20 Fantabulous Adam Lambert GIFS

April 2nd, 2013 // 18 Comments
Adam Lambert

There is no one else like Adam Lambert.

Adam is cheeky, sexy, funny, outrageous and then some. In other words, gifs were made for Adam Lambert.

On top of all of that Adam is set to receive this year’s Davidson/Valentini Award at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards taking place May 11 in San Francisco.

“Adam Lambert’s continued success as one of the world’s best-selling pop stars shows LGBT people that they can be themselves and make it in a mainstream industry that many feel unfairly rejects them,” GLAAD’s Wilson Cruz said in a statement. “Adam is fearless on stage and astonishes audiences in every country he performs in.”

So what are you waiting for? Check out 20 amazing Adam Lambert gifs below! 

Are you ready for this?

Hmm. I’m not sure?


I’m a little scared.

Just look in to my eyes.

And get goofy!

Really goofy.

I can be dramatic too.

And I can strike a pose.

A fierce pose.


I can bust a move.

Seen that. Done that.

You know that I’ll always love Kris Allen.

Now for some sexy time.

Shock me!

How’s this?


Sneak attack!

I’m blushing.

We’re at the end already?

By Michael Prieve

  1. These gifs are hilarious! Thank you!

  2. MalsDoxy

    the man is just all shades of fabulous and dorky and everything in between! and geezus what a voice

  3. Lory

    How can you not love him? He is everything a man needs to be!

  4. LIl

    Dare you to find another one like Adam. Look into his eyes, come on, go on… see? I mean.. do you SEE it? IT? The GIFs just add to IT! Yep.. he’s got it. IT. Whatever IT is. I am just glad that Adam and his “IT” are here to entertain us :-)

  5. justme

    haha you posted some of THE most fabulous gifs – good job!

  6. 20 shades of Adam

  7. ro

    Thank you.. thank you. These gifs are entertainment plus. *****

  8. Yup! There is no one else like Adam Lambert.!! *LOVE*

  9. cmacathome

    OK, I surrender, I just wanted so bad to meet this man; but, not going to happen. OK no hello’s or thanks you’s will be ever exchanged. Can’t I just see him sing live for once??? Thanks, I love Youtube and the great videos. No complaints. I just want to see this entertainer sing live. Just once. I’m grateful I could Joan Biez , play paddle ball with Neil Sadaka on the QE2, met Hal Holbrick in a coffee shop in Cleveland, loved Jerry Sienfeld live at the Ohio Theater; Neil Diamond live. Why can’t I see this guy sing in person?

    • MagooEBJ

      Find a way. I’ve seen all the truly GREATS over so many years (yes, I’m o.l.d) and there is No One and No Performer more incredible on stage. I too have realized I’ll never meet him but I’ve never been to one of his concerts where he didn’t meet my eyes and smile, laugh or share something. I’m not special. He just truly loves his audience. He joyfully interacts with everyone he can. I just never take my eyes off him…”NEVER!” (as in friend said once, “wasn’t that dancer hot”; I was honestly confused and said, “there were dancers??” Adam Lambert is incredible on stage. Find a way to see him. Your life deserves this beautiful man.

  10. OMG!! Loving all the gifs, thank you so much!! Awww Adam is precious

  11. mary glambert

    Thankkkkkkkkks… :-D;-):-):-*

  12. Jenna

    Great mover, Mr Lambert

  13. Some great memories…and foreplay. LOL

  14. WindyJocelyne

    Adam are the best and he deserved lot and lot publicity who they call him the best singer with a voice who are softy, amazing, and powerful in the same times. He’s sexy, all the package he gots.. and I will be a Adam fan’s all of my life…LOVE U ADAM!

  15. daydreamin

    I was right there in front of him when he said “Shock me”!

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