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Nibbly Things: Michael Pleads Innocent, Things To Do and More

> Michael Jackson Pleads Innocent
Showing extreme reserve, he doesn’t jump on top of an SUV and start dancing after exiting court. [E Online]
> Tribeca Film Festival Opens
Looking for something to do over the next week? I’m looking forward to seeing Whore.
> Woman Drove For Days With Dead

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Nibbly Things: Mrs. George Stephanopouolos Finally Silenced, Trump Engaged and More

> Livin’ It Up With Ali and Jack! Is Cancelled
King World Productions boss Roger King called the show “the most painful and expensive experience that the company has ever been through.” [The Corsair]
> Donald Trump Is Engaged
And will be divorced for the third time by 2007. [E Online]

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The Top New York City Socialites

Apparently Miu von Furstenberg isn’t one of them. I’m trying to snag a Prince.

Quest Magazine features it’s annual The Quest 400
Their annual list of Manhattan’s social elite. But at least Taki and Alexandra Theodoracopulos made the list. A Socialte’s Life’s favorite Taki quote:

“We’re sending The American Conservative to…

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Nibbly Things: Kevin Spacey’s Brother Is At It Again, 20/20 Baby Giveaway and More

> Kevin Spacey’s Brother Is On a Roll
He first teased us with revelations about Kevin, and now he reveals their father was an American Nazi, Rapist and Abuser. That’s a pretty harsh combo. [FOX]
> The Step-Brother of Princess Diana Dies
In totally unrelated news, the next door neighbor of Grace Kelly’s…

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Sean Combs A Raisin in the Sun Update

Combs is NOT playing one of the California Raisins in A Raisin in the Sun as previously reported.

Sean Combs, received a lukewarm reception from most New York critics for his portrayal of Walter Lee Younger, the angry, frustrated hero of “A Raisin in the Sun,” Lorraine Hanberry’s landmark drama now…

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Nibbly Things: Halle Kisses Off Eric, Watching David Beckham Sleep and More

> Halle Barry Finally Filing For Divorce
Things never tend to work out when married to a sex addict. [E Online]
> Watching David Beckham Sleep
I’m all for it. You can view David at London’s National Portrait Gallery. [Reuters]
> Kathy Hilton To Have Her Own Reality Show

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Gay Coke Campaign Ruined

If it only wasn’t for those fateful words, “This is a Coke. I wanted vanilla Diet Pepsi.”

Read. …

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Nibbly Things – Billy Joel Hit’s a House, Baretta’s Lawyer and More

> Billy Joel’s in Third Car Crash in Two Years
He hit a house this time, on his way to pick up a pizza. How does one do that? [BBC]
> Estee Lauder Dies
MIddle-aged women everywhere are trying to keep their mascara from running today. [AP]
> Jacko Fires Lawyers

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Nibbly Things: Suge Knight on the Loose

> Suge Knight Released From Prison
Look for Suge to be returning to prison in the next year, after he violates his parole once more. [Reuters] …

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Finally my prayers have been answered. The Paris Hilton/Rick Solomon amateur porn night is going to have a proper release.

Red Light District Video, a suburban Los Angeles porn production company, said on Thursday it has acquired rights from Hilton’s ex-beau, Rick Salomon, to distribute the full 45-minute video in June under…

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Nibbly Things: Michael Jackson Indicted, America’s Stupid, and More

> Michael Jackson Indicted By Grand Jury
Court TV is going to have a field day with this one. [BBC]
> Omarosa Cut Out of Hair Product Commercial
The downside of being such a bitch. [Zap2it]
> Jennifer Hudson Voted Off American Idol
The American public gave us George Bush, so I’m…

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Nibbly Things: Uma Slams Rebecca Loos & Being Kevin Spacey

> Uma Thurman Slams Rebecca Loos at Kill Bill Vol 2’s London Premiere
Do not try and upstage Uma at her own movie premiere. The more Ms. Loos (I’d like to add an e onto the last name) tries to milk the publicity machine, the less credible she seems. [This is London]

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Nicole Kidman Almost Chokes at Spice Market

The Daily Star says Nicole was eating her starter at Spice Market when a piece got stuck in her throat. If it’s in the Daily Star, it must be true.

A quick-witted waiter reportedly saved Nicole Kidman from choking in a top New York restaurant. The waiter spotted she was in difficulties…

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Nibbly Things: Kiefer Sutherland – Scotch Drinker, Drew and Fabrizio in Bed and More

> Kiefer Sutherland Likes To Get Drunk in Gay Bars
Give the man some scotch and he’ll show his ass. [The Corsair]
> Drew Loves Being in Bed
That’s why she’s with Fabrizio Moretti. Good enough reason for me. [Ananova]
> J Lo and Marc Anthony Making Out in Public
Glad to…

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Porn Performers Out of Work

So the porn industry is all in a tizzy over the HIV scare, as well as it should be. Using condoms is recommended in “real life,” and it would be seemingly obvious that porn performers (using the word actor just doesn’t seem right) would want to using them while doing their job as…

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Nibbly Things: Kevin Spacey’s “Mugging”, TV Producer Dies While Having Plastic Surgery & More

> What Was Kevin Spacey Doing In a London Park?
Walking the dog. Reporting he was mugged, then recanting. Tricking out. (The last one gets my vote). [BBC]
> Canadian TV Producer Dies From Plastic Surgery
What have I been telling you. Plastic surgery can be very dangerous. [Reuters]
> Omarosa’s Skirt

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The Apprentice Finale

So Bill won and Kwame didn’t. While the finale showed two extremely diverse management styles, it looks like Kwame was a little too laid back for his own good. He let things get out of hand, and then didn’t make anyone own up to their mistakes. When Donald asked Kwame why he didn’t…

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MTV I Want a Famous Face And The Swan

I’m not a reality TV fan, except for The Apprentice and Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, in the first place. But MTV and The Swan are just sick. I’m all for the makeover, and if you want plastic surgery, you should go for it.

MTV I Want a Famous Face

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Nibbly Things: MJ & Liberace’s Ex plus a Bad Lil’ Kim

> Liberace’s Ex Claims To Have Slept With MJ
Why would anyone on earth, if it’s true, acknowledge that they slept with Michael Jackson. It seems like someone is in some need of a little publicity. [NYDN]
> Lil’ Kim Free on Bond
Did someone lie under oath. Looks like Lil’ Kim did.

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Nibbly Things: MJ, Nicole Kidman, JLo, and More

> Another Jackson Accuser Surfaces
You knew there would be more. [E Online]
> Nicole Kidman is Australia’s Richest Entertainer
She better be; the woman does work non-stop. [AP]
> Courtney Love Owes Millions
I’m shocked that she’s not fiscally responsible. [Reuters]
> J Lo hates J Lo
Jen on Inside

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