20 Celebrities Making Funny Faces

August 14th, 2011 // Leave a Comment

You know how we all have that picture where we just weren’t ready for the camera? We didn’t know it was there and were going aorund doing our daily routine until suddenly it’s up on Facebook and we’re all like “Untag! Untag!” Well, us normal folk aren’t the only ones with embarassing and funny pictures–celebrities totally ahve them too. And more so, since they’re constantly beign followed around.

PHOTOS: Celebs Flashing the Peace Sign at the Camera

To honor the tradition of candid photos, here are 20 celebs who weren’t paying attention to the camera. I really love this one of Halle Berry myself. So much anger, but why? Check out the gallery for more pictures including Whitney Port, Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively. Enjoy! And make sure you’re always on the look out for cameras.

By Sabba Rahbar

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