15 Year Old Miley Cyrus Has The World On A String

November 25th, 2007 // 14 Comments

Hold on to fifteen as long as you can, Hannah, changes come around real soon make you strung out and clutching a Red Bull can filled with vodka. Miley Cyrus celebrated her 15th birthday on stage in her hometown of Nashville Friday night. Miley plays Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel and she’s HUGE. There are moms tearing each other’s mom haircuts out in the streets for tickets to her “Best of Both Worlds” tour. Seriously, I don’t get it. She’s like a schoolgirl by day but a secret agent rock star by night and she wores an assortment of wigs and lip synchs songs she didn’t write? Ok. You never know what will appeal to the tweens. And I guess her dad Billy Ray Cyrus tours with her ass, because he came out to do a duet. You know he’s thanking Satan for somehow manuevering his daughter into show business. “Achy Breaky Heart” was long time ago. MIley kissed the crowd’s collective asses.

“I’ll tell you guys that my main wish when my parents asked me, ‘Miley, what do you want for your 15th birthday?’ The only thing that I had to say was, ‘I want to be here at home with Nashville and all of you guys,’ ” she breathlessly told the crowd, who erupted into screams.

The bleeding Jonas Brothers were her opening act. She intro’ed her Dad by saying he was her best friend. That’s sweet, but a trained psychologist would have a field day. That can’t be healthy.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Loob

    “she wores an assortment of wigs”

    Did you just call her a whore? :D

  2. Good for her! And she’s not looking bad, you know…

  3. Jess

    Please dont tear the girl down when shes on top of the world, please, shes only 15. Besides I may not be a fan, but I give her and her dad major kudos for bringing family to the center stage and being a good role model. For all the Britneys, lindseys and paris Hiltons out there, its about time theres someone who can be a great role model to those kids needing it.Besides, shes not half bad and I take comfort in knowing I dont have to be constantly worrying when my little sisters and cousins are watching hannah montana. Shes great safe fun for those kids and its about time tween girls have a wonderful role model in their lives that dont bare their crotches, have a DUI, or are on drugs.

  4. sandy

    Cute girl but she needs braces/gum reduction more than she needs anything else right now.

  5. T-Bone

    She’s darling. Best of all, she seems like a happy teenager. Good for her.

  6. rdiggity

    great mellencamp reference!!!

  7. mileyfan

    I think that is mean what you guys said about hannah/miley she is fun and cool and i am really mad at what you do to cut other people down!

  8. Sarah

    Shes 15 back off lol shes a kid. Adults picking at a kid are probably just pissed and jealous that they didn’t have that kind of childhood or teen years so stop picking on a kid it pathetic.

  9. megan

    miley is an ass hole she is a slut and a biytch i agree her dad writes her songs for her then hannah montana sings them and she gets all the credit for it..

  10. sceret

    she is rubbbish not good and will sooner or later find that out

  11. she is great good and will sooner or later find that out

  12. bernardo

    she’s not have bad 15 wow i want to have her but man she is no hore but she has no boobs she uses tissue paper but man is’nt she hot damn well she yall;]

  13. jonathan

    hello miley i my name is jonathan i’m 15 years old i am fan of your

  14. dogkid

    wow iam olmost as old you .

    ps….. iam 8

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