20 Of Lauren Conrad’s Best Instagram Photos [PHOTOS]

What A Stunner!
Lauren Conrad has definitely matured into a beautiful woman.
With so many different kinds of social networking platforms, one would think that most would be getting neglected. Instagram appears to be one of the most popular ways people communicate and share their lives. Have a delicious cup of coffee? Snap a picture, apply filters to make it look cooler, and then post it on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. Soon enough, everyone who follows you will then know that your beverage was too good to keep to yourself. Riveting information, right?

Reality television star, turned fashion designer and author, Lauren Conrad seems to be one of the biggest users of the really fun picture sharer. While on vacation in Africa, she took a few photos with the native animals. Even I can admit that having a picture of yourself feeding a giraffe is pretty cool! It is possible to take too many pictures of alcohol though. Not everyone needs to know about your Friday night cocktail.

So what sets Conrad’s Instagram apart from others?

Despite the mild mocking, I have to admit, Conrad takes some excellent photos! All of the pictures from this year’s New York Fashion Week almost make you feel as if you’re really there in the front row seats. Viewing what she posts allows you to see into her life. I mean, for years her life was broadcast on national television for millions to see, but this is different. We get to see things from her eyes, not how producers want us to.

Her sense of humor really presents itself in a few of the photo captions. I found myself giggling or saying “aww” while looking at them. Without captions, these photos really would be incomplete because that’s where we see her true colors. Little cheeky remarks can really go a long way.

Which photos are your favorites? Share in the comments below!