Socialite Life’s Favorite 15 Male Celebrities In Drag [PHOTOS]

Everybody likes a nice man in drag. It’s kinda exciting! I mean, sometimes they look silly, sometimes they look ugly and then there are those ones that honestly look like the most beautiful woman I’ve ver seen. I mean, seriously. That Cillian Murphy is gorgeous in Breakfast on Pluto.

PHOTOS: Celebs Making Crazy, Silly & Unflattering Faces

Here at Socialite Life, we love ourselves some men in drag. So now we offer you a look at 15 of our favorite actors celebrating the joys of dressing like a woman. While most of them don’t do this for fun, usually for movies, let’s be honest, you know they love it! Check out the gallery for some great photos of Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Tom Hanks and many more in drag.