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The Italian Blackout

Just a quick post. Stuck in Italy due to the blackout. How ironic that I’m in Italy when this one hits, and I missed the New York one. Went off to the beach with my good friend Raoul Bova. We thought it would be best to avoid all of the disgruntled citizens of…

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Freddie Ljungberg – Hot Body of the Week

Solid as a Rock. …

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Jen and Ben Get a Permit

What in the world is going on with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Are they still engaged or not? Are they playing the public for even more publicity? Does anyone really care anymore?

In my opinion, they are still together. Jennifer seems to have entwined Ben in her twisted desire for the…

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The Emmy’s

The Emmy’s sucked. Check out the following blogs for some right on Emmy views.

Media Whore

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Fashion Week in a Nutshell

We all survived didn’t we. The results of Fashion Week didn’t prod us all in any direction, but it gave us endless possilbities. I attended a number of the shows with my good friend Liza Minnelli. I could barely contain Liza during the Zac Posen show. She kept yelling “Gorgeous!” throughout the whole…

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Justin Melvey – Hot Body of the Week

Hot Aussie actor Justin Melvey. Let’s twist again.

This post is for Tom Ford, the poor dear. The news has finally gone public. Tom is in the dumps, after being dumped by long time boyfriend Richard Buckley. Love and kisses to Tom. Shine on my little snowbird.

Coming tommorrow – my…

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Ben and Jennifer Over – Noooooo!

It was extremely tough trying to make it to some of the shows during fashion week with the news of Bennifer’s break up. I did make it to Betsey Johnson though. Fun as usual.

I’m not sure if I’m so devestated because of the fact that Jen and Ben were so…

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The Human Stain


For all the hype that the Toronto Film Festival has gotten, you would have thought it would have been a little more exciting. I was praying that Tara Reid showed up drunk somewhere to pump some life into the proceedings. The films I saw were great, don’t let me knock that, but…

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Fabio Cannavaro – Hot Body of the Week

That’s a nice ball. …

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September 11th

It seems fitting to me that A Socialites Life has moved into it’s new home today. It’s a kind of of rebirthing. I can remember the day without all the extraneous influences. I don’t need to view the TV news networks and the newspapers (the New York Post cover almost made me puke…

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Anna Wintour Gives Bad Pork

I spent quite an uneventful weekend at home, due to some spoiled Crown Roast of Pork, that I ate. It was a Meat of the Month Club gift from the ever so thoughtful, but appartently evil Anna Wintour. It did give me a chance to watch the 24 Second Season on DVD. It…

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Latin Grammy Hottie David Bisbal

Miu is still recovering from the Latin Grammy Awards and the scorching performance of David Bisbal. See you all tonight at Centro-Fly for GBH.

Some Nibbly Things

Juanes Sweeps the Grammys [BBC]
Billy Bob Gets Rid of Angelina Tatoo [AP]
Franklin From Boy Meets Boy Speaks [TV Guide]
Does Bennifer

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Christian Monzon – Hot Body of the Week

Say hello to the beautiful Christian Monzon my darlings! …

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Stella McCartney Wedding & A Boy Story

Stellllllllaaaaaaaaaa was as ravishing a bride as Stella could be. It was a lovely outdoor ceremony; you can see a shot of a small portion of the crowd attending above. Not pictured but attending were Paul McCartney, Paul’s wife Heather Mills, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Chrissie Hynde, Tom Ford of Gucci, Kate Moss,…

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Nibbly Things

I’m on my way back from Stella McCartney’s Wedding. Details tomorrow. Just wanted to give you a few quick updates on things happening in the world.

The Freaky and Sad David Blaine
Anderson Cooper Gets His Own Show
P Diddy Made $293.7 Million Last Year
Emma Thompson Defends Imagining

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