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Celebrate New Year’s Responsibly

No one wants to see you looking like Pink (pictured above), or like Tara Reid on any given night. Balance out your alcohol (doing drugs on New Year’s Eve is wrong – this is a drunken holiday) intake with lots of munchies.

Cheers! I’ll see you in 2004. …

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Tammy Faye’s New Book – The Gift That Keeps Giving

I just recieved a fabulous gift from my dear friend Rula Lenska. It’s Tammy Faye Baker’s new self-help book “I Will Survive … And You Will, Too!” Everyone is giving out the traditional bottle of wine, or candy as gifts when they go to New Year’s Eve parties. Why not give the…

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Michael Jackson Roundup

The current headlines regarding the It Kook of the Moment: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and Makeup
Margaret made me laugh again. [Margaret Cho]
Jackson’s Chief Spokesperson Quits
Keep you mouth shut until the trial. [BBC]
Michael’s Disasterous 60 Minutes Interview
No it’s not okay from grown men to sleep with children in…

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The Corsair’s 2003

The Corsair presents: Corsair 2003 Year End Awards.

Very well done. A must read. …

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Bruno Santos: Round 2 – Hot Body of the Week

Merry Christmas!

I came upon this sizzling photo, so Bruno wins the Hot Body crown again. Loving the cheek. …

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Happy Holiday’s!

I just wanted to wish everyone who has visited this site since it launched in Septmeber – almost 100,000 hits, a very safe and Happy Holiday. I’ll only be posting the Hot Body of the Week, later this week, and will resume postings next week!


Miu …

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Unknown Priest – Hot Body of the Week

Say a little prayer. …

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Anderson Cooper – New Yorker of the Week

Brought to us by the egg of Gloria Vanderbilt, and the seed of Wyatt Cooper. The only reason I ever watched “The Mole”, and my favorite bearer of news – the adorable Anderson Cooper. …

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Schwarzenegger Considers 2004 Presidential Bid

According to one of Arnold and Maria’s maid’s sister’s cousins, Governor Schwarzenegger (typing that makes me laugh) is contemplating entering the 2004 Presidential race. He feels that if he can release another Terminator movie by mid 2004, he’ll have enough popularity to win the Presidency.

Maria is said to be just…

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Miu von Furstenberg’s 2003 B.S. Awards

The Notable People of 2003 That Miu von Furstenberg Would Love To Bitch Slap.

1. Jermaine Jackson. Get this man sedated. Stat!
2. Elizabeth Smart’s Parents. Apparently Mormon’s are just as publicity hungry as the rest of us.
3. David Blaine. It’s time for one of his death-defying stunts to…

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Jack White’s Mean

Here’s the first picture of The Von Bondies star Jason Stollsteimer following his alleged bust-up with Jack White . Mr. White is claiming self defense, but only has a few scrapes on his hands. Mmm? Who’s telling the truth.


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Angel – Hot Body of the Week

Abs I could do my laundry (and so much more) on. …

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Jimmy Fallon – New Yorker of the Week

Funny and fuckable. Just what New York needs! …

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Whitney Is Whack

The girl has completely lost it. How the mighty have fallen. According to Roger Freidman of FOX News:

Sources tell me that when Houston retrieved Brown, the pair was actually “kissing and hugging and holding hands.” Even more incredible: Houston was heard singing the Aretha Franklin song, “You Make Me Feel Like…

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Pink’s Trip

“It was horrible . . .. I would open (the restaurant), because I’d be tripping on acid . . . and I would say, ‘Could I have bathroom duty?’ And I would sit in (the) bathroom and watch the tiles.”

A lovely trip down memory lane from Pink’s days working at a…

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Jonathan Cohen – Hot Body of the Week

Bravo’s look is sweeping the fashion world. …

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Choire Sicha – New Yorker of the Week

Between Gawker and Chorie’s personal blog, this fabulous boy makes me laugh everyday. Must reads. Hats off to the man. …

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So Chloe is an actual fashion victim.

Sevigny was “play fighting” Damhave when “she fell off her Balenciaga boots.”

The 29-year-old actress recently lost four of her teeth in a scuffle with New York fashion designer Matt Damhave, according to United Press International. …

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The Simple Life

Walmart, generic, and Soup Kitchen are now forever etched in my brain. …

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I See London

I Saw London, I saw France, and got to see Paris’ underpants. What is up with all the people that I know wanting to show me the Paris Hilton video? I’ve seen it, and I don’t need to see it again. Except for the size of Rick’s dick, it’s quite boring. The cell…

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