Archive: Aug 2003

MTV Music Video Awards

Back in New York in time to attend the VMA’s. I was sitting with Rabbi Yehuda Berg, and we next to some young thrash metal band who I never heard of. They were icky.

The kiss kind of said it all didn’t it. I will not comment on it any further, because…

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Bruno Santos – Hot Body of the Week

Dark and lovely Versace Model Bruno Santos. Lickable. …

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Mountain Climbing In Ibiza

Who knew that I could mountain climb. It was quite tough because I kept passing out every 10 minutes or so. Who whould think a cigarette or twelve while mountain climbing would create such a problem.

My mountain climbing partners (Jai Rodriguez, Cheryl Ladd, and Vin Diesel) and I decided to take the…

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Jason Lewis – Hot Body of the Week

Feast your eyes on the Absolut Hunk. Mmm Mmm good.

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A Quickie

No time to do a proper posting, but there is entertainment news to report.

Gossip and Celebrity Tid-Bits

Thom Filicia from Queer Eye Didn’t Graduate Design School

Queer Eye and Boy Meets Boy Break Bravo Records

Simon Cowell Threats Doing a Talk Show

Travis Fimmel and Tarzan

Bye loves!

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Lunch With the Pope

What a taxing event it is to get some time with the pope. The wine was flowing, he may have been sleeping through most of the meal, I’m not really sure. He could have been fake sleeping while I was going on my tirade regarding how gays should be allowed to become priests and marry.

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I’m Off On Holiday!

Jai and I are off to Ibiza for holiday. A little culture with one of the Fab 5 does everyone good. I’ll try and give you all some love over the next 10 days, but it’s going to be tough. Between the parties, the clubs, and my dinner with the Pope, it may…

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David Beckham – Hot Body of the Week

Posh Spice’s soccer superstar. You may have to call the police for some indecent exposure.

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