’16 And Well Adjusted’ Strays From The Norm [VIDEO]

Teenage girls can’t seem to keep them legs closed these days, and certain outlets have capitalized on their poor decision-making.  After 16 And Pregnant, THEN Teen Mom,  dumbass girls with no positive role models in their lives became all the rage.  Abuse, swearing, counseling paid for by MTV replaced afterschool sports, homework and applying to college as the norm.  Well, imagine our delight when the sketch group Landline shot a spoof on the ethically-challenged franchise (via the Huffington Post).  16 And Well Adjusted follows Anne, a 16-year-old who lives in Clifton New Jersey.  Anne’s nervous because she’s not pregnant, and all of her friends are.  What’s a girl to do when she has the rest of her life in front of her and the freedom to make her own choices, like waiting to have kids?

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“It’s only a few weeks into school, and already things are tough.  While all the rest of my friends are busy doing normal teenage stuff like deciding between abortion, adoption or keeping their babies, I’m stuck completing high school on time and having a healthy relationship with my parents.”

Pregnant friend: “So, you’re like, not going to not go to college?”

Anne: “Yeah, I guess I”m going to college.  I’m applying early to Bowdoin”

Other pregnant friend: “So, you’re just gonna…follow your dreams?”

“Yeah, I’m like ‘do whatever I want with my life’, like, crazy. Like, ‘gonna have kids when I’m ready.'”

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