15 Of The Coolest Celebrity Names [PHOTOS]

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Whether they’re real or fake, some celebrities have really awesome names! I wish my name was Yoko Ono! Oh, and Oprah isn’t so bad either.

Although some of these celebrities can really belt it out on stage, throw down a mean crying scene, or even kick butt on camera, I think their names give their fame a little boost. I mean, anyone named Whoopi has to be given automatic stardom. Right?!

It’s obvious, too, that celebrity parents see the trend. Who else would name their kids Apple or Blue Ivy? All the cool people are doing it. So it’s settled. In order to get famous, have a cool name, and if you don’t… just change it!

Take a look at the gallery to see 15 of the coolest celebrity names out there. Which celebrity names do you like?

By Tanya Oei

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