20 Celebrity Red Heads: Who Doesn’t Love A Ginger

January 12th, 2011 // 2 Comments

I was thinking today about how red heads are going to be extinct. And then I thought that despite my aversion to a ginger, there were some that I enjoyed. Here are 20 celebs with red hair (do you think some are actually just bottle jobs?) that I’d miss if they were extinct. Okay, I’m kidding about Eric Stoltz.

But then he never would have made Mask with Cher and that would be a complete tragedy. But I totally would miss Julianne Moore!

Got more red heads you love? Let me know who we missed! And let me know who you think isn’t naturally a ginger as well!

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By Justin Thompson

  1. AB

    Wow…could you be any more offensive. How do you think people with red hair feel about you saying you have an aversion to ‘gingers’ Quite frankly you make me sick you shallow shallow person. I dont know why people think its OK to speak like that.

  2. Scarlet

    As a strawberry blonde who falls into the ginger category myself I’d just like to say that I have an aversion to asses who make offensive, superior comments about people’s hair color and then bother to go on to make exceptions.

    I’m with AB on this.

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