15 Movie Sequels That Were Better Than The Original

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You’ve seen the trailer right? Our four favorite news anchors are returning to the big screen before we know it, aligator shoes and all.

Will Ferrell broke news that an Anchorman sequel was in the works not too long ago and the fever pitch leading up to its release were ignited with the newly released trailer. Who will be back for the shenanigans? How awesome is Steve Carrell going to be this time around? Will it be better than the first?

With multiplexes dominated by sequels, prequels and in-between-quels, audiences are expecting a great time with the characters that made them fall in love with the original film in the first place. 

Often, they’re just a re-tread of previous jokes and plot-lines leading to an inevitable trip to the bargain bin. But some come above the rest by successfully topping their predecessors and achieving the status of being better than the original. Hit up the gallery to see 15 sequels that are, without a doubt, better than the original.

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