15 Teen Films From The 90’s [Flashback]

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What do Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Peter Facinelli, Paul Rudd, and Leonardo DiCaprio have in common?

Besides being devilishly good looking, these men have also each had  a starring roles in a hit 90’s teen film.

The 90’s teen film genre embodies the fashion, lifestyle, struggles and insecurities of teens growing up in a pre-Y2K era. From slashers likeScream, to modern adaptations of English literature like 10 Things I Hate About You, to merciless dramas like Cruel Intentions, these films and more  came with you through your teenage years and remain treasured discs (or VHS) in your movie collection.

There are too many great films to count, but launch the gallery to see 15 [awesome] teen films from the 90’s and let us know your favorites.