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I’d like to thank the people at for posting 34 spam comments to my blog yesterday. I’m sure everyone of my site’s visitors, took the time to visit your site as a result of the spam assault. As I always say, it’s hard to find a good rape story, so thanks for pointing all…

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Man Commits Suicide After Sex with Hen

PETA will be all over this one.

A 50-year-old Zambian man has hanged himself after his wife found him having sex with a hen, police said Friday.

The woman caught him in the act when she rushed into their house to investigate a noise. “He attempted to kill her but she…

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Nibbly Things: William Hungs’ Death Threats, Marc Anthony’s Divorce & More

> William Hung’s Receiving Death Threats
The poor boy. Maybe if he just kept his mouth shut, the madness would stop. [The Corsair]
> Marc Anthony Speeding Up Divorce
J Lo doesn’t want to date a married man. [E Online]
> David Beckham’s the New Gillette Man
A pretty face can sell…

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Lindsey Lohan: Celebrity Sighting No. 7

I saw Lindsey Lohan at Barney’s on Wilshire. I have two things to say. They’re not real, and I pity the poor magazine airbrushers (they’ve got a lot of work to do). …

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New Yorker’s Lingerie Shopping Hazzards

Apparently women in New York City have something else to worry about while shopping for lingerie (other than the touchy feely lingerie sales people). Local a news broadcast stated that Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s, had tried to resell returned undergarments. Ew ew ew. Personally I don’t think that lingerie should be able…

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Nibbly Things: Halle’s Stalker, Michael Lewittes Hissy Lawsuit & More

> Halle’s Got a Stalker
Another reason why she should have never done Catwoman. [E Online]
> Michael Lewittes Pulls a Tom Cruise
Supposedly implying someone is gay is worth a $1 million lawsuit. [NYP]
> If Only John Kerry Knew How to Sing
It would make the elections more exciting. [NewYorkish]

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Fleet Week: An Appreciation of Seamen

If all sailors looked like David Fumero I’d think about enlisting. But only if we could be bunkmates.

Miu’s missing New York. Yes many of us are prone to dressing a little sluttier during Fleet Week, but it’s only because we want to show our appreciation for those who protect our seas.

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Nibbly Things: Sarah Jessica Needs Cash, Bianca’s Not Being Evicted & More

> Sarah Jessica Falls Into the Gap
It looks like with no Sex film, she must be needing some extra cash. [E Online]
> Bianca Jagger Won’t Be Evicted
The poor woman has been staying with various friends for the last three years – move woman!
> Guy Pearce Call Producer a

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Nibbly Things: No Sex For Kim Cattrall and Courtney Pleads Guilty

> No Sex and the City Film
Kim chose Ice Princess (the title alone says it will bomb) over Sex. Bad move. [E Online]
> Courtney Love Pleads Guilty To Drug Charge
It’s off to rehab again. Finger’s crossed. [Reuters] …

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Man Attempts To Kill Wife With Bubble Bath

The man must have been an idiot, because he had to visit a website to find out how to commit a bathtub electrocution.

A Texas man is suspected of using a bubble bath by candlelight and soothing music as bait to set a date with death for his wife.
Police said…

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Nibbly Things: Martha Demands New Trial, Madonna Fears For Life & More

> Martha and Broker Requesting New Trials
Like the Emmy, she’s gonna get denied. [Reuters]
> Madonna Cancels Israeli Concerts Due To Death Threats
Come on people, be nice. [The Sun]
> Alexis Arquette To Become a Woman
I always wanted a sister named Eva Destruction. [WOW]
> Victoria Beckham Says

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Nibbly Things: Free Martha, Sean and Estee, Arnold’s DNA & More

> Martha Stewart Witness Charged With Perjury
I know someone who just may get some Plum Pudding this Christmas. [AP]
> Estee Lauder To Sell Sean Combs Fragrances
Say what? Thank God she’s dead. [AP]
> Ebay Pulls Arnold Cough Drop
What will I ever do with chewing tobacco spit I have…

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Nibbly Things: A Hairless Tom Cruise, Mary-Kate Crashes and Madonna’s Shocked

> Tom Cruise is a Girly Man
It seems as if Tom shaves everything. I’m sorry, a man needs some body hair. [NYP]
> Mary-Kate Olsen Rear-ended By Bodyguard
Unfortunately, she was just shaken, and not injured. [Zap2It]
> Madonna’s Gonna Be Fried
Let they hype machine begin. [BBC] …

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Chi: Celebrity Sightings Three Through Six

I went to dinner at Chi (Justin Timberlake’s restaurant) with my new friend Susan Alexandra de Portago (sans Nicky – she was having to battle off some actor, who was all up in her Koolaid) the other night. We consumed many Ly – “Chi” Martini’s while hanging out at the bar, prior to dinner.

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Nibbly Things: Anna Wintour Owes Worker’s Comp, Tony RIP and Demi Moore

> Anna Wintour Owes $32,639.12 in Worker’s Compensation Board
And no, it wasn’t used for an employees psychological counseling. [Smoking Gun]
> Tony Randall: May He Rest in Peace
A New Yorker who will be missed. [AP]
> For the Love of Steven Klein
Bow down to the one who brought us…

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Alexandra Kerry’s Boobs

It’s a nice pair, if not slightly askew.

Better late than never, I say. …

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Nibbly Things – Gay Marriage, Gay Divorce, Faye Dunaway’s Maid and More

> Congratulations to Marcia Hams and Susan Shepherd!
The first gay couple married in Massachusetts [LA Times]
> Say Hello To Gay Divorce
With marriage comes divorce. [NewYorkish]
> Faye Dunaway Being Sued By Maid
And it’s not because Faye would beat her with wire hangers. [NYP]
> Grace Jones Set

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Apple Blythe Alison Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin’s baby. It all makes sense now. …

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Graydon Carter Shakes His Moneymaker

A Socialite’s Life has uncovered a few other ways which Graydon Carter has padded his pocketbook.

He received $250,000 from Halle Berry after he told her to run over someone (which she actually screwed up). He predicted that this incident would give her the publicity she needed to snag those bigger…

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Nibbly Things: Britney’s Romp, Whitney Makes It to 30 Days and More

> Britney, Britney, Britney
Straddling a soon to be father will not make those thighs any less svelte. [tantalizing]
> Whitney Makes It To 30 Days
I’m giving it another thirty. [E Online]
> Rosie and Star in Bitch Fest
I think Rosie is secretly in love with Martha Stewart. [NYP]

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