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Jesus Has a Message For Michael Jackson

“Don’t drink my Juice.”

Jesus Juice. I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t want his name brought into this scandal.

You know, you think you’ve heard the last of Michael Jackson’s weirdness. But no, it just keeps getting stranger and stranger. The man should really be committed, or get some serious therapy.

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Martha Stewart: Trial Day One

What does Martha do before trial. She goes and gets her hair ($65.00) and makeup ($120.00) done.

Day one of Martha’s trial. She needs to work on softening up her look in court. She has a propensity to frown. I’m not saying that she smile like Tom Cruise was when Nicole…

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Catherine Zeta Jones’ Seamstress

Catherine Zeta Jones had a seamstress sleep overnight at her house so her dress would fit perfectly for the Golden Globes.

The woman wasn’t even nominated for anything. It was an unspectacular black dress.

Does her weight fluctuate that much day to day, that the final fitting couldn’t have…

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Nicole Kidman’s Ugly Ensemble & Meryl’s Bush Bashing

Let me just say that I love Nicole Kidman. Class act, style icon, great actress. That said, I’m so happy that she wore that ugly dress; and who did her hair? I hate “nude” fabric.

She finally got the bad outfit out of the way. Did anyone catch who the designer was…

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Ridiculously Dressed Male Model – Hot Body of the Month

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or drool.

P.S. and yes the Hot Body of the Week is no longer. I’m now presenting the Hot Body of the Month. …

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Everyday Is Halloween With Michael Jackson

If his kids don’t think that wearing masks whenever in public is fun, they are going to be seriously fucked up. …

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Liz Smith – New Yorker of the Week

Liz Smith is New York Gossip. The original queen. She continues to have the edge. …

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Bennfier is Dead!

Ben, Jen Over
[E Online]

Ding dong, the wicked couple is dead! Not literally, of course. I couldn’t possibly wish that on anyone. Except for David Gest.

It came as a shock to no one. Jennifer finally got tired of compulsive gambler and substance abuser, Ben Affleck. Now it make sense…

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Harrison Ford’s Ex Gets $118 Million. That’s Still Not Enough.

Melissa Mathison was robbed! $118,000,000 is not nearly enough cash to compensate for 20 years of putting up with the most boring celebrity on the planet. You could fall asleep just looking at Harrison Ford, let alone sit through a conversation or an interview.

Yes I know that Ford is always…

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Martha, Martha, Martha

Martha Stewart, pictured here, greeting her two supporters outside federal court with flowers picked from her own garden. Ms. Stewart seemed upbeat, despite the fact that the jury pool has to be tainted. Who doesn’t despise Martha just a tad bit.

In court Ms. Stewart seemed somewhat disinterested in what was…

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Brice Durand – Hot Body of the Week

The thinker. …

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New York City Blogs & the Onslaught of Ryan Seacrest

I’ve created a little list of links (in the right hand side column) of my favorite New York City blogs. These blogs tend to write about NYC itself, as well as the people of NYC. Blogs such as Chorie Sicha (obviously a NYC blogger – but it’s more of a personal blog), will remain in…

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Sarah Jessica Parker – New Yorker of the Week

As the last season of Sex and the City is winding down, I salute Sarah Jessica Parker for her absolute love of New York. I’ll miss Carrie Bradshaw, and the unfortunate outfits of late. Despite the end of the show, Sarah Jessica Parker is here to stay. …

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Is MSNBC Trying to Commit Suicide?

MSNBC is giving John McEnroe his own talk show. It’s an obvious desperate move for a ratings boost. Who on earth at MSNBC thinks that giving McEnroe and hour to rant, is going to help heal the network that’s going down quicker than Paris Hilton on Rick Solomon?

This will work…

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Charles Townsend Becomes CEO of Conde Nast!

Congratulations Charlie! I had no idea you would be interested in this line of work?

First on his list of things to do at Conde Nast. What he likes to refer as the Graydon Carter issue. He’s only going to allow employees of Conde Nast to enjoy candy cigarettes. If Mr.

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Marty West – Hot Body of the Week

Let’s hear it for the boy. …

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Liza Minnelli – New Yorker of the Week

Keep on truckin’ girlfriend. Just stop marrying the gay men. …

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David Gest in Hiding

Pansy-ass David Gest is in hiding. He supposedly is unable to fly from Hawaii because he is so injured from Minnelli’s beatings.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry. Could not contain…

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Joe Dolce Defends Bonnie Fuller

Well of course he’s going to defend the devil. He works with her at Star Magazine. Your not going to see him trash talking the woman, even though I hear he would like to. He admits that he and Bonnie are tough bosses. He goes on to say:

“First of all, we…

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Gwyneth’s Fucking Good At Her Job

Here’s hoping that marriage and a baby, will give Gwyneth the strength to turn down shit like View From the Top, Possession and Shallow Hal to help us remember that she is “fucking good at her job.” …

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