20 Pics Of Handsome Prince Harry On The Polo Field [PHOTOS]

Prince Harry's Shenanigans
What was Prince Harry up to April 28th, 2011?
Brace yourselves, girls.  There’s a whole lotta hotness happening in the gallery, and it’s royal.  In public, we tell our friends that polo playing is pretentious and much too exclusive a sport to get into.  You need a horse?  Forget it.  

Secretly, we’re all sorts of swoon because His Royal Highness Prince Harry makes it look so manly.

Who’d have thought that the little whipper snapper in a tweed coat and oversized helmet would one day send us into a fit of giggles with his athleticism and chivalry?

Marry us, Harry.  We’re totally fine with the polygamy thing where you’re concerned.