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Marco Petti – Hot Body of the Week

Smoldering. Another look.

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Strike a Pose

Joan Collins doing some publicity at an X-Men convention. …

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50 Cent – New Yorker of the Week

Bringing back the rapper wars to hip hop – 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule. 50’s been shot so many times already, the next one will probably be the one. So 50, choose to live or keep up the war. …

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Let’s Hear It For the Freds

Click Freddie to see an enlarged version. Yum.

No other two posting have receieved so many comments other than Freddie Ljungberg – Hot Body of the Week and Fred Durst’s Halle Berry Crush

It seems that both of these posts have sparked excitement in my readers. It seems that we’ve…

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Everyone Must Help Dr. Abubakar Kareem

I know Dr. Abubakar Kareem stated this was supposed to be CONFIDENTIAL AND TOP SECRET, but he seemed very urgent in his desperation. I have enough wealth to keep me comfortable for many years to come, but Abubakar is promising $36,500,000.00 to anyone who could help out his poor soul.

Dear partner,


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Ben Hill – Hot Body of the Week

It’s the hat isn’t it? …

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Michael’s Mug

This is what’s been leaked so far. Who knows how actually vaild any of this is. The boy is a 12 year old with cancer, who was plied with wine, and then molested. If true, they should hack of Jacko’s cocko. If not, he might want to consider shutting down Neverland. …

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Jacko’s Career Is Officially Over!

Eww, eww, eww! I guess old habits die hard, huh? This is the final nail in the coffin for the career of Michael Jackson. Yes I know, innocent until proven guilty. In Michael’s case however, he’s already been convicted by the majority of the sane public. If he is innocent (I’m hysterically laughing…

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Amanda Lepore – New Yorker of the Week

The inaugural New Yorker of the Week could go to no one other than Amanda Lepore. She epitomizes the uniqueness and over-the-topness that I love about New York. Love ya darlin’. …

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Socialite Porn Star Music

Check out this catchy song about our new favorite socialite porn star sung by The Penfifteen Club. …

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Ivan – Hot Body of the Week

I wish I was that fence. …

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I Didn’t Even Shoplift

First of all, what a scary photo! What has happened to her lips? Has she ever heard of a brush. She was at a court hearing for God’s sake.

Suppposedly her legal trouble’s are “freakin’ her out.” Is she sure it’s not the narcotics that’s doing that? Love complained the case would…

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S – – – n Rex

So there’s a three way between a whore (Nicole Lenz), P. H. and Mr. Rex caught on videotape. Haven’t we all see the solo vids of Mr. Rex already. Do we really need to see the one with a playmate – we’ve seen it all before, a jerk off video star – we’ve…

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If You’ve Arrived Here From Google . . .

and you’re looking for a certain sex tape involving another socialite, you won’t find it here. It’s boring so you can end your search now. Also, what is up with all the people rooting for Fred D. of Limp B.? You mention him once in a posting, and he’s the third most Googled person in…

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All Hail the Queen!

For the love of all things homosexual, does anyone really believe that Prince Charles had a gay affair or liason?

London newspapers have been reporting on a story by a former bulter of Prince Charles’, George Smith, 43, who worked for Charles for 11 years until 1997. Smith says he witnessed…

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A Day In LA

I still think that Angelyne should have been elected governor of California.

I took a quick trip to LA with my best friend Nicole (formerly Nicky, which she’s not using anymore due to the fact that Nicky reminds her of Paris Hilton and the videotape, which reminds her of an unfortunate incident…

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Paris Battles the Sword

Fleshbot is live, with alleged stills from the Paris Hilton sex tape. See for yourself and judge her technique. …

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Fun With Jessica

A little fun at Jessica Simpson’s expense.

Are you as dumb as Jessica Simpson?

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Jai Rodriguez – Hot Body of the Week

I can’t help myself. I find Jai to be so adorable, and more than a little sexy in the Vanity Fair gay is cool layout. …

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Ms. H—-n Pulls a Pamela Lee

Eeeww. Like we don’t see enough of her body already, now we get to see the whole skin and bones package au natural. It’s in unfortuante that the sex tape has to involve Shannon Doherty’s ex-husband Rick Solomon (pictured above). I’m sure Paris was hoping it would have been more of an A-lister.

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