15 Reasons Why Ryan Gosling Is SO Much Better In Gif Form

What is better than a photo of Ryan Gosling? A gif of Ryan Gosling.

Sadly we won’t be getting our Gosling fix this weekend at the Oscars, but at least we have these gif-worthy moments to remember him by.

Check out 15 our favorite Ryan Gosling gifs below. 

Look at me, I’m pretend driving.

Rowing is some serious business.

I’m dating a doll.

Excuse me, I’m a little verklempt.

I do it in kind of a circular motion.

Behold my abs.

Squint and crinkle.

Pretend running is like the best thing ever.

Then I go like this.

I give it one thumbs up!

Come on, bed me.

Did you just slap me?

I look cute when I giggle.

It’s all in the shoulders.