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Nibbly Things – Bennifer Razzie Sweep

> At the Razzies, It’s a Bennifer Sweep
What great way to celebrate their relationship. [Reuters] …

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Marios – Hot Body of the Month

Look into my eyes and kiss my soul. …

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Nibbly Things – R Kelly, Michael in Walmart, Richest Americans & More

> Several R Kelly Charges Dropped
He’s now only charged with 14 counts of child pornography. That still gives me 14 reasons to not like him. [E Online]
> Michael’s Wal-Mart Misadventure
The mask is nothing. The real question is what the hell was he doing at Wal-Mart? [E Online]
> The

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Nibbly Things – Oscar Goodie Bag, Rosie Weds & Tom Ford

> The Oscar Presenter’s $110,000 Goodie Bag
Is that really necessary? [ABS-CBNNEWS]
> Rosie O’Donnell Weds Girlfriend
Deepest sympathies to Kelli Carpenter. Good luck. [AP]
> Tom Ford Says Goodbye
It was one of the best shows, and also one of the saddest. [FWD …

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Rick Solomon Is A Skank

Rick, Rick, Rick. A man who is so in love with himself, and especially his own appendage.

Internet porn purveyor Rick Salomon has shown the world that he can have sex with Paris Hilton. Now he wants to conquer her sister in skank-itude, Christina Aguilera. “I love her,” Salomon gushed on Howard…

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Nibbly Things – Jacko’s Custody Battle & Martha’s Defense

> Michael Jackson & Ex-Wife (He He) In Custody Battle
And the saga continues. I say take the kids away from both of them and give them to a nice gay couple. [E Online]
> Martha’s Defense Rests
I so wanted to see Martha breakdown on the stand. [E Online] …

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Nibbly Things – David Gest, Paris & Porn

> David Gest Is a Freak
Botox for headaches? More like botox for ugly face. [smokinggun]
> Paris Hilton: Porn Director
By pushing Rick out of the way, does not make one a director. [NYDN] …

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TV Moments

For some reason, I watched a lot of TV this past week. These were the highlights.

1. Sex Finale Moment: Samantha receiving the flowers from Smith.
2. Christina Aguilera as Samantha Jones in the SNL Sex and the City skit.
3. Kylie Minogue’s video for “Slow”. Hot.
4. Sex Finale Moment 2:…

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Nibbly Things – Mr. Big, The ‘Passion’, & Prince Rainier

> Mr. Big’s First Name Is John
Maybe we’ll find out his last name in the movie. [AP]
> One Critics View On ‘The Passion’
Nightmare inducing, but well crafted. [MSNBC/Newsweek]
> Prince Rainier Hospitalized
Hang in there sweetie! If your near death, give a call. I’m still available. [AP] …

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Nibbly Things – Christians, Kristen Davis & Bobby Brown

> Christians Show Passion for ‘Passion’ Products
I can’t wait to see the lunch boxes and action figures. [Reuters]
> Kristen Davis Keeping ‘Sex and the City’ Wardrobe
She did have the most tasteful of the wardrobes. [AP]
> Bobby Brown Jailed in Probation Violation
Now if we can only do something…

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Nibbly Things – Martha’s Friend, Full Frontal & Tom & Heidi

> Martha’s Friend Mariana Pasternak, Sells Her Out
It looks like someone won’t be getting any plum pudding this year. [Reuters]
> Male Full Frontal Still Taboo
Why is this? Are we afraid of things that swing and hang? [SMH]
> Tom Sizemore Told To Stay Away From Fleiss
You woud have…

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The Passion of The Christ


Jesus dies. …

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South Beach

I went to visit one of my closest friends, Lauren Oxenberg, in South Beach. I just needed a change of scenery – oceans and palm trees opposed to concrete and traffic signs. We went out for dinner at Wish, with our good friend, the luscious Brazilian Reynaldo Gianecchini. We had the best mojitos…

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Nibbly Things – Bonnie Fuller & Jacko’s Accuser

> Media Bubble: Bonnie-Hating
Keep it coming folks, keep it coming. We cant’ win until she’s taken down. [Gawker]
> Jacko Accuser May Not Be So Frail After All
At this point it’s hard to know what to believe. [FOX] …

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Beyonce’s Boob

hey bee its me again michaela collins listen do you think you could do me favour…i know how narrow minded Americans are about south africa they think its a place where giraffes and elephants run around and it most certainly isnt that i bullshit man!!!you bin here and it is exactly the same as america…

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Nibbly Things – Pay-Per-View Paris & Star Jones

> Paris On Pay-Per-View
Well-endowed Rick Solomon is actually a dick. [E Online]
> Star Jones is Engaged
How can her finance not know what he’s getting himself into. No pity. [NY Post] …

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Nibbly Things – Revenge of Jilted Women, Simon Cowell, Liz Hurley & More

> The Revenge of the Jilted Women
Mary Louise Parker, Uma Thurman (but was she sleeping with Quentin – eww), and Sophia Coppolla are at the top of their careers after failed long-term relationships. [NY Post]
> Simon Cowell Can’t Seem To Shut Up
Justin Guarini, Enrique Iglesias, Mariah Carey, Madonna (what does…

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Mel Gibson Wanted To Throw Himself Out Of a Window

Why do celebrities never follow through on things? Homophobe and possible anti-Semite, Mel Gibson, was at the “height of spiritual bankruptcy” (oh please) when he considered killing himself. But alas, he turned to the Bible. At least that is what he’s claiming now. It’s always interesting to me, that these personal celebrity revelations…

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Russell Simmons: Bittler New Yorker of the Month

Gotta love this quote:

“The arrogance of white men is why I’m here today,” Simmons said. “My independence is because they didn’t accept me. So I’ve made more money every step of the way.”

Simmons defends the use of violent and misogynistic lyrics in “gangsta rap” music.

“Why aren’t we…

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Bonnie Fuller Named Media Person of the Year

Bonnie Fuller was voted Media Person of the Year, by an online poll by I Want Media and THE WEEK. The magazine maven is voted as the figure who had the most impact on the media last year.

Congratulations to Bonnie and her achievements in bringing down the publishing world to a…

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