20 Fascinating Jared Leto Gifs

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Jared Leto

Jared Leto is one of the most unique individuals out there. We fell in love with him as Jordan Catalano on My So Called Life, was in awe of him in Requiem For A Dream and rock out to his 30 Seconds To Mars music.

Even his fans are unique. Sometimes bizarrely. How many celebrities are sent a severed human ear by a fan?

So we thought we’d celebrate Jared’s uniqueness in gif form. Enjoy Jared’s giffy goodness below! 

20 Jared Leto gifs you say!

Shh. It’s our secret.

Remember when I was a bleached blonde?

Don’t remind me.

But hey, I’ve got some amazing abs.

And the abs are ready to fight.

I’ll do my best.

Are you mesmerized by my eyes?

I can do goofy eyes as well.


Check out my powers.

I can turn the world upside down.

I don’t know what to think of that?


Check out my tiny tongue.

Who the hell is that?

Did she leave me her number?

This is how I roll.

I’ve got some jiggle.

Stop it. You’re embarrassing me.

By Michael Prieve

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