17 Of The Best Teen Shows [PHOTOS]

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Prepare to feel nostalgic, fellow TV geeks!  You never really realize how old some of your favorite shows are until you do research on it. My favorite show used to be Charmed. It has been about fourteen years since the first episode was released, which is almost unbelievable!

90’s television shows really seemed to be the best, most creative, and longest lasting shows. Sabrina the Teenage Witch was on for years and always had a unique story line going on. Just like everything else, all good things must come to an end.

Shows from modern times like Glee and The Vampire Diaries are wonderful, creative, and a breath of fresh air, but there’s something about a show from the 90’s that’s just spectacular. I’m sure many people can probably agree with me that it’s just better most of the time.

Unfortunately, not all the amazing shows could be featured on the list. Which ones from the list were your favorites? Share in the comments below!

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