15 Of Skyler Berman’s Most Fashionable Outfits [PHOTOS]

Little Skyler Berman
New mom Rachel Zoe totes her son around.
There are few children in this world who dress quite like Skyler Berman. With a mom as fashion conscious as Rachel Zoe, it’s really no wonder the tiny tot is always ahead of all the fashion trends.

Sure, sometimes he might look a little silly, but honestly, he’s such a cute kid that whatever you put on him, he’ll make it work! Some of Skyler’s choice pieces include brown moccasins, fedoras, overalls and, of course, his beaded orange necklace. He’s rarely seen without it!

Launch the gallery to check out all of Skyler’s most fashionable looks. Also, Skyler’s happy face is one of the cutest around. What do you think of Skyler’s wardrobe? Love it? Hate it? Think he’s gonna grow up and look back at this time in his life and think, “Why?” Let us know in the comments!