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Happy Birthday Allegra Beck Versace!

You’re a rich girl. She’s the one on the right. This photo was taken circa 1990.

Gianni Versace’s niece Allegra Beck turned 18 on Wednesday and took possession of the inheritance from her late uncle — half the fashion house. The 50 percent stake in the company had been held in…

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Mary Kate Olsen is a Reported Cocaine Addict

If it’s in Star Magazine it must be true.

Nothing is ever as it seems. While I do feel some sympathy for the teen tyke in her struggle with anorexia, there is no sympathy for being a Coke freak! That’s so ’80’s. She looses points with all the hipsters (if she had…

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Nibbly Things: US Gives Power To Iraq, Mira Sorvino Marries Trash, & More

> US Transfers Power Over To Iraq
Now get out, and let them fuck up on their own. [Chicago Tribune]
> Courtney Love’s Five Hours Late For Court Appearance
It just keeps getting better and better. [Reuters]
> Catherine Zeta Jones’ Stalker Apologizes
Catherine accepts the apology, and gives the stalker Star…

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Nibbly Things: Paris Buys Own Sex-Vid, Britney’s Ring, Choire Sicha & Andrew Krucoff

> Paris Purchases Her Own Porn Video
You would have thought Rick Solomon would’ve at least given her a free one, since she did make him millions. [Fleshbot]
> Britney’s Engagement Ring: A First Look
From a photo in which she’s dumping the contents of an ashtray from a hotel balcony. Classy as…

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Jaywalking in LA

I went Barney’s the other day with my friend Susan Alexandra de Portago, and we spent a boat load of cash. I haven’t been shopping like that in a long time. Susan brings out the fever in me, I guess. While in shoe department, who did we see, but Amanda Peet. She’s surprisingly beautiful in…

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Nibbly Things: DMX Arrested Again, David Lee Roth’s an EMT, and More.

> Rapper DMX Arrested Again
This time for impersonating an FBI Agent, and attempting to steal a car. Word. [Reuters]
> David Lee Roth is a training to be an EMT.
Noble, but I’d be afraid he’d be too stoned to help me if his ambulance arrived at my door. [NYDN]

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News Flash! Britney Spears Engaged!

Ah. What a joyous announcement! However, a few questions remain to be answered. Will the engagement turn into an actual wedding? If so, will this marriage last more than 55 hours? Why did fiance Kevin de-beautify himself? Does Britney actually know what the concept of marriage means? How does Kevin’s unborn child feel…

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Tween Girls Furiously Defend the Olsen Twins

Tween girls obviously have no perspective or sense of what is real or a joke. For a fabulous laugh you must read the comments on the following post, “Mary Kate Olsen Has Eating Disorder Because Ashley Ate All Her Food.” I personally don’t remember being that delusional or

My favorite of the comments:

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Colin Farrell’s Massive Schlong Cut (No Pun Intended) From Film

If it’s in The Sun, it must be true.

It’s official — the Irish badboy is very, very well hung. The bad news is his manhood is so big it had to be axed from nude scenes in new movie A Home At The End Of The World. Boo hiss — I…

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NIbbly Things: Bill Clinton Makes History, Tom Cruise is Urban, and More

> Bill Clinton Makes Book Sales History. 400,000 copies sold in one day.
This time he didn’t have to sleep with an intern to do make history. He just had to write about it. [AP]
> Pat O’Brien Goes Off on Shaun Robinson
Wow. Who knew the Patster had it in him? Read…

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Mary Kate Olsen Has Eating Disorder Because Ashley Ate All Her Food

We should have seen this coming. If anyone has seen photos of the Olsen Twins lately, you could see something was obviously up. While Ashley has become freakishly huge, Mary Kate has been suffering.

According to Mary Kate’s therapist’s sister’s cousin’s housekeeper, Ashley has been secretly stealing Mary Kate’s food for years.

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Nibbly Things: Alec Baldwin’s Ass, Britney in Tears and More

> Summer Reading: I Fucked Alec Baldwin in His Ass
Read all about Ms. Bradford’s purportedly autobiographical account of a colorful sexual encounter with the famed actor. [Boing Boing]
> Britney in Tears After Mom Hits Paparazzi with SUV
The photo is another must see. [Gawker]
> Is Demi Moore Pregnant?

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If I See Another Pair of Uggs I’m Going To Lose It

Why do the women of LA love Uggs so much? They are so fucking Uggly. Why anyone would choose to wear a furry, tan boot in 90 degree weather is beyond me? Everyone knows that once Britney Spears starts wearing an item, the trend must die!

I must also go off…

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Michael Hutchence Is Rolling Over In His Grave

Let’s just file this in the just plain sad department. The remaining members of Australian pop/rock group INXS, are shopping a reality show created by Mark Burnett, in which they will have an American Idol type contest to find a new lead singer for the group. Why can’t people just let bands die?


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Nibbly Things: Kelly Ripa’s Shoe Fund, It’s Good To Play Gay & More

> Kelly Ripa Gets $45,000 Shoe Allowance
Maybe she can shove one of those shoes in her mouth. Way too hyper for me. [FWD]
> Winona Ryder’s No Longer a Felon
Watch and learn Courtney. [Reuters]
> Princess Diana’s Bulter’s Got a One-Man-Show
Please end his 15 minutes NOW! [AP]

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Nibbly Things: Bill Clinton’s Not a Quitter, Richard Hates Justin, J Lo Leaks & More

> Christ Gave Mel Gibson the Power
If only Tiger, Oprah, Tom or the Rolling Stones had made that film about Christ like they were going to, they would have been number one. [BBC]
> Richard Johnson Has it in For Justin Timberlake
I thought I could be mean. [NY Post]

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Nibbly Things: J Lo’s Flip-Flops, Madonna = Esther, Janice Dickinson’s Boobs & More

> J Lo’s $24,000 Flip-Flops
Which should be at least how much a month he’ll end up paying in alimony to the current ex-wife. [Hello]
> Madonna Meet Esther
She could have come up with something better. [E Online]
> GraydonGate: The Scandal That Went Nowhere
An asshole doesn’t make a scandal.

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Jonathan Antin Said Hi To Me

My brush with reality television.

If any of you have seen Blow Out, that new reality show on Bravo. I saw Jonathan, shopping in Prada (which kind of surprised me because he doesn’t seem like a Prada person to me) the other day in Beverly Hills. Not looking so good. He was either really…

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Man Kills Designer for Criticizing Home

This will hopefully make all those “know-it-all” designers choose there words carefully when commenting on potential clients about their existing decor (this man was obviously completely wacko, but still).

A South African man told a court how he hacked to death his interior designer because she criticized his decor, local newspapers reported on…

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