18th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party

March 8th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Every year Elton John and David Furnish‘s Oscar viewing party fundraiser is always a big hit with the big names but John still gets nervous. “It’s something we look forward to but we’re also a bit wary of as it’s your baby and you want it to go well,” he told The Mirror. Of course he wasn’t disappointed by the turn out for the event saying of the night, “I’m so blown away this year, it’s fantastic.” And besides all the money raised for the AIDs foundation, the fashion was fantastic as well.

The Men

So an all plaid suit and vest look a lot like pajamas, but I think Alan Cumming wears this well with some circled spectacles and his favorite peace sign.  Or maybe I’m just bored with seeing one safe tux after another. Chace Crawford‘s basic suits is not boring actually, maybe it’s the slicked back hair and little bit of scruff, and I can’t be that bored, because Perez Hilton‘s orange clown pants do not amuse me.

The Women

Part of me really isn’t ready to talk about Tinsely Mortimer until her show debuts and I decide she’s worth it, but I do love her empire waist dress with silver bodice and flowing pink chiffon. Fashion trumps personality. Lea Michele, I love you superficially for your fashion and the personality I imagine you have. Stunning. She posed with a lovely Christian Hendricks who went big on top and bottom last night. Lydia Hearst’s unique 40s inspired ensemble is my favorite of the night,while you can always count on Katie Price for making sparkles rue the day they were invented.

The Couples!?!

Unfortunately I have to admit that my beloved Jason Mraz looks homeless, but he looks like one of the loveliest homeless people in the world.  He showed up on the red carpet with his ex-wife, make-up artist Sheridan Edley Mraz. Are they back together?

The rumor mill really caught fire when Jamie Foxx and Stacey Dash showed up together at the Oscar red carpet and then came to Elton John’s party and posed as a pair. Dash has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband Emmanuel Xuereb.  This will be her third divorce.

There’s more fashion for you to dissect in the gallery and check out all of our 2010 Academy Awards coverage here!

By Madison Ventura

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