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Look for me at the bar at Social. Not doing the costume thing this year. I’m just going to sit, drink and wait until things get scary. …

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Leandro Becker – Hot Body of the Week

Watch those hands. …

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Fuck Off Spammers!

Enough with the spam. I don’t need a mortgage, I don’t care if your family is stranded in Uganda, I surely don’t need viagra, and pussy doesn’t turn me on! …

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Jessica Simpson – Celebrity Spokesperson

So it looks like Jessica Simpson is parlaying her “dumb blonde” image into something much more.

From E Online.

The bumbling blonde will soon lend her name and face to everything from perfume to postcards to…tuna?

Signatures Network Inc., a celebrity merchandising and licensing company, announced Monday that…

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Apparently I am not the only one who is completely sick of hearing about the metrosexual; see The Kicker blurb. Not only did South Park have an episode, Miss Match (yes Miu watches Miss Match – a romantic at heart) has an episode regarding the Metrosexual. Please let this media fascination with this…

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Eduardo Verastegui – Hot Body of the Week

That’s a mighty big jug you have. …

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David Gest vs. Liza Minnelli

Liza’s statement: “I hoped very much that the end of my marriage would be handled with mutual respect and dignity,” Minnelli, 57, said in a statement released yesterday. “The allegations in this lawsuit are hurtful and without merit.”

According to the lawsuit: The concert producer, who collects Shirley Temple memorabilia, said…

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Dinner With Friends

Finally got together with a group of friends to celebrate Raoul Bova’s hot new Gap commercial. My best friend Nicky, Mark Ronson, Donna Hanover, Courtney Ross, Brett Butler, Raoul and I dined at Apizz (decent, but the food won’t blow you away).

Check out Raoul Bova’s Gap Commericial.

We discussed topics…

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Alexandros – Hot Body of the Week

He wears white extremely well. Don’t cha think? …

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Five Women With Awful Fashion Style

In order of worst to least worst, the five women who’s fashion style I’m still trying to figure out.

1 – Donatella Versace. First of all thanks to The Kicker for finding this photo. Donatella, stay out of the sun sweetie, and condition your hair.

2 – Paula Abdul. She’s…

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David Blaine’s Box

If David Blaine would happen to die while he’s in his box, he might as well just be buried in it. …

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Ryan Burns – Hot Body of the Week

I really want to get Burned. …

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Angeline Should Have Won

I really don’t understand the people of California. It’s like they’re almost another species, who can only undertand all things Hollywood. I say if you want a true represention of what Hollywood stands for, why the hell didn’t you vote for Angeline. Instead you gave us an Austrian, chauvinist, sexist, possibly Nazi-loving, homophobe,…

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Fred Durst’s Halle Berry Crush

Just a quick comment on this. First of all, it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of Fred Durst’s mouth, but his Halle Berry obsession is a bit strange.

According to a recent interview in GQ magazine, Durst had a crush on the Academy Award-winner before he even met her. In

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To Prada With Love

There are so many things wrong with this picture.

Just stepped off the plane from Italy. Survived the blackout, and Spring Fashion Week. Prada, Prada, Prada. That’s all I can say. Her new Spring line is fabulous. Not thrilled with what she’s doing on the men’s side lately (and hire some attractive…

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Nicole Kidman Finally Get’s Some Real . . .

I received this email from my best friend Nicky, and I just had to share.

Finally, Nicole gets some dick from a real man. After
all those years playing Tom’s beard and getting a
career, it’s great that she’s getting some big boy
play. That woman must be repressed after…

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Spiers vs. Sevigny

Not Britney Spears, Elizabeth Spiers.

Congrats to Elizabeth Spiers on The Kicker, her new blog for The New Yorker. Wouldn’t you know it, she’s creating controversy already.

It seems Ms. Spiers is sick and tired of Chloe Sevingy, Paper Magazine’s Obsession with her, and the umlaut in her first name. It…

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Thadeus Ragan – Hot Body of the Week

Model Extrordinaire! …

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