20 Celebrities And Their Real Names [PHOTOS]

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While you’re in school, teachers ask you if you have a nickname prefer to be called instead of your actual name. When you’re a celebrity, you change your name completely if you don’t like your birth name or think it’s too hard for people to pronounce.

A surprising amount of celebrities decide to do this. With Debbie Reynolds, I always assumed her name was just that, but today I discovered that really isn’t true. With such an ordinary name, it seems like it’s really her name.

And what about The Vampire Diaries star, Paul Wesley?

He has been going by “Paul Wesley” for years, but is that actually is name? No exactly. His actual last name is Wasilewski, but because people had trouble pronouncing it, he decided to change it to something simpler. He even asked his grandfather if it was alright before he went through with the change.

There are many other celebrities besides those two that have modified their names for stardom. Check out our gallery to see which other people have names different than expected!