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All Moved In

I only pulled out a few hairs, and only consumed one martini during the conversion to Movable Type. I think everything is good to go. Let me know if anyone sees something that is off.

Regular posting will resume tomorrow!

Love Ya!

UPDATE! Sorry about the lack of archives yesterday.

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Moving to Movable Type

Miu’s making the move to Movable Type. The site may be down for a day or two, so bear with me. I’m hoping everything will go smoothly. Not being the most technically adapt individual, this could be a challenge.

Pray for me, have a drink for me – preferably a martini (although I’ll…

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Nibbly Things: Colin Farrell Rejected, Janet Bleeped, and The Passion

> Colin Farrell Rejected By Boyband
He wasn’t picked to join the Irish boyband Boyzone. I’m really having problems picturing Colin Farrell in a boyband. I guess he would have been the Robbie Williams of Boyzone. [thisislondon]
> Janet Bleeped For Saying “Jesus” on Letterman
It probably happened because the CBS censors thought…

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Janice Dickinson on Ryan Seacrest

A match made in heaven if you ask me. Janice was a guest on Tuesday’s On Air With Ryan Seacrest. At the end of the interview she puts her head between Ryan’s legs – he gets flustered because he’s only seen a man do that before.

Here’s a sample of the transcript.

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Nibbly Things: Tom & Penelope, Bobby Brown (Again) and More

> Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz Split
Who knew her contract would be up so soon?
> Bobby Brown Free
Amazingly he came up with the cash after stating he had no income or job. Mmm.
> Britney Spears Is FHM’s Sexiest Woman
You’ve got to be kidding me.
> Hilary

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Correction: Rodney St. Cloud Busted For Steroids – Not Hemmorhoids

I was really wondering how someone could get busted for having hemorrhoids. I thought maybe he did something in rage, which was brought on by some painful hemorrhoids. Obviously not though. I’ve learned my lesson to read the article and not just the headline.

The stripper/firefighter was busted when Customs officers discovered…

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Whitney: Girl Your A Mess

So it is true that Whitney has left rehab five days after checking in. As I said earlier, what a stupid, stupid woman. I think Whitney’s needing a new spiritual advisor. I love it when publicists cop out and say their clients only have had addiction problems with prescription drugs. An addict is an addict.

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Nibbly Things: Bobby Brown, Richard Simmons, Naughty Trudie Styler & More

> A Crying Bobby Brown Heads Back To Prison
He can’t pay child support because he has no job or income. That’s just plain sad. [BBC]
> Robert DeNiro’s Dad’s Sexcapades & Robert’s Pursuit of Whitney
Daddy bagged Jason Pollack. Robert’s probably happy now he never did Whitney. [NYP]
> Richard Simmons

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Nibbly Things: Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown & More

> Whitney Exits Rehab (Not Confirmed)
If this is true she is a stupid stupid woman. Stop using Courtney Love as a role model. [NYDN]
> The Pressure of Celebrity Life Got To Houston
That’s the understatement of the year. [USA Today]
> Bobby Brown Released From Jail So He Can Go

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Michael Vartan – Hot Man of the Month

Jennifer dumped him – he’s all ours. …

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Nibbly Things: Michael Bergin Writes a ‘Book’, Janice vs. Kimora

> Michael Bergin Tries For 15 More Minutes of Fame [NYDN]
So you screwed John John’s wife. Congrats. We needed to know this because?
> Janice Dickinson vs. Kimora Lee Simmons
Odds in favor of Janice. [NYDN] …

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(This shot was taken just prior to the accident. Apparently, Paris’ cousin Beirut (pictured to the right), is about to smack some sense into Paris).

Poor dear.

Paris was thrown from a horse while filming her “reality” show “The Simple Life 2.” She was airlifted from some remote location (typically…

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Nibbly Things: Omarosa, Bennifer’s Ring, Tammy Faye & More

> Omarosa Stand Behind N-Word Claim
All right, I’ll say it. Omarosa is a nasty nonessential nugatory. [ABC News]
> Jennifer Lopez To Return the Ring To Ben
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. [ABC News]
> Pee-Wee’s Porn Charges Dropped
He still got a fine for his “vintage” art collection.

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Nibbly Things: Courtney Love is a Criminal & Poor Jayson Blair

> Courtney Love Arrested Again
This time for hitting someone with a microphone stand over the head. It may be time for that intervention. [BBC]
> Jayson Blair’s Sad Book Sales [AP]
Only 1400 copies in 9 days. Ouch. Maybe it’s because, for some odd reason, his book is strangely similar to Stephen…

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Nibbly Things: R Kelly, Claudia Schiffer Has A Stalker, and Lisa on Michael (Not Literally of Course)

> R Kelly’s Florida Charges Dropped [E Online]
Let’s hope the Chicago Police Department did a better job than those Floridians.
> Claudia Schiffer’s Stalker To Be Deported
Those crazy Canadians. [AP]
> Lisa Presley Said Michael Was Not Inappropriate With Kids
Perhaps in his everyday existence, but that’s another matter. [AP] …

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Whitney Finally Enters Rehab!

Dionne Warwick’s Psychic friends predicted she would go into rehab. That was five years ago, but hey, at least she’s finally there.

Now all she’s got to do is remain in rehab. I’m talking about a good two month stay. If she’s out in less than a month, she’ll be back to her…

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Nibbly Things: Omarosa the Bitch & Princess Di Got Some

> Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth is really a bitch.
The only advantage for her to run for congress, would be for the public to find out Omarosa’s dirty (I’m sure you’d need tons of bleach to clean it) laundry. [NewYorkish)
> Princess Di Screwed Pricilla Queen of the Desert Actor
Nice to hear the girl…

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Self Help By Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is coming out with a series of Inspirational and Self-Help Tapes:

“How To Make Friends With Classless People”
“Lesbian Love: A Beginners Guide”
“Ten Things Not To Do During an FBI Interview”
“How to Lose Everything and Still Live Happily In Denial”
“Living With Florescent Lighting” …

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NIbbly Things – Modeling is a Bitch, Tom Ford, Star Jones & More

> Welcome To the Bitchy World of Modeling
Catfight alert! Catfight alert! [NYDN]
> Long Live Tom Ford
And down with Gucci! [NYT]
> Star Jones Pulls a Liza
Honey, haven’t you learned anything from your Fag Hag predessors? [NYDN]
> Kimberly Stewart is Nasty
Another celebrity spoiled spawn. [NYP] …

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Nibbly Things: David & Liza, Scientology & More

> David Forced Liza To Wear Fur
That bitch! [NYP]
> Tom Fires Publicist Pat Kinsley
Scientology has gotten the best of him once more. [NYDN]
> Britney To Create Perfume and Makeup Line For Elizabeth Arden
Now there’s two names you never thought you’d hear in the same sentence. [AP] …

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