15 Of The Weirdest & Most Bizarre Celebrity Kid Names

Celebrity Kids
Celeb kids then and now.
Friends, you all know my obsession with celebrity children. They’re cute, they’re cuddly and their lives are more rich and fabulous than most of us could ever dream. But here’s the problem with being a celebrity kid: your parents are often eccentric and think it’s OK to pass that on to you.

And nowhere is that more evident than in baby names. If you think that North West is bad, then you truly haven’t looked into some of the more insane baby names. Because trust me, there are much, much worse. 

So to help you with your cocktail party talk about celebrity baby names, we’ve rounded up the 15 weirdest. You won’t find any Apple or Coco or Mowgli here–we’ve gone even weirder.

Launch the gallery to check out all 15! Can you think of some still weirder names? Let us know in the comments!