15 Olivia Wilde Gifs To Melt Your Eyeballs

The gorgeous Olivia Wilde has been acting for years. I’m sure most people remember her as Mischa Barton’s girlfriend on The O.C.

Via her moments on screen she has brought a ton of sizzle. So there is no better way to celebrate her sizzle than with gifs!

We’ve compiled 15 of the hottest Olivia Wilde gifs known to man. Check them out below.

Olivia does some girl on girl.

That was awesome.

I’m acting with my eyes.

And now with my eyelids.

Dance party time!

Tron dance party time!


Crunch time.

Well done.

I’m feeling a little shy now.

Now for some hair acting.

Now for a hair flip.

I’ll drink to that.

This is how not to fondle my boobs.