazzo Mel Bouzad is on a wild ride as he attempts to capture that treasured family portrait on film, a photo that could net him more than $50,000.

Although he’d like you to believe otherwise,…

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Nibbly Things: Phil Spector, Women’s Volleyball, Lindsey Kissing & More

> Phil Spector Hires Former John Gotti Attorney
When you’ve just hired a former mob bosses attorney, the assumed level of guilt would seemingly increase. [AP]
> Heterosexual Males and Lesbians Now Love Women’s Volleyball
Kerri Walsh and teammate Misty May celebrate their Volleyball gold medal. [uffish thoughts]
> Lindsey Lohan and

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John Kerry on The Daily Show

I’m hoping everyone watched John Kerry’s appearance on The Daily Show. It was brilliant television. The timing was perfect for Kerry, who’s in need of some levity in the campaign. While Stewart did press Kerry on Vietnam and his war record, he also poked fun of the whole ridiculousness that is increasingly getting out of…

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Nibbly Thiings: Britney’s Chewed Gum, Kerry on Daily Show & More

> Britney Spears’ Chewed Gum For Sale On Ebay
Doesn’t Ebay have some type of standards? You have until Sunday. The current bid is around $470.00. [KTB]
> John Kerry To Appear on The Daily Show
Check your local listings – it’s tonight. [Lost Remote]
> Lizzie Jagger Told To Put On

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Aleksei Nemov Was Robbed, I Say

He’s also quite yummy. What is it about little compact muscular men that do it for me?

I am not an official gymnastics judge, but anyone with eyes could see that the sheer power of Aleksei’s high bar routine was fucking amazing. Yes there was the hop (step, bobble, whatever you want…

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Nibbly Things: Bruce Willis, Britney Spears, The Olsen Twins & Beauty Pagents

> Bruce Willis Dances Shirtless In German Gay Disco
And why shouldn’t he? [A Fly On the Wall]
> Britney Barefoot in Santa Monica Public Restroom
She’s probably just reliving the days in which she had to make the trek from the trailer home to the outhouse. [Defamer]
> The Olsen Twins

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Chloe Sevingy Explains Blow Job Scene and Vincent Gallo Jerks Off

“I knew people would not understand it,” Sevigny told The Associated Press. “When you see the film, it makes more sense. It’s an art film. It should be playing in museums. It’s like an Andy Warhol movie.” [via AP]

Wow, thanks for clearing that up Chloe. Blow jobs can be very confusing onscreen.

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The Scream and Madonna Stolen From Norway Museum

Apparently Guy Ritchie is very relieved at this news.

Two masked thieves pulled the work and another painting, Madonna, off the wall as stunned visitors watched. One robber threatened staff with a gun before the pair escaped in a waiting car, a museum officer told the BBC. The Munch Museum says…

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Previously On A Socialite’s Life

- The world goes mad over Nicky Hilton’s Vegas marriage.
– Meet Todd Meister, the man on top of Nicky Hilton.
– Colin Farrell has lucky underwear.
Metrosexuals and chicks embrace the Kabbalah.
– Todd Meister & Nicky Hilton marriage still going strong after four days.
– George Clooney gets a blowjob.

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Recently Added To the Blogroll

The blogroll just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I just keep getting more entertained. If you haven’t done so before, please visit them, read them, revisit them.

Here are some witty, eloquent, rude, caustic, sensitive, childish blogs that are must reads:

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