15 Reasons Why Hugh Jackman Is Perfect For ‘The Wolverine’ As Told In Gifs

Get Excited For 'Wolverine'
5 reasons to get excited about 'Wolverine.'
If your head has been in the sand for the last couple of weeks, you haven’t seen the onslaught of commercials and appearances by Hugh Jackman in promotion for his new film The Wolverine.

Sabba even did a 5 Things To Get You Excited About ‘The Wolverine’ post. I’ve bought my tickets already!

So I give you 15 reasons why Hugh Jackman is perfect for The Wolverine as told by Hugh Jackman in gif form. 

1. Because Hugh Jackman is a gentleman.

2. Valjean approves.

3. Hugh Jackman is just plain hot.

4. Hugh has some mad jumping through sheet skills.

5. Hugh is his own cheerleader.

6. Hugh doesn’t take himself too seriously.

7. He’s got some mad train racing skills.

8. He’s got the neck snap down pat.

9. His eyebrows are very talented.

10. He’s got the scream down.

11. He’s got the cutest little laugh.

12. He seriously has the cutest little laugh.

13. He knows how to work the claws.

14. He has the Wolverine strut down.

15. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine.