15 Shots Of ‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Brittany Snow Being Adorable [PHOTOS]

Not That Innocent
Brittany Snow goes sexy for Maxim.
Before she was starring in Pitch Perfect, Brittany Snow was wowing us in her many other projects. She starred in The Pacifier, John Tucker Must Die, and Hairspray.

One thing that has never changed, despite how different her characters are, is how adorable she is. Looking at pictures from ten years ago, I can’t help but think, “wow, what a cute girl.”

Pictures from present day show what a beautiful young woman she has grown to become.

In addition to her movie roles, Snow has guest-starred on both Gossip Girl and Nip/Tuck. Her character in the latter show was a rebellious girl, who was definitely a bad influence on everyone she was affiliated with.

She had five roles coming up in the future. Be on the look out for those! While you wait, peruse our gallery of adorable pictures of the star!